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Seeking bodywork. T1/T2 Left shoulder blade, fractured rib? Also Sciatic/L5.
No budget for this, but will explore trades of food, services, resources, what need you?

Need CIA gear.  In honor of Gary Webb's death, I would like to see many of us 
out in the streets wearing CIA windbreakers, shades, earpieces, shouting:
"Support the CIA, buy crack today!" and offering up mock crack to passers buy.
Sugar puff candies / meringues broken into powder and rocks look great on a mirror.

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SF events 12.17
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Access SF's FREE PSA service. for more information and feel free to spread the word about this service among your SF-based nonprofit colleagues, community organizers, activists, etc.
25,000 Iranians signUp for Suicide attacks on US if US  invades Iran !
Rumsfeld: Torture Begins at the Top
Former KGB And East German secret police appointed to HOMELAND SECURITY! 
Bernie Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, Marvin Bush, Wirt Walker, and 9/11 
Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United 
War ? (Invasion/Occupation) Cost Now 230 BILLION -- NO END IN SIGHT !! 
While millions of Americans go without medical care -- And forget about 
dental care if you can't come up withy the Big Bucks. 
Rampant insider selling raises red flags
the Sac Bee reports that Webb was shot twice in the head with a .38
that makes suicide sound pretty unlikely
R.I.P. Gary Webb -- Unembedded Reporter
America's Debt to Journalist Gary Webb  By Robert Parry
Parry (who needs suport for site) was on Democracy  Now!  and there are links
to interviews with Webb at  the bottom of the page
He recently has been writing for the alt weekly in Sacramento  and
 they have a tribute page on him
A 1999  speech by   Webb
A  1996 tom tomorrow cartoon
Archive of his Dark Alliance series
A  later version  with  a column from the Merc criticizing  Webb
  The  CIA reports
  GAO   report
Use to find sites that have disappeared from the web, ie:*/  income tax is voluntary*/ DE-CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY
No one is above the law. It was human folly for the UNITED STATES to empower an agency of government to specifically break its own laws. The CIA and the Constitution there after became mortal enemies --- until the day one will overpower the other in a final victory. Will we be a nation under law or a nation under law breakers?

The CIA undermines and assassinates popular leaders abroad -- and at home --- and fixes elections abroad --- and at home. This organization that routinely gets away with murder finds little challenge dominating the world's narcotics trade. By reliable estimates the U.S. CIA and DOD usher in half of the narcotics that come into this country. The very same persons responsible for massive drug trafficking advocate "toughening" the drug laws that alone make this trade so obscenely profitable. In the last 5 years the CIA has had 5 directors --- none knowing what to do. The CIA is a staggering giant waiting to fall. The legislation to kill the CIA is waiting for acclaimation. Brian Downing Quig 12-11-96

Support the CIA; Buy Crack Today! 
Cocaine Import Agency; that's "CIA" for you and me.

Other journalists who followed in Gary Webb's footsteps,
Exposing CIA importation of Cocaine, Opium, Heroin, etc:   Michael Ruppert   Alexander Cockburn
We'd be lucky to live another 10 yrs with 90% of all the large fish currently gone in our Oceans worldwide but you can still get Salmon nigiri for about $3... Grey Whales are now extinct in Canadian waters, as are the prairie Grizzly on land. Krill populations are down at 30% meaning most all of the whale populations will die off. We have about 10% of old growth forest left worldwide...The christians want their Apocalypse to end all life on Earth so that Jesus will come back and save their wretched souls and the New World disOrder can deliver it with the help of the U.N., WTO, Big Oil, Biotech, etc and the International Military Industrial Complex. Destroying the Earth and Humanity is big business, there is alot of enormous capital interest involved.
War ? (Invasion/Occupation) Cost Now 230 BILLION -- NO END IN SIGHT !!

While millions of Americans go without medical care -- And forget about
dental care if you can't come up withy the Big Bucks.

18,000 US troops begin new offensive in Afghanistan

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security...."

Over 5,000 US Servicemen Have Deserted Iraqi War{85A38B02-BB25-4F9D-8EE9-5A959B4F00F4}&language=EN

Halliburton hires Colombian mercenaries for work in Iraq 
News Update from Citizens for Legitimate Government
Dec 13, 2004  

Hedge Fund boycotts Coke
"We are not anti-capitalist. We are anti-imperialist
and anti-monopolist. Coca-Cola has been chosen because
the stock is American and it is vulnerable. It is
already sucking wind."

Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons In The Age Of Nuclear War
North America is now suffering its seventh year of conspicuous and 
dangerous aerosol and electromagnetic operations conducted by the 
U.S. government under the guise of national security. Concerned 
citizens watch in fear as military tankers discolor the skies with 
toxic chemicals that morph into synthetic clouds. 


### Fri Dec 17

# Fri Dec 17 Mark your calendar! On Friday, December 17, this 
month's "Green Beat Music Gathering" featuring acoustic 
singer/songwriters, massage, organic vegetarian food, and other fun 

( Henna tattoo artists, psychics, and hemp 
clothing designers about strutting their stuff at the Gathering 
too... If you're an artist, healer, or vendor, contact me about this 
opportunity!) trevorlevine >

When: 6:00 - 9:30pm, Friday December 17
Where: One Taste, 1074 Folsom (near 7th St), SF.
Cost: $10 at the door -- but see below for details on getting a 2-for-
1 deal!

Now let me tell you about this month's music... I've searched the far 
corners of the Bay area for the most passionate unsigned 
singer/songwriters. I've convinced them to break from their glamorous 
nightclub appearances, and unveil their hearts and souls in this 
intimate Gathering.

From 6:00 - 7:00pm, hang out with us at the in-house Organic Cafe, 
and enjoy soups, salads, desserts, juices, and smoothies. Plus, visit 
the artists, healers, and vendors I am lining up for you right now!

From 7:00 - 9:30pm, Forest Sun, Jesse Dyen, and I will perform 
original songs in an intimate "round robin" atmosphere. You'll be 
touched by acoustic songs about love, fear, and courage, then roused 
by delicious social commentary. There will be a few open slots for 
other songwriters, so come early to sign up.

A musical vagabond, Forest runs the gamut from speakeasy blues and 
southern soul to reggae and folk. Jesse's songs explore the strengths 
and frailties of the human condition, and employ his remarkable voice 
to orchestrate a melodic, soulful brew. 

