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Hyperactivity, decreased sperm counts: Developmental exposure to low dose PBDE 99: 1
[Once again, evidence that the "Risk Management" approach creates 
biospheric injuries that sustain profits (i) from sales the chemical, 
and (ii) from diagnosing and treating adverse sequelae induced by the 
product. Whereas the "Risk Avoidance" approach (aka the Precautionary 
Principle) would generate increased biospheric health, profits of 
certain individuals and their corporations would suffer. Of what value 
is biospheric health when considered in regard to corporate profits?  
Indigenous peoples living indigenously were (and in some situations) are 
so much wiser than the imposed "wisdom" and lifeways of western 
civilization.  -Teresa]

Kuriyama, SN, CE Talsness, K Grote and I Chahoud. 2004.
Developmental exposure to low dose PBDE 99: 1- effects on male fertility 
and neurobehavior in rat offspring.
Environmental Health Perspectives - a journal of the National Institute 
of Environmental Health Sciences
Environmental Health Perspectives 

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Background on PBDEs 

Press coverage about PBDEs 

Kuriyama et al. report that rats exposed in the womb to a single low 
dose of a widespread brominated flame retardant become hyperactive and 
have decreased sperm counts. The effects are observed at an exposure 
level within the range that has been found in samples of breast milk 
from US mothers.

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