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HAARP Unveiled

In Gakona, Alaska a joint project of the US Navy, Air Force and University of Alaska will soon 
be up and operational. The High frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) has been 
portrayed as a research project which will investigate the aurora borealis but in reality is a 
military-industrial endeavor which will employ renegade Tesla technology to alter the 
ionosphere in such a fashion as to tactically affect weather patterns, block all global 
communications and even effect planned earthquakes. 

It is a bitter shame, IMO, that so much of Tesla's genius has been corrupted and perverted to 
the point whereby it could become an extremely negative influence in years to come. 

Interestingly enough, a subsidiary of ARCO called APTI (ARCO Power Technologies, Inc.) holds a 
patent (#4,686,605) which matches the HAARP proposal dealing with transmitting extremely large 
amounts of RF energy into the ionosphere. The patent claims it has the following uses: 

" disruption of communications over a very large portion of the 
earth...disrupting not only land-based communications, but also land-based communications and 
sea communications (both surface and subsurface)...missile or aircraft destruction, 
deflection, or altering solar absorbtion...ozone, 
nitrogen, etc. could be artificially increased..." 

An initial trial experiment will be performed and, if "successful," will give the green light 
to a massive antenna array which the military hopes to complete sometime in 1997. 

Although it has been recognized by the US Dept of Commerce, Natl Telecommunications and 
Information Administration that global communications will certainly be adversely affected by 
this strategy, other risks are unclear in the literature related to this project. 

Read on and you will discover why the proposed use of the HAARP project is akin to removing a 
few fleas from your dog by pouring gasoline on him then igniting it. Though the fleas are 
destroyed, so in the process is your dog. This perversion of well-intended Tesla technology 
will most probably have dire side effects on every living thing in our entire biosphere and 
could conceivably lead to the destruction of the entire planet. 

Regarding the theory behind HAARP, Tesla was quoted in the New York Times (Dec. 8, 1915) as 

"It is not a time to go into the details of this thing. It is founded upon a principle that 
means great things in times of peace; it can be used for great things in war. But I repeat, 
this is no time to talk of such things. 

"It is perfectly practicable to transmit electrical energy without wires and produce 
destructive effects at a distance. I have already constructed a wireless transmitter which 
makes this possible, and have described it in my technical publications, among which I refer 
to my patent number 1,119,732, recently granted. With transmitters of this kind we are enabled 
to project electrical energy in any amount to any distance and apply it for innumerable 
purposes, both in war and peace. Through the universal adoption of this system, ideal 
conditions for the maintenance of law and order will be realized, for then the energy 
necessary to the enforcement of right and justice will be normally productive, yet potential, 
and in any moment available for attack and defense. The power transmitted need not be 
necessarily destructive, for, if distance is made to depend upon it, it's withdrawl or supply 
will bring about the same results as those now accomplished by force of arms." 

A later New York Times article (Sept. 22, 1940) stated: 

"Nikola Tesla, one of the truly great inventors, who celebrated his 84th birthday on July 10, 
tells the writer that he stands ready to divulge to the US Government the secret of his 'tele- 
force' with which, he said, airplane motors would be melted at a distance of 250 miles, so 
that an invisible Chinese Wall of defense would be built around the country. 

"This 'teleforce', he said, is based on an entirely new principle of physics that 'no one has 
ever dreamed about', different from the principle in his inventions relating to the 
transmission of electrical power from a distance, for which he has received a number of basic 
patents. This new type of force, Mr. Tesla said, would operate through a beam one hundred- 
millionth of a square centimeter, and could be generated from a special plant that would cost 
no more than $2,000,000 and would take only about three months to construct." 

In a press release by the USAF dated Nov. 3, 1993, the military announced that the prime 
contractor on the HAARP project was ARCO Power Technologies, Inc. and that the first phase of 
the program was already underway to develop and test a low-power high-frequency (2.8-10.0 MHz) 
prototype transmitter array. 

A fact sheet issued by the Office of Naval Research and the Phillips Laboratory about HAARP 
(Nov. 4, 1993) mentioned (among other things): 

"Potential applications of the HAARP research include developing DoD technology for detecting 
cruise missiles and aircraft and for communicating with submarines. Although HAARP is being 
managed by the AF and Navy, it is purely a scientific research facility [yeah, right -d4]... 