If you haven't seen me perform yet, you'll be amazed at how 
passionate and vulnerable I become when performing. Fans compare my 
voice to Jim Morrison's, and say my songwriting falls between Billy 
Joel and Andrew Lloyd Weber. You can read about all three of us at 

You can also hear our music by visiting our respective web pages at: 

It's $10 at the door, but you can get a 2-for-1 advance reservation 
deal by emailing or filling out the form at You can check out the artists at:

NOTE: For those of you who drive, there's a gravel parking lot behind 
One Taste. To access it from downtown SF, head west on Howard Street, 
and after crossing 6th Street, look carefully on your left for Moss 
Alley. (It's just before 7th Street.) Turn left down that alley, and 
pull in the very last parking lot on your left, just before you hit 
Folsom Street.

PS - Can't make this Gathering? Mark your calendar! The next three 
Gatherings are scheduled for January 21, February 18, and March 18 -- 
and will feature new singer/songwriters each time!

PPS - If you're a singer/songwriter and want to be featured at a 
future Gathering, please visit


Fri, Dec 17, 2004   6:30 pm

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalist- Connie Barbour Room, Education Building Upstairs
1924 CEDAR (at Bonita) -- Use the Bonita St. entrance.

6:30 PM Refreshments -- Healthy drinks & munchies 
7:00 PM Program Apologies NOT W/C accessible.

On the occasion of Cynthia Johnson’s 60th Birthday, she is requesting your presence at this very special birthday party! She does not want gifts for herself; instead she wants donations of money for the people of Iraq who have suffered immeasurably from the war and the sanctions.

Special guests:
COUNTRY JOE McDONALD, Folksinger, Composer,Military Families & Nursing Advocate; 
KAREN PICKETT, Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters (BACH) 
and of course CYNTHIA JOHNSON of (you name it and she is probably a part of it or a supporter of it)

Donation checks can be made out to Global Exchange /(Food & Medicine for Iraq).
If you can’t come to the event, please send checks to: ATTN. “FAMILIES FOR PEACE IN IRAQ”, Global Exchange, 2017 Mission St. #303, San Francisco, CA 94110 

Your donations provide aid to thousands of cold, grieving refugees, especially children, with blankets, sweaters, heaters, portable stoves, clean water and antibiotics. We are nearing our goal of raising $100,000 in humanitarian aid for the refugees from Falluja, but we need your continued support to make such a worthy cause a reality. Please give what you can, and spread the word and the true holiday spirit far and wide. After the first portion of aid was delivered, Suthir, a mother of six small children told us, "It's been so cold at night and I've been praying for someone to help us. Now, thank God, we finally have a heater."

Much of the aid collected will be delivered directly by an extraordinary Families for Peace Delegation that leaves for Amman, Jordan and the Iraqi border on December 26. What makes this delegation so extraordinary is that it is composed of parents who have lost their sons in the war in Iraq or on September 11. "We lost our son to an illegal war that is now destroying the lives of thousands of Iraqi children," says Fernando Suarez del Solar, who is going on the trip with his wife Rosa. "We, as parents, must say ‘Stop the killing, comfort the children.'" The 12-person delegation of parents and health workers will be meeting with Iraqi doctors, human rights workers, and families hurt by the occupation. They will create a candlelight vigil for peace on New Year's Eve with Jordanian peace groups, and on January 1, New Year's Day, they will accompany a convoy of medicines to the Iraqi border. They'll also investigate the possibility of setting up a global peace camp on the Iraqi/Jordanian border.

More info:

If you have not listened to non-embedded journalist DAHR JAMAIL on Flashpoints (5pm M-F) or FREE SPEECH RADIO & KPFA News 94.1, please see the website:
for a deeper understanding of the Iraqi resistance & the humanitarian catastrophe & devastation Iraq is suffering.

Further Information on Dec. 17th Event
Contact: Hal Carlstad 510-524-6064; 
Cynthia Johnson 510-495-5132;

# Voting "Irregularities" and the Implications for our Democracy

Friday, December 17, 2004, 7 p.m.
Ives Hall, Room 119, Sonoma State University

Dan Hamburg - former North Coast Congressman and
present Executive Director of Voice of the Environment -
currently working to expose the irregularities in the Ohio vote
and promote a fully transparent recount

Judith Volkart - attorney, board member of the American Civil 
Liberties Union, teacher of constitutional law at Sonoma State 
University, and a member of the Election Protection Coalition, who 
worked in the Colorado Springs, CO field office during the election

Gail Jonas - attorney and mediator - supervising attorney on the 
non-partisan Election Protection Coalition national voter protection 

Moderated by Peter Phillips of Project Censored

$5.00 donation requested - Parking is free

Sponsored by the North Bay Spokes Network,
Project Censored,
The Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County
For information call 707-664-2500
Peter Phillips Ph.D.
Sociology Department/Project Censored
Sonoma State University
1801 East Cotati Ave.
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

unwraps a toasty
 meRRRy seXXXmas!
 Whether Naughty or Nice, putting the
Tingle in your Jingle while you Mingle!
 ANON GALLERY 285 9th Street (@ Folsom)
9 pm - late
$10 b4 10pm
$15 after 10pm - veRRRy kiSSSmassy
$20 - De-Mistletoed
HaLL of wINtER wON-Deers
* LARON  (Psychofunkodiscodelic) 
* GOLDILOX  (Brass Tax) 
* MOZAIC  (13 Moontribe)
HaLL of the TrICky ElviSElveS
*RENA JONES featuring
- Jagjit Chada (tabla)
- Negmeddin Shaheen (percussion)
(Live Electro-World Beatz)
*  NEPTUNE  (SpiritTech) 
*  SHESUS THRICE (Low Sensual Grooves
ReD KnOwS ARt ShOWz!
Dana Albany, David Scott Bruce, Deidre DeFranceaux,
Rik Livingston, Clarence M. Mitchell, Jasmine Raff,
Jennifer Simpson, Karen Turcotte and others!
(Larece & Michelle)
(No Drumming, please)
& more...
Your  Yuled-Out Hosts:  Joegh "Umgarr" Bullock & Mark "Harold" Petrakis
 & Marcia "More than Tinsel" Crosby
To Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the ANON SALON/pARTy/SCIENCE list go to...

# Nu @ The Blue Cube - Friday, December 17th

Nu @ The Blue Cube
"Nu Music, Nu Technology, Nu Vibe"

IN THE LAB - Progressive & Psychedelic Trance

Jolen Essex [Los Angeles]
-Creator of the infamous Love Allstars events. Remixed tracks by Sandra Collins, Deepsky, Doran and more. Produced music for the hit video game Kill Switch by Namco. Latest release "Black Tide" on Cuba Recordings is getting support from Satoshi Tomiie, Jerry Bonham, James Zabiela

Liam Shy [Nu/Tantra]
Obu [Bombay Power]
Peeche [Nu/Tektite/Love All Stars]
SunShyne [Nu/ Dreamz]
Psy2k [Mexico City/Shaman Films]

IN THE CUBE - Breaks & Drum n Bass

Havok & MC Intalekt [Compression/Swat Crew Unite]
Cmos [Antiserum]
Vinja [Antiserum] 
Kinetik [Silent/Tech Support]
Nick Nyquil [Ill Behavior/Oneiromancy] 
Artificial Flavor Unit [ACK Labs]

*18+ w/full bar for 21+
*10 pm - 6 am
*Sound by KV2 Audio ( 
*Digital Surround Sound Processing by TiMax (  
*Nu Foods by Blue Cube Kitchen
*Urban and Psychedelic art and visuals
*VJ by Bumiputra & Psy2k

*15 dollars @ the door

The Blue Cube is located at 34 Mason street in San Francisco (Just off Market between 5th and 6th)

To learn more about this event, click on the link 
or copy it into your browser:

# WHOOPTCH! All night warehouse happy town fun time ninja blow out.
Fri Dec 17 10:00 PM French Fry Factory  278 4th St Oakland,
The Got It Together/Nexus Nebula Crew of Party Practitioners is proud to announce WHOOPTCH! The party that will have you feeling like you just had a boner brush up against your leg. We're about to lay the smack down on that ass! Quality musical and artistic talent, that will hump your soul. We are rubbing one off in a new warehouse space just over the bridge in Oakland. The space has been used for punk shows in the past but we are about to blow it up propodopolis. We have something a little different planned for you that we're sure is going to knock your panties off, clean them for you, and then put them back on before you even know it. The atmosphere has been carefully planned to make you feel like somebody just played with your genitals. We have some truly amazing people involved on stage and off that are planning some pretty ambitious activities that will be like getting woken up with oral sex. Come get slapped upside the head, make you feel like you just had your mustache plucked! WHOOPTCH!!  COMMA - , - San Francisco DJ SET 
THE DEAD HENSONS - - San Francisco - 7 piece muppets tribute band 
KIRIAN AND THE FLUFFY BUFF MUPPETS - Seattle - badass beatboxing puppeteer
ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR UNIT - ACKlabs - 13 Moontribe - Santa Cruz, CA - dj set 
ELM - Electronic Liquor Museum - - Los Angeles - laptops 
JERRY ABSTRACT - Fixel Plix - - Seattle - dj set 
MR. PROJECTILE - Semisexual - - here sometimes there - live set 
Sponge Monkey - Visual Effects    $10 door $8 presale 

### Sat Dec18

# 12/18: Salt Pond Restoration Tour (menlo park) 1 pm to 3 pm 

View a thriving tidal marsh and visit newly acquired salt ponds during a docent-led walking tour in Menlo Park. Learn more about the challenges and opportunities of the largest tidal wetland restoration on the west coast and how this project can change the south bay. 

The tour is presented free of charge and as a public service by the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge and co-sponsor Wildlife Stewards. Tour location is in Menlo Park. Reservations are required and by phone only. Call the Refuge Visitor Center at 510-792-0222, 10 am to 5 pm, Tues – Sun to reserve, for directions to the tour meeting site and to check for cancellation due to weather.

# 12/18 at 3pm in SF: Protest to Save the Castro Theater
JOIN US on December 18th from 3–5pm in front of the Castro Theatre (429 Castro Street, between 17th & 18th) to protest Monga's firing and demand that the theatre owners bring her back and make it possible for her to continue her work.********************** 
For the past 28 years, we have taken the Castro 
Theatre for granted. We always assumed it would remain 
a unique combination of beautiful movie palace and 
intelligent, innovative programming. But now this 
cultural treasure is in jeopardy. The owners' recent 
decision to dismiss Anita Monga, one of the top 
programmers in the country, has had repercussions that 
are only beginning to be felt. Filmmakers and 
distributors have pulled their films from the Castro's 
upcoming schedule. Because of Monga's abrupt 
departure, the Castro's ability to present rare 
archival prints, re-released classics, and 
cutting-edge documentaries is imperiled. 

JOIN US on December 18th from 3–5pm in front of the 
Castro Theatre (429 Castro Street, between 17th & 
18th) to protest Monga's firing and demand that the 
theatre owners bring her back and make it possible for 
her to continue her work. Their misguided decision 
has a negative impact not only on their business, but 
also on San Francisco's reputation as a city that 
fosters cultural excellence. Without a programmer of 
Monga's caliber and influence, the newly renovated 
Castro is just a beautiful shell. 

EMAIL to get involved and get 
updates. Also check out for 
background and links to press coverage. 

Organized by Audiences in Action, a group of film 
lovers committed to saving the Castro. 

A Cultural Treasure Belongs To Everyone.


Saturday, December 18 from 6:30 to 9:30PM
Dinner starts at 7:00PM.

East Bay Living Foods' New Home:
The Upaya Center for Wellbeing, 478 Santa Clara Avenue, 3rd Floor 
(Across from the Grand Lake Theater)

Please bring a tasty potluck dish, fresh fruit, or other raw food 
item to share.

For more information on potluck dish guidelines, suggestions, and 
directions to the Upaya Center, please visit

Thanks to the generosity of the Upaya Center, we are using this space 
on a donation basis. Those who are able may contribute what they feel 
is appropriate so we can show our appreciation and support for this 
community-based organization. Suggested donation is $3 per person.

It's cold outside, but not in the community room of the Upaya Center. 
So let's get together, celebrate the coming solstice, and share a 
nourishing meal with meaningful conversation. 

