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Hello friends,

I've been very busy with my write-in Congressional campaign, so i must
offer my apologies for the lateness of this notice, but i'm pleased to
announce that the upcoming episode of "The Next Step" -- scheduled for
Monday, September 20 -- will be a panel discussion and town hall meeting
on the very tragic and suspicious events of September 11, 2001.  This
episode is titled "9-11... What Really Happened?".  If you've ever
wondered about the official 9-11 narrative or conversely if you think
people who question the government's 9-11 story are delusional and
unpatriotic, here's your chance to engage a panel of 9-11 researches in

Our panel will included Carol Brouillet, a local 9-11 researcher and
activist.  Two other local 9-11 activists, Ken Jenkins and Don Paul,
have been invited to participate.  Confirmation of their involvement is
pending.  KPFA stalwart and 9-11 researcher Ralph Schoenman has also
been invited and will participate provided he is back in town by the
20th.  Additional panelists may be added depending on the availability
of Ken and Don.

This episode will be taped in front of a live studio audience.  The
studio can accommodate about 55 people.  If you're interested in being
part of the studio audience, please let me know, preferably via e-mail,
at your earliest convenience.

If you're able to be on the crew, please respond to this e-mail as soon
as possible.  And thanks, as always, for your dedication to making this
show a reality.

The program will be taped on Monday, September 20, from 9:00 - 10:00
pm.  Crew members will need to arrive at the studio at 8:00 pm,
panelists should be in the studio by 8:30, and audience members should
arrive by no later than 8:45 please.

The studio is located at 900 San Antonio Road in Palo Alto a couple
doors East of West Marine.  It's just a little tricky to find because
the only way to get to the Media Center studio is from San Antonio Road
heading East (towards 101).  Just past Charleston Road, San Antonio Road
branches off to the right.  You need to take this branch to get to the
studio which is on the right just a couple doors past West Marine.  If
you continue straight ahead rather than taking the branch, you'll find
yourself crossing over 101.

If you're coming on 101, take the San Antonio Road exit and do a u-turn
at Charleston, so you can approach the branch of San Antonio Road headed
East.  It sounds confusing, but it's not if you pay close attention.
The close up map on is actually accurate, so look at
that if this seems confusing.

If you're coming on 280, take the Page Mill exit to the East, towards
Palo Alto.  Take Page Mill past El Camino Real to Alma South.  Exit to
the right on to Alma South.  The second light is Charleston, turn left
on to Charleston.  Take Charleston to San Antonio and turn left on to
San Antonio.  Immediately branch to the right.  The studio is at 900 San
Antonio, on the right-hand side.

"The Next Step" is New Consciousness programming showcasing the Art, the
Music, the Literature, the Spirituality, and the Politics of the
evolving New Consciousness and airs every Monday at 11:00 pm and every
Friday at 10:00 pm on Channel 27 in Atherton, East Palo Alto, Menlo
Park, Palo Alto, and Stanford.

I'm looking forward to another fruitful collaboration.

In Peace,

Dennis "galen" Mitrzyk -- producer and host of "The Next Step"
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.