"...The beam would be several degrees wide, depending on frequency, and thus would influence a 
region several miles in diameter in the lower ionosphere, expanding to several tens of miles 
in the upper ionosphere. 

"As a result of a competitive procurement, the AF and Navy has awarded a contract to ARCO 
Power Technologies, Inc. (APTI) for the design and construction of the IRI and associated 
support facilities...The current schedule anticipates construction at the Gakona [Alaska] site 
would begin November 1993 and conclude the fall of 1994 with the demonstration prototype. 
Construction for the full-size IRI is anticipated to begin early 1995 and conclude late 1997." 

Joint US/Soviet Involvement 
Further research reveals that starting in the late 1960's, US and Soviet scientists began a 
series of joint efforts to warm up the Arctic (documented in Lowell Ponte's 1976 book, "The 
Cooling"). At the 1974 Vladivostok Summit, US and Soviet leaders began weather engineering 
operations. By the late 1970's, the US joined in it's own weather-modifying ELF signals. 

To improve joint electromagnetic weather-control actions, the US brought a number of Russian 
scientists to work at the top-secret Lawrence Livermore high-tech weapons laboratory . 
Although the project was officially disguised as "environmental cleanup research," the real 
purpose of the joint Russian/US project has been kept secret from the American people. 

The plan to use Russian technology was described in the 4/8/93 Journal of Commerce & 
Commercial Bulletin: 

"During the Cold War, in the closed research laboratory of the Gorky, Russian military 
scientists developed the 'Gyrotron'; a high-energy microwave generator designed to sweep the 
skies of Western warplanes [using Tesla scalar-wave technology]. 

"Today, at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, American military scientists are 
weighing a Russian proposal to use those generators for a new mission -- cleansing the 
atmosphere of ozone- depleting chemicals [CFC's]. The Lawrence Livermore scientists began 
collaborating with their Russian counterparts last year, travelling to Russian research 
centers, engaging in joint projects..." 

The new HAARP weather-engineering system, now under construction in Alaska, will have (among 
it's numerous functions) the clear capacity to zap pollution and will also be able to increase 
or decrease upper atmospheric ozone levels at will. In fact, the Lawrence Livermore 
Laboratory's secret 21-member US/Soviet "Project Woodpecker" team in charge of the project 
just won a special award from both the CIA and the NSA for their efforts. 

Hmm...sounds OK so far. So what's all the fuss about? 

US Weather Engineering Project 
Physicist Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund essentially "borrowed" Tesla's ideas and received a patent 
(#4,686,605 issued Aug. 11, 1987) for an invention which employed the borrowed ideas. The 
patent was assigned to ARCO's APTI and on Sept. 6, 1987, National Public Radio reported: 

"Dr. Eastlund stated that his new invention could be used to change the weather by redirecting 
the very high wind patterns... The invention uses an earth-based power source to create 
electromagnetic radio waves and focus them way up into the atmosphere. Dr. Eastlund says the 
invention could steer the jet stream, but could also be used to disrupt communications all 
over the world." 

Among other things, the 1987 patent states, "Large regions of the upper atmosphere could be 
lifted to an unexpected high modification is possible, by for example 
altering the upper atmosphere wind patterns (which is exactly what the Russian Woodpecker ELF 
system does)." 

A 3/88 OMNI Magazine article about Dr. Eastlund's invention stated: 

"...Essentially what would happen is a huge section of the [HAARP] charged atmosphere would be 
pushed upward and outward from earth by this electromagnetic force. You can, says Eastlund, 
virtually lift part of the upper atmosphere. 

"Eastlund also says you could construct 'plumes of atmospheric particles to act as a lens or 
focusing device for sunlight. By being able to intensify and control light, one could heat a 
specific part of the earth and learn to manipulate local wind patterns. 

"What this means, he says, is that by controlling local weather patterns, one could, say, 
bring rain to Ethiopia or alter the summer storm pattern in the Caribbean" (as just 
demonstrated in the July, 1994 Gulf storm that stood-in-place and flooded Georgia, Florida and 

"Because of the publicity about these aspects of the Eastlund- Arco patent, the US Government 
suppressed all further news about the invention's weather-engineering features. Since about 
1989, the invention has been disguised as a device for conducting "atmospheric research." 

A hard-working environmental group, the Cook Inlet Vigil, has uncovered shocking details about 
the severe dangers posed by this new earthionospheric "zapping" system. The 12/15/91 Alaska 
Daily News carried a big article on HAARP: 

"Electrical energy floats high over Alaska, where it is visible as the aurora borealis, a 
shimmering white, green and crimson curtain. These brilliant northern lights are the product 
of a huge natural generator that produces up to 10,000,000 megawatts of power as particles 
from the solar wind crash into the earth's magnetic field. There are concentrated currents, 
called electrojets, that flow in the ionosphere, and may sometimes reach millions of amperes. 
When the electrojet touches earth, as it sometimes does during magnetic storms, it can knock 
out telephone cables and power grids." 

The most powerful pre-HAARP ELF ionospheric heating systems were constructed by the Soviet 
Union at sites in Sura, Goriky, Monchegorsk and Dushanbe (Tadzhikistan). Western pre-HAARP 
ionospheric heating systems are located in Tromso, Norway; Arecibo, Puerto Rico; near 
Fairbanks, Alaska; and at Platteville, Colorado. These systems together with the Russian 
Woodpecker Tesla Magnifying Transmitters, have created a severe alteration of global weather 
patterns -- beginning in 1976, but intensifying through the 1980's and 1990's, as more ELF 
transmitters were constructed. 

The new Gakona HAARP project is only the beginning stage of a much larger system. Later, the 
antenna array will be vastly expanded and radiate power of 1.7 GIGAwatts (billions of watts), 
making it the most powerful ELF transmitter in the world. As an aside, Tesla researcher 
Sheldon Nidle mentioned in his 1994 book "You are becoming a Galactic Human": 

"...These events allowed me to study some unusual Tesla devices such as the wireless power 
technology, called the magnifying transmitter, in greater detail. This research gave me access 
to information as to how Tesla's theories were being used by both the Soviet Union and the US 
to create a weather war that has continued from the mid-1970's to the present time." 

Strange skyglow anomalies and wierd lightning and plasma-type effects have been seen all over 
the former USSR, near the Woodpecker transmitter sites. For example, the 9/23/77 Washington 
Post reported that "a strange, star-like ball of light was sighted over Petrozavodsk in Soviet 
Karelia, spreading over it like a jellyfish and showering down shafts of light." 

Similar plasma effects have been created by the US ionosphere- zapping ELF transmitters, at 
the height of 1993's great midwest flood. The 9/24/93 Kansas City Star reported that a 
research team from the University of Alaska's Geophysical Institute (which is involved in work 
on HAARP) discovered "mysterious flashes of light that shoot from the tops of storm-clouds 
into the upper atmosphere...over the midwest during summer floods." 

This sighting occurred when that area was being hit with giant standing-wave, long-lasting 
weather-blocking systems that were generated by a combination of the Russion Woodpecker ELF 
waves and US GWEN Tower VLF waves. The newspaper reported that these mysterious flashes 
"resemble jellyfish. They are brightest where they top out -- typically about 40 miles high -- 
so you have the jellyfish body at the top with tentacles trailing down." 

Additional information about the mystery flashes over 1993's midwest flood appeared in the 
5/27/94 Science Magazine which reported: "Atmospheric Scientists Puzzle Over High-Altitude 
Flashes" and certain recently released films taken from the space shuttle (STS something-or-
other) which caught the odd plasma effects ["sprites" -d4]. 

Dangerous Earth Anomalies From ELFs
Within a short time after the start of US and Soviet through-the- earth transmissions, this 
planet's internal dynamo was affected. The 12/13/84 Washington Post reported that the earth 
had experienced a sudden unexpected slowdown in rotation. Although the planet's spin had been 
gradually decreasing over a long period of time, this anomaly was so unusual that the normal 
compensation by US Naval Observatory scientists (via a leap second added to atomic clocks) was 
not needed. The newspaper stated: "Why earth should have slowed...isn't wholly understood." 
Scientists at the US Naval Observatory and at the Jet Propulsion Lab found that the "earth, 
like an unbalanced washing machine," has developed "wobbles as it spins." (7/15/88 Wall Street 

The 7/90 OMNI Magazine reported that between January 24 to February 3, 1990, the earth's 
rotation suddenly and unexpectedly slowed down AGAIN. US Naval Observatory scientists reported 
that the slowdown was more abrupt than usual. The 8/9/91 New York Times described the causes 
of these unexpected sudden disruptions: 

"Geophysicists suspect that perturbations in the circulation of the hot fluid metallic core 
contributes to the rotational changes...The irregular rotation variations are the result of 
fluctuating fluid flow in the underlying metallic core and the overlying hydrosphere and 
atmosphere, and...also convection forces within earth and the movement of crustal plates near 
the surface." All of which are influenced by through-the-earth ELF vibrations. 

The 12/11/86 Chicago Tribune reported: "Giant whirlpools, some nearly 60 miles wide, have been 
detected moving along Norway's coasts at speeds of up to 4 knots, posing serious threats to 
mariners. These giant whirlpools have no obvious center and are difficult to spot." The 
newspaper reported that the mammoth whirlpools were unheard of before 1980 (a period after the 
US and the USSR began generating ELF waves). 

Giant standing waves called "solitons," have been spotted near the Strait of Gibralter. The 
4/30/85 New York Times reported the discovery of massive internal waves in the oceans that do 
not appear to any large extent on the surface. "A dramatic series of internal waves has now 
been traced through the Strait of Gibralter from photographs" taken from a space shuttle in 
October, 1984. A map in that newspaper shows a giant standing wave line on the western side of 
the Strait. 

Scientists measuring ocean waves reported that "the Atlantic Ocean is getting rougher." 
Measurements taken since the 1960's indicated that during the late 1970's (a period following 
the start of Soviet and US ELF transmissions), "the waves did seem to get bigger." The 4/19/88 
New York Times reported that British scientists have discovered that waves in the northeast 
Atlantic Ocean "have increased more than 20 percent since the 1960's." Ocean researchers 
consider this to be a "significant climatic phenomenon." 

Earthquake Engineering Project
In a February, 1912 interview, in the publication, "The World Today" Nikola Tesla said that it 
would be possible to split the planet by combining vibrations with the correct resonance of 
the earth itself: 

"Within a few weeks, I could set the earth's crust into such a state of vibrations that it 
would rise and fall hundreds of feet, throwing rivers out of their beds, wrecking buildings 
and practically destroying civilization." 

The article, "Tesla's Controlled Earthquakes" (July 11, 1935 New York American) stated: 
Tesla's "experiments in transmitting mechanical vibrations through the earth -- called by him 
'the art of telegeodynamics' were roughly described by the scientist as a sort of 'controlled 

He stated: "The rythmical vibrations pass through the earth with almost no loss of energy. It 
becomes possible to convey mechanical effects to the greatest terrestrial distances and 
produce all kinds of unique effects. The invention could be used with destructive effect in 

In January, 1978, Dr. Andrija Puharich, M.D., LL.D. issued a detailed research paper titled, 
"GLOBAL MAGNETIC WARFARE -- A Layman's Viet of Certain Artificially Induced Effects on Planet 
Earth during 1976 and 1977." Describing early Soviet work with Tesla's method of "controlled 
earthquakes," he stated: "Of the many great earthquakes of 1976, there is one that demands 
special attention -- the July 28, 1976 Tangshan, China earthquake." Puharich's analysis is 
significant because it describes airglow plasma effects created by the Soviet Woodpecker 
system. Ionosphere heating ELF systems, like HAARP, can generate similar effects. 

He stated: "The reason that this 1976 earthquake attracted my attention is that it was 
preceeded by a light flare-up of the entire sky over Tangshan. Also, this earthquake occurred 
during the first month of Soviet Woodpecker radio emmissions...The most prominent effect was 
that when the Soviet Woodpecker emission was on at full strength -- the sky would light up 
like an ionized gaslamp -- just as Tesla had predicted." 

The 6/5/77 New York Times described the great earthquake, which destroyed Tangshan, and killed 
over 650,000 people: "Just before the first tremor at 3:42am, the sky lit up like daylight. 
The multi-hued lights, mainly white and red, were seen up to 200 miles away. Leaves on many 
trees were burned to a crisp and growing vegetables were scorched on one side, as if by a 

These electrical effects are tied to electromagnetic plasma and ball lightning and the strange 
array of flashes which results from Tesla-style and HAARP-like transmissions. As part of the 
secret 1974 Vladivostok US-Soviet artificial global-warming agreement, the US began 30 Hz ELF 
transmissions from a site in the Pacific northwest in Washington. Coincidentally with the 
increase in Soviet and US ELF transmissions during 1980, was a sharp increase in earthquakes 
around the world. The 1/30/81 Washington Post reported: "The world sustained 71 significant 
earthquakes during 1980, up from 56 the previous year, and the world death toll climbed to 
7140, 5 times the 1979 figure, the USGS said." 

On September 12, 1989, sensors called magnetometers, (at Corralitos, near Monterrey Bay, 
California) detected unusual ULF (between 0.01 Hz and 10 Hz -- the lowest ELF frequencies) 
radio signals, "which grew 30 times stronger October 5, and then weakened somewhat. At 2:00pm 
on October 17, the signals grew so strong that they went off of the sensor's scales. Three 
hours later, the San Francisco Bay area shook violently as the magnitude 7.1 Loma Prieta 
earthquake killed more than 60 people and injured 3800 others. The catastrophic January 17, 
1994 Los Angeles earth- quake was also preceded by mysterious radio signals. Some observers in 
Los Angeles reported hearing two loud "sonic booms" (which are typical symptoms of Soviet 
Tesla weapons usage) immediately before the earthquake. 

That strange underground hum in the western US beginning to make a little more sense now? 

Typical earthquakes occur no deeper than 20 to 25 kilometers. A very rare deep quake just took 
place. The 6/18/94 Science News reported that on June 8th, 'a magnitude 8.2 quake emanated 
from 600 kilometers below Bolivia, punching the planet hard enough to send it ringing like a 
bell. The quake was felt in much of North America, even as far away as Seattle -- a fact that 
has puzzled geophysicists. "This is the first time we know of that a quake in that part of 
South America was felt in North America,' says Bruce W. Presgrave of the National Earthquake 
Information Center." 

A Grave Danger to Earth
Demonstrating the grave danger to this planet's geomagnetic stability, the 1987 Eastlund 
patent (which is the basic design for the HAARP project) stated that "The earth's magnetic 
field could be decreased or disrupted at appropriate altitudes to modify or eliminate the 
magnetic field." 

Quoting the 3/88 OMNI Magazine article, "Richard Williams, a physicist at Princeton, stated 
that he thinks the Eastlund (HAARP) might become 'a serious threat to the earth's atmosphere' 
and 'could cause irreversible damage...effects in the atmosphere cannot be localized...the 
language of the patent indicates that it is clearly intended to provide effects on a global 

Quoting the 2/94 Cook Inlet Monthly Bush Blade, "The late geomagnetic researcher Lloyd Zirbes 
strongly opposed the technology utilized in the HAARP system. He wrote, 'Disruption of the 
earth's magnetic field will complete damages to the planet's balance done by the government 
nuclear bomb blasts in the natural radiation belts above the ionosphere. Earth's magnetic 
field keeps the planet in balance with the moon and sun. Disrupting the field will be the last 
straw in sending earth into the sun or out into space'." 

The combined effects of these transmitters, including the Russian Woodpecker, the new HAARP 
system, together with all the other ELF and VLF systems (such as those in Michigan and the 
GWEN towers), are very dangerous. When operating simultaneously and during times of 
geomagnetic storms, they present a severe threat to the entire planet. 

The disruption of the earth's internal dynamo, and the disruption and alteration of the upper 
atmospheric magnetic belts (which constitute the external part of the earth's natural dynamo 
system), can create a premature reversal of the magnetic poles, worsen the newly discovered 
wobble of the earth's spin and possibly create a total polar reversal or earth shift. 

The 1/78 Specula Magazine described Woodpecker effects: 

"An electromagnetic signal of certain frequencies can be transmitted through the earth which, 
when introduced into the earth at certain multiples of 30 degrees, will form standing waves in 
the earth itself. In certain incidence angle cases, the standing wave also induces a strange 
phenomenon: coherence to the standing wave is formed in the molten core of the earth itself, 
and a tiny fraction of the vast, surging electromagnetic currents of the liquid core begin to 
feed into and augment the induced standing wave. 

"At this point, one has established a sort of giant triode: the inducing signal one is putting 
into the earth is the grid signal, and the vast energy in the molten core of the earth is the 
cathode and power supply. The established coherence serves as an amplification factor for the 
grid signal, and much more energy is now present in the standing wave than the miniscule 
amount being fed in from the earth's surface. By interferometer type techniques, multiple 
'giant resonance' