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Please Join Veterans for Peace, UfPJ, and the Yes on N campaign.  You can 
hold a poster with the faces of the victims of the Iraq War and/or hand out 
Note that the on land crew is meeting at 10:30 in front of (or just to the 
East of) Pier 39 Embarcadero at Grant. NOT at Baker and Marina as 
previously announced.

If you want to sail with the Peace Navy contact me.

For Immediate Release                                           Contact: 
Marvin Feldman, 415-282-5330
October 5, 2004                        
415-722-1479 cell

Peace Navy Parade of Boats for Peace to Parallel US Navy's Parade of Ships 
of War

Who:            Peace activists from the Bay Area's Peace Navy, Veterans 
for Peace and the Yes on N campaign, and United for Peace and Justice

What:           A colorful flotilla of small boats and paddle craft from 
the Peace Navy will be will be cruising along the shoreline during the US 
Navy Parade of Ships on Saturday.  Simultaneously, activists from the 
Veterans for Peace and other groups will be onshore with posters with the 
faces of some of those who have died as a result of the war on Iraq.

Date:           Saturday October 9, 2004

Time:           11-2 PM

Where:  Offshore: Launch at Gashouse Cove (meeting at 9:30 Marina at 
Laguna--opposite Marina Safeway).  Cruising the waterfront from Crissy 
Field to Pier 39. Onshore: (Peace Navy, United for Peace and Justice, Yes 
on N in front of Pier 39 (meet at 10:30 Embarcadero at Grant)

Why: We are out on the Bay and on shore to emphasize that there is an 
alternative to military solutions.  If the U.S. uses its great institutions 
and its enormous resources to create a just world, terrorists will find no 
recruits and tyrants will fall.  Our actions are an expression of our love 
for our country and our respect for all humanity.

The Peace Navy was formed in response to what we believe is an 
inappropriate emphasis on military hardware rather than human needs and 
peaceful solutions.We believe that being a world leader requires the US to 
set an example by its humanitarian behavior not by its military 
strength.  For example, the $10 billion cost of ONE proposed nuclear 
destroyer could be used instead to provide clean drinking water for every 
person on earth.  The goodwill this action would create throughout the 
world would make us far safer than an addition to our already overwhelming 
military arsenal.

We support the valiant men and women in our armed forces and their 
important work.  We therefore do not want to place them in harms way for 
any but the highest purposesto maintain peace and defend all peoples 
against violence.  We ask them to do this only when all other peaceful 
options have been exhausted. We reject the corporate greed that is 
overwhelming many of our cherished political institutions.

The U.S. already has more military might than all other nations of the 
world combined.  Our $500 billion annual military budget is ten times that 
of any other country.  Rather than glorify our might, we challenge our 
leaders to use this power in the service of creating a just world.  We 
object to the environmental degradation created by excessive armaments.  We 
object to neglect of human needs in favor of unnecessary military 
spending.  We believe that we will best achieve our national goals through 
the powerful example of our democratic institutions, rather than through 
global domination.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.