# Sat, Dec 18, 2004      7:00 pm

Art Under Occupation- Resistance and Memory: A slide lecture, art auction, cheap art, and raffle fundraiser
New College of California
777 Valencia Street

Why: Proceeds go to medical aid for Gaza and Break the Silence Mural Project

Who: Sponsored by Break the Silence Mural Project and Jews for a Free Palestine, MECA, and Justice in Palestine Coalition

Contact: Susan Greene 415-271-0576

The Slide Lecture:
In 2004 Break the Silence SF muralist and psychologist Susan Greene and renowned illustrator Eric Drooker traveled to the West Bank and Gaza to paint community murals with Palestinians. The following murals were completed:

1) Hani Amer Family Mural: on the Israeli built wall that encircles the Hani Amer home in the West Bank that has been the site of many protests and Palestinian and Israeli peace camps. This mural was painted with the children and extended family and represented an act of creative control over their environment.

2) Memorial mural in Qadura refugee camp in Ramallah that honors an Italian journalist killed by the Israeli military and eleven young people who were killed during the first and second uprising or Intifada,

3) In the town of Beit Hanoun in the Gaza strip, several hundred thousand citrus trees were destroyed leaving the town unemployed and devastated. On a cultural center for youth Greene, Drooker and the center's staff painted a three story orange tree. The Center's director wanted the children to remember what the orange trees looked like.

Dalit Baum will present Israeli Resistance to the Wall:
Dalit Baum is a member of Anarchists Against the Wall and Black Laundry, and will show video documentation of Israeli actions and civil disobedience protesting the Wall.

The Art Auction:
A silent auction for works by some of the Bay Area's finest artists. 

Cheap Arts and Crafts:
By some of the Bay Area's most crafty

For a wide range of exciting offerings

Refreshments and delectable foods.

Brief History of Break the Silence
Starting in 1989 when a group of Jewish Women Artists traveled to Palestine to paint community murals in solidarity with Palestinian refugees, Break the Silence has worked to use art to raise awareness about what life is like for Palestinians in Israel. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the struggle to end the occupation of Palestine.
BTS has painted murals in refugee camps and cultural centers in the West Bank and Gaza, and to reach our aim has painted murals in San Francisco about Palestine, published articles, created videos and presented scores of slide shows across the country.

Sliding Scale $7-$70 No one turned away for lack of funds.

# 12/18: Starhawk: The Earth Path at Belladonna, Free (berkeley)  2436 Sacramento St Berkeley, Ca. 94702 
 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM  Starhawk presenting her new book: 
The Earth Path: Grounding Your Spirit in the Rhythms of Nature 

From time immemorial, artists and poets, prophets, and shamans have drawn strength and inspiration from walking the earth. In The Earth Path, bestselling author Starhawk takes the reader on a journey into the heart of the natural world, showing how we can have a more intimate connection with the world that surrounds us. 

Institutionalized religions have sacred texts -- messages written in holy books that are the inspiration for their beliefs and rituals. But the sacred texts for Wicca, like other ancient native or indigenous traditions, are written in nature -- in the magic circle of the elements: air, fire, water, and earth. With The Earth Path, Starhawk, an activist, ecofeminist, and leader in the women’s spirituality movement, places you in the center of that magical circle. As you become attuned to the rhythms of the earth, your thinking will shift from focusing on isolated objects to marveling at the multitude of interconnecting patterns and relationships in nature. These patterns and connections can hold the key to your own spiritual renewal and restore your sense of responsibility for preserving this world that nurtures and sustains us. 
Filled with awareness exercises, inspiring meditations, and magical rituals, The Earth Path not only teaches the reader to respect the ecology of our natural world, but shows how to spiritually connect with and channel the powers inherent in nature. 

Starhawk is the author of nine books, including her bestselling The Spiral Dance, The Pagan Book of Living and Dying, and Webs of Power, winner of the 2003 Nautilus Award for social change. She has an international reputation, and her works have been translated into many different languages. Starhawk is also a columnist for and ZNet. A veteran of progressive movements who is deeply committed to bringing the techniques and creative power of spirituality to political activism, she travels internationally, teaching magic, the tools of ritual, and the skills of activism. Starhawk lives part-time in San Francisco, in a collective house with her partner and friends, and part-time in a little hut in the woods in western Sonoma County, where she practices permaculture in her extensive gardens and writes. 

Free Admission

# Winter: the profound image!!!
Sat Dec 18 7:00 PM Gravity Feed Gallery 
1959 Shattuck  Berkeley, Calif. 94704 (510) 644-4464
Please join us at the Gravity Feed at 1959 Shattuck in downtown Berkeley, Calif. as we celebrate the season of peace with the Beautiful images of two of the Bay Areas most gifted Artists! 
Toni Brown is an accomplished Photographer of the highest caliber. Her profound images of the world are from a perspective that you can feel from deep within and perhaps never considered before. 
Clare Cooley's paintings are so peaceful in subject and perfect in they're intricasey that your drawn with her to her imagination and that is a good place to be. 
Both of these wonderful local Bay Area artist will be at the GravityFeed Gallery for our opening celibration December 18th 2004 
Please join us and support your local arts!

# Sat Dec18 8p-2a Green Solstice Salon and Dance Party
The Green Century Institute, along with PlaNetwork, Green Gorilla and other Bay Area eco-conspirators, is pleased to invite you to a holiday party this coming Saturday evening. As leading catalysts of the emerging green economy, our SF community’s projects and initiatives are vital, and with the UN World Environment Day coming to San Francisco the week of June 1-4, 2005, we have good reason to network and celebrate!  Salon Downstairs/Dance Upstairs!
One Taste Urban Retreat Center 1074 Folsom @ 7th St
 Music by DJs Neptune Shawna Kitty-D Cybervixen Goz

Videos will be screened, including Auroville Dream (GCI is joining the California Institute of Integral Studies for a late January trip to the model sustainable city in Pondicherry, southern India),PlaNetwork highlights, Curitiba and more...

Refreshments and snacks will be served
No-host bar and delicious organic foods available
Green Century Institute
PlaNetwork Conference
One Taste Urban Retreat Center
World Environment Day  Green Cities - June 1-5, San Francisco
Green Gorilla

# giant mouse trap, bike rodeo Sat Dec 18 8PM 

# Dec 18 Yoga Tai Chi at 2050 Bryant @ 18th St. 
Winter Soul's Dance
Please join us for an enchanted evening as we
celebrate this Winter's Solstice.

8:30pm - Doors open
9pm - Yoga (all levels) with Jen Porter (guided by
10pm - TaiChi (all levels) with Patrick King
(yogataichi collective)

11pm - The Beatz Kick in with *CLAYBABA (TYC)* 
12am - *LAURA & SHAWNA* (aka trainwreck)
1:30am - *LORIN* ( 
3:00am - *MOONDOGGY* [[[ YTC ]]]

Plus performance by:
FUTURE JUJU with Liza Matlack
live African based drum and dance

* African Jamaican Vegan Food by Ital Cabalash
* Sound by Purple Sound System

Please come early; limited capacity.
Cell Space: 2050 Bryant st, @ 18th st, San Francisco.
Tickets: $15

YT info line: 415-289-6611 

peace in every breath

### Sun Dec 19

# Greetings Earthling Gang-
   As the shortest day of the year aproaches so does a tradition that has become a Bay Area favorite.
Get to the Point!  Each year our ever expanding herd makes a migration to a true power spot, the tip of Tomales Point. Incredible vistas, Tule Elk heards, laughter and good company are guaranteed. We always make countless discoveries along the way- hawks, owls, Elk antlers, Hermit Crabs or maybe you try a new kind of cheese... Whether you like to sit on soft turf and gaze at shafts of sunlight hitting the ocean offshore, prance among the lupines or just cant help but frolic in the pristine, crystaline tidepools- this trip has something for everyone.

  The hike starts at 10am Dec 19 (mark your calenders) in the Tomales Pt. upper parking lot. Most of us don't get back until after sunset Carpooling and networking are strongly encouraged. Some may prefer to meet first in the city before heading out.
Directions: From 101 N take Sir Francis Drake toward Inverness and continue toward Pt Reyes. Take a R on Pierce Pt Road past Tomales Bay State Park and continue to the end of the road.

  Bring: Surprises, Friends, Warm Clothes, Raingear, Lunch (often potluck, picnic style), WATER Frisbees, instruments, binoculars, hot air ballons.... and if you like, libations and a lighter.

If its a raging storm lets check in with each other... otherwise its on. Hope to see you there and please  reply with any ideas. Please pass along to others not on the list who like getting to the point.
  Thanks friends and hope to see you there.
  Enjoy the season!  Peace

# Craft's Faire at Sun Dec 19 10a-6p 2050 Bryant 
Come Join the Winter Solstice Craft's Faire at CELLspace.. 
on Sunday December 19th from 10am to 6pm at 2050 Bryant Street.. 
*Local Artisans & Crafts people will sell their hand created treasures including clothing, jewelry, marionettes, dolls, handpuppets, glassware, sculpture, mosaics, & much more..~ 
*I'll be having a booth at the faire..* and CELLspace would still love more people to participate if you're can contact me or 
*peace now more than ever.simone~

# CORRECTED Women's 'Build Your Own Remote Controlled TENS Unit Class'
Sunday, December 19 11:00 AM
 Safe, Private Location 
Near Fulton & 25th, GG Park, 29 and 5 Muni lines, usually pl 
San Francisco, Richmond District view map
Location: San Francisco, Richmond District 
Women's ONLY Class ~ Note a corrected registration URL link. 
Build Your Own Remote Controlled TENS Unit Class. 
Sunday, December 19, 2004. 11:00am to 2:00pm. 
Please note that previous posting of this event listed an incorrect registration URL that linked you to an open (mix-gender) class. The proper women's only URL is: 
Marpesia, Queen of Amazons, 
in conjunction with The Battery Boys, 
cordially invites you to the first ever, women-attendee's only class featuring your chance to build your very own RC TENS unit. 
If you don't know how to solder, no problem! Only 3 joins 
needed, you will be walked through the process, and I will be there to help. 
This class will be held on: 
Sunday, December 19, from 11:00am to 2:00pm. 
The location is a VERY safe and convenient location in San Francisco's Richmond District, alongside Golden Gate park. Ample parking, and convenient Muni routes make this location extremely accessible, near Fulton and 25th Avenue. The major Muni lines 5 Fulton and 29 Sunset both stop at 
25th and Fulton. 
Take advantage of this woman's only opportunity to build a wonderful toy for yourself or the one you love to hurt. The only men in attendance at the class will be our instructors, The Battery Boys - and they WILL answer to me should their conduct give rise to complaints. 
If you would like to register for this class, go to: 
(women's only class). 
If you have any questions please feel free to email me at: 
You may also take an interest about this class in the greater details written in Unc's own unique style. Those comments follow, below. 
Invitingly,  Marpesia   Queen of Amazons   Dominatrix of the Goddesses 

Uncle Abdul's Soliloquy on the course: 

Details: Build Your Own Remote Controlled TENS Unit -- Just in time for 
the Holidays. 

'Build Your Own Remote Controlled TENS Unit' will be coming up on Sunday, December 19th in San Francisco. Hundreds around the Bay Area and around the country (New York City, Black Rose, GWNN in Texas, KinkFest) have been enjoying these classes and SAVING MONEY ($200 or more over the 
commercially available units) since our first class in April, 2002. (See for Todd's article in Janus' "Growing Pains" newsletter about that class.) 

As with our previous classes, you'll: 
* Actually build your very own unit using very simple and easy construction with plenty of help from the Boys -- We make sure you leave with a working unit that you can use that very night. 
* Learn about electrical play safety from Unc' 
* Learn how to use the unit that YOU build, i.e., how to hook it up to the subbie, etc. 
* Have fun 
* SAVE MONEY (starting at $50 for a basic class compared to spending $200 or more on commercial units) 

How can you get all this? Simply go to (women's only class) 
and register. Remember, class size is limited and spaces really go fast. So ACT NOW! 

BUT WAIT... There's more. Now you get a choice of which unit you want build. 

TWD-1 -- The Boys' ol' reliable basic remote controlled unit that: 
*Gives you a burst of sensation (non-selectable but sequences through 5 different ones) every time you hit the remote button. 
- Good for across the room subbie control 
- Costs only $50 for the basic class 

TWD-2 -- The Boys' NEW and IMPROVED remote controlled unit that: 
*Gives you a "on/off" sensation (push the remote to turn it on and again to turn it off). 
- The sensations are selectable at the remote unit (one of seven) 
- Same across-the-room subbie control 
- Costs $65 for the basic class 

Now, these prices are only good until December 13, 2004, so ya gotta ACT NOW! 

Wanna find out how to save even more and double your fun and knowledge in the process? Well, if you sign up before December 13th you can get a combination package of both the class of your choice (the TWD-1 or the TWD-2) AND a copy of Unc's book, Juice, for only $10 more (total of either 
$60 or $75 respectively). That's a savings of $5 over the two being bought separately. 

How can ya go wrong with those values? 

So go right now to (women's only class) to sign up, save, have fun, and walk away with your own remote-controlled electrical toy.

# San Francisco - Sunday, Dec. 19th Press Conference preceding "Musicians for 
Peace Holiday Groove" - the Gateway of Encouragement to promote the development 
of a Department of Peace 

From 6 to 7 pm, a press conference is scheduled with Cindy Sheehan from 
Military Families Speak Out, Mike Robbins on behalf of the Peace Alliance and the 
national Dept of Peace Campaign and Alan Moore from Musicians and Fine Artists 
for World Peace. Cindy Sheehan will come out in support of the Department of 

Cindy Sheehan of "Military Families Speak Out" ( states "I 
wasn't even aware of Department of Peace legislation until after my son, Casey 
Austin Sheehan was killed in the illegal and unjust war on Iraq. It is so ironic 
that my son, who modeled his life after St. Francis of Assisi was killed in a 
war. I, as a concerned American and Mother of a soldier, did not understand the 
insane rush to war in Iraq that our leaders were insisting on after 09/11/01. 
I didn't think that Mr. Bush had exhausted all diplomatic avenues before he 
authorized the attack. I wish Congress had been more responsible to its 
constituents before they abdicated their constitutional rights to declare war to this 
president. I fully endorse the establishment of a Department of Peace in our 
Executive Cabinet. Maybe future wars will be prohibited and maybe other 
mothers will be spared the pain I am going through."

Mike Robbins, a Speaker, Author and Coach in Empowering People to be More 
Successful will speak on behalf of the DOP Campaign that is headquartered in 
Center Line, Michigan as well as on behalf of the Peace Alliance.  Musicians and 
Fine Artists for World Peace is an official sponsor of the Department of Peace 

Alan Moore of Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace, a Bay Area based 
group, will also announce they have surpassed 1,000 members worldwide and the 
release of their compilation cd - Make Love Not War.   Alan Moore, former 
project founder and member of the Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission, which was 
an advisory board to the City Council, is now the executive director of the 
Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace and one of the organizers of this 

Following the press conference, a large group of musicians in the network 
will perform well into the night.  Tickets for the event are $10 general 
admission at door, $8 with butterfly attire, or $6 with wings. 

Representatives from the DOP campaign plan on attending. Those who cannot 
attend can call and write their representative urging them to support the DOP 
legislation (HR1673). If your representative is already a supporter, they can 
send them a thank you card. Join Musicians for Peace in initiating local events 
to support the establishment of the DOP from 6 pm to midnight, December 19th at 
Studio Z, 314 11th St, @ Folsom San Francisco, CA

# Hula Hoopers, Sun Dec 19 OUTSIDE, at Yerba 
Buena Gardens, just off Mission between 3rd & 4th.  It's a lovely 
spot, protected from wind, and the forecast is calling for temps in 
the low to mid 60s.  2-5pm - so come on over & join us!
Here is a map that shows you how to get to Yerba Buena Gardens:
(we'll hoop at the Esplanade)

# 12/19: Winter Solstice Celebration with Starhawk (sebastopol)
Join Starhawk for true holiday magic: 17th annual Winter Solstice Ritual. At the time of darkest night, renew yourself through ritual, meditation, and song. Starhawk is world renowned as a best-selling author, activist, and leading voice in Earth-based spirituality. This event is a fundraiser for the Earth Activist Training scholarship fund.  7:00 pm 
Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris St. 
For more information and directions: 
Questions? 707-583-2300 ext 119

# Fire Dancing: lovely night of fire at NIMBY on
sunday night.  1649 28th street at peralta (in oakland).  
8pm.  see you then! Bring fire your fire toys.

### Tue Dec 21

# Tue Dec 21  7pm til 2am Luminaries ~ Winter Solstice Celebration - Santa Cruz 
Dance through the darkest night of the year to the delicious beats of Brother, Dave Jolley and Cool Hand Luke ~ Live performances by Dis Moi, Mandjou Kone, Molly (singing Rumi) and Amber (of Goddess of Funk) ~ Get your body and spirit into the groove with Yoga led by Mark Tanaka, and Tai Chi with Patrick King ~ 
Yoga begins at 7pm, Tai Chi at 8pm 
Limited capacity, arrive early ~ no presale tix ~ $10 @ the door ~ 
Gorgeous new location in Downtown Santa Cruz, @The Attic, on Pacific Ave above The Blue Lagoon ~

# Wed Dec 22

# 12/22: Full Moon Gathering (oakland north / temescal)
All women & girls are invited to share an evening of nourishment and sisterhood. Join us for Fun & Surprises like: Music, Poetry, Dance, Storytelling & Tarot. Always something different. You are invited to make an offering of your special gifts - please RSVP and let us know if you'd like to contribute a song, poem or group exercise. Please bring Drums, Rattles & Potluck dish to share. Festive Moon Attire encouraged but not required. We can manifest our dreams together! Blessed Be! 
Time: 7-9:30pm 
Cost: FREE! 
(but shopping before & after is always encouraged) 
RSVP: 510-655-2405 
Change Makers Books & Gifts for Women 
6536 Telegraph Ave 
Oakland, CA 94609 
4 blocks south of Ashby, on the corner of 66th and Telegraph

# SF Rope Bondage Peer Workshop
Wednesday, December 22  7:30 PM
 upstairs at Madame S  7th and Folsom
Whether you've never tied a knot or have been using rope for years, show up, practice, learn at your own pace from your peers, learn out of a book, or learn what it feels like to be on both sides of the rope. Come alone or bring a friend! 
As the night of the November SF Rope Bondage Peer Workshop falls on the night before Thanksgiving, I'm going to cancel the workshop for this month. I'm sure many people will be busy with other arrangements. 
HOWEVER, for those of you who will be staying in the SF/Bay Area for Thanksgiving, I am planning to attend the Thanksgiving celebration at the Citadel. As a holiday treat, I am willing to speak, demonstrate and instruct on the topic of turkey trussing, i.e. hog-tying, for anyone who shows up and has the inclination. 
If you wish to come to the Citadel Thanksgiving, detail can be found at 
Catch you all again in December! - Rae

# INLIGHTEN Rebirth of the Light
Wed Dec 22 8:00 PM BLUE CUBE  34 Mason
LunaSea Productions and the Music Incubator presents 
A Yule / Winter Solstice Celebration 
Awaken your senses, renew your spirit, & warm your heart to the fires of the reborn Sun. 
Live performances by: 
Original music and the 
And more 
DRAGONFLY [groove garden] 
SYD GRIS ?[opel/opulent temple] 
SURESH [tema] 
CYBERVIXEN [anon salon] 
RON TOFINELLI [soundspaces] 
Video Art by:  LUNA   KOSHO 
Winter Solstice Altars by ALTAR YOUR REALITY 
Yule dinner menu by Sterling, edible delights, libations, including hot apple cider, sake and mulled wine, CaroLuna’s Birthday cake and mirth! 
See the flyer:? 
The Blue Cube is an amazing new event space with two floors of surround sound audio bliss, video projections and a full kitchen with rotating culinary artists.

### Sat Dec 25

# Sat Dec 25 Charlemagne Coronation Morning 
SF Golden Gate Park Lakes Hike 10:00 A.M.
 Lack of hunks and hunklettes under the morning tree, or simply not up 
for shredding non-biodegradable paper under a dead tree today?  Join 
Jonathon Eros in celebrating Charlemagne's 800 A.D. coronation with a 
flat, leisurely loop that should take about 2 - 2.5 hours to meander 
past most of the lakes in the park.  Consensus choice for multiple 
restroom stops and organizer's tour guide spiels.  Layered clothing 
choices may be needed at solstice but probably not.  Hike begins at 
the southeast corner of Fulton and 36th Ave. at 10:00 a.m.  Post-hike 
options for food/entertainment shall be discussed.  Oh, and extra 
points for bringing along particularly weird Xmaz gifts for our 
viewing pleasure.  DIRECTIONS: From the south, 280, take Hwy 1/19th 
Ave. exit, stay in right lanes at the 19th Ave./Juniperro Serra split 
to continue up J. Serra to Sloat, left and continue to the Great Hwy, 
right.  Go past the park and the remodeled windmill and turn right on 
Fulton.  Or try self-carpool location #6 at 8:55 a.m.  Maps, 
directions, etc. if you email.
ORGANIZER:  Queries to 415/752-2699, 6 - 9 p.m., but  please continue 
to call if organizer's return call to you is long distance, or try (might not be returned after 12/24).  If 
you're really lost, try organizer's cell at 415/710-2533.  Co-listed 
with various groups.  If it rains, we'll be brave and will stumble 
along anyway.

# Santarchy Tokyo 2004 Sat Dec 25 12:00 noon FREE Meet at the statue 
of Hachiko the Faithful Dog at Shibuya Station at 1200 NOON.

# DEC 26 Kiev, Ukraine, Repeat of Runoff elections, hopefully this time without US rigging vote.

# Fri Dec 31 NYE 5:30pm 
Justin Herman Plaza Market @ Embarcadero
Bring bike, helmet, light, costume, music...

# Opel New Yers Eve Party Fri Dec 31 2004  - Sat Jan 1 2005 11 PM
Paradise Lounge 1501 Folsom

# Fri Dec 31st Alcyone @ Anon Salon's "Sea of Dreams 05", Park Plaza  
Hotel, LA. (To Be Confirmed!) Anon Salon hosting 2 fantastic, legendary 
NYE events simultaneously; one at the Regency in SF and the other in LA! 

# OtherWorld - Friends & Family   NYE Market @ Grand, Okaland beware cigarettes
Fri Dec 31'st 5 rooms of music 510-287-5917

# NO EXIT - SPAZ New Year's Event Fri Dec 31  8:00 PM
Spaz New Years... Come one come all... Berkeley West  
1-800-GUN-NUMB that night for directions and etc... Have fun

# New Years Eve@ Cell Space-Brother,Adam Ohana,Laird ect...!!!

Ancient Future 
New Years Eve 2004-2005 Friday Dec 31st 9pm - light
Raindance, 13 Moon Tribe,  Mystic Family Circus & Cell Space
 invite you to the Ancient Future 
your all star no hype New Years eve family style get down

The Cell Space will become a time portal allowing us to remember a time
before the invention of the clock. We will be inviting beings from the past
present or future to be here now and revel in thundering BASS and timeless

Start the evening with Tai Chi  led by Patrick King (Yoga Tai Chi) 9pm
Beats kick in 9:30

rhythmic navigational sorcery with 
Brother (13 Moon Tribe, Space Ship Gaia)
Laird (Get yer Freak on)
Adam Ohana (Get Freaky)
Solar (Pacific Sound,Sunset)
Little John (Raindance,13 Moon Tribe)
Moon Doggy (Yoga Tai Chi)
Alia (13 Moon Tribe)
Timonkey (Santa Cruz laptop Mafia)

Dance performance by Hipnautica accompanied by members
of members of Goddess of Funk and Suco (Santa Cruz Drumming ensembles)  

Vocal inspiration by Suga

make your own time travelers hat with Jo Jo La Plume

Visuals and massage area by Sherri (Mystic Family Circus) 

organic treats by Convergence

$15 before midnight $20 after 
Cell Space 2050 Bryant St San Francisco

Friday Dec 31st 9pm - light

To learn more about this event, click on the link 
or copy it into your browser:

Friday, December 31, 10pm-8am
SomArts Gallery, 934 Brannan St., SF
18+ to enter, 21 to drink
**Flyer, art and music samples at
PUNKADELIK (Lyon, France) - elektrik paintings and decor
DR. PARADISE - 3D video pioneer
LIGHT RHYTHM - atmospheric visual sculpture
DREAMTIME DESIGNS - flouro paintings
VOID (Chemical Crew, Israel) live and DJ set
TOXIC (Timecode, Parvati Records, Israel) live and DJ set
LIAM SHY (Tantra/Nu)
KJ (Tantra)
OBU (Bombay Power)
     Victor Torres - ancient woodwinds, oboe, sax
     Sidiki Diallo - drums
     Sean Mikuriya - Guitar, electronica
     Mike Clemens - gongs, percussion
   And Special Guest:
     Ven. Geshe Thupten Phelgye - sacred Tibetan chanting and instruments
     Irina Mikhailova - vocals, percussion and electronica
     Jeff Stot - Oud, Taampura, Saz (middle eastern string instruments)
     Suzi Q. - percussions
SATURNIA (Phoenix Family)
AFUT (Upinyah)
MANX (Inertia labs)
Tickets are $35 presale, $40 at the door, $20 door after 3am.
Presales available at: Distractions (1552 Haight, SF), Ceiba (1364 Haight, SF) and Skills (2566A Telegraph, Berkeley)
also online at


S.P.A.Z., 5lowershop, and Subversive Soundz
present: <<>>

New Year's Eve 2005 Friday, December 31st
$10. All Ages. Doors open at 9pm. Starts 10pm.
ALL NIGHT LONG! Infoline: 1-800-GUN-NUMB

3 Floors of mind stealing, body  music!

Indoor: S.P.A.Z. 
Outdoor: 5lowershop 
Chill Room: Subversive Soundz 

- Evil Techno - Wicked Electro - Dark Drum&Bass -
Breakcore - wow - Grime - Sonik seduction & possession
- Hardcore -80's -

Visuals by: Belial, Letycia Gravitania, Jerry Abrams

Audio Disturbance BY:

Lisa Fox < dark and disturbing techno you DONT want to
White Rabbit < evil, punding drumsandbass with that
deathrock flair>
DJ Special Moments (aka megabitch)
Ken Quiggly 
Cinnamon Twist 
Savage Rhythm 
Subversive Soundz djs 
5lowershop crew 



Beverages *wink*
free water and fruit

Infoline: 1-800-GUN-NUMB
Secret West Berkeley Location
Call on the day of event for direction
this party is NON STOP/no limits

2005 on Gregorian calendar, which is designed to confuse,
taking us away from natural, sensible 13 moon x 28 day lunar calendar
or the other solar, or solar / lunar calendars that civilized cultures use.

### Jan  1 2005

# Sat Jan 1 2005
Greetings, Mystic Family!!
BIG, EEnormous show on Jan 1st, starting @ 9p @ the Independent 
600 Block Divisadero @ Hayes  line up; * EEnor
* XOX Burlesque (lucid, tamara, jen r., akasha, helena)
* The Extra Action Marching Band
* Loop!Station * Tobias the Mystic Man
*guest appearance by Mark Growden (Electronic Press Kit)

# Monthly Raw, vegan organic potluck 
Jan 12 Every 2nd Sunday 10am Bay Leaf Cafe, Palo Alto

# Wed, Jan 12, 2005 - Mon, Dec 12, 2005 5:30 pm
Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001
World Affairs Council of Northern California
312 Sutter Street, Suite 200 SF, CA 94108
Meet the Author
> Steve Coll, Managing editor and former South Asia Bureau Chief at The
> Washington Post; author of Ghost Wars
> In Ghost Wars, Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Steve Coll Coll tells the
> secret history of the CIA's role in Afghanistan, including its covert program
> against Soviet troops from 1979 to 1989, and examines the rise of the Taliban,
> the emergence of bin Laden, and the secret efforts by CIA officers and their
> agents to capture or kill bin Laden in Afghanistan after 1998. His book
> answers the questions so many have asked since 9/11: To what extent did
> America's best intelligence analysts grasp the rising threat of Islamist
> radicalism? Who tried to stop bin Laden and why did they fail? Steve Coll
> covered Afghanistan as the South Asia Bureau Chief at the Washington Post
> between 1989 and 1992.
Check-in: 5:30 PM
> Program: 6:00 PM
Cosponsored by Global Exchange and Stacey's Independent Bookstore
Nonmembers: $15.00;
Global Exchange Members may attend at the co-sponsor rate: $7.00;
Students (w/IDs): $5  World Affair Council Members: Free.

# Jan 20 Fraudulent inauguration of war criminal GW Bush GENERAL STRIKE
Also Massive National Protests:

# ALL OUT FOR January 20 Counter-Inaugural &
March 19/20 Global Day of Protest on 2nd Anniversary of the war
All cities across the globe. Global:
5pm Thu Jan 20 in SF: 

# Interestingly enough, the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade
(turning 32 Jan. 22, 2004) occurs Sat.  A group called
Walk for Life West Coast will be having a permitted
march through the embarcadero etc. that day.  They are
pro-life.  There has been a call for action for
counter protests that day.  And so Jan. 21 has been
called a day of teach-ins and awareness of issues
related to abortion rights.  Check out more on Indymedia:

# Sat Jan 22 SF 9pm-3am
Our friends and amazingly-talented musicians of Rosin Coven have invited us to create and collaborate in a theatrical presentation of stories from the infamous Edward Gorey ...Vau de Vire style!  Also in the evening's line-up is Jill Tracy...a most hauntingly-beautiful creature with a voice and piano-talant you really must experience live.  So, dress in your finest Edwardian or Gorey-esque attire and come join us.
Paradox Media & Cat Club Present: “Evil Garden” The Fifth Annual Edwardian Ball
(a elegantly sinister San Francisco tradition since the turn of the century)
Sat Jan 22nd, 2005 at the Cat Club 8th & Folsom, SF 9pm-3am
$12 in Edwardian or Gorey-esque attire, $15 in modern day garb
Live Perf * Music, Storytelling & Gorey Theatre by Rosin Coven
* Inappropriate acrobatic antics & acting out by Vau de Vire Society
* Fiendish fatale Jill Tracy
 With Edwardian Disc Jockeys: * Miz Margo
* and more TBA... Décor by Puppets & Pie

# World Social Forum, January 26 - 31 in Porto Allegre

# Mar 19,20 Anniv of 2003 bombing of IRAQ - GENERAL STRIKE
Massive Global Protests: 

# "Central Park Belongs to the People--March on Central Park on March 20 
to End the Occupation!"

Do not feed the machine April 15th. GENERAL STRIKE
Northern California War Tax Resistance announce list. (510) 843-9877
Infor/support for conscientious war tax resisters in the SF Bay Area.

Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States
of America is NULL and VOID.  Marburry v. Madison -1803
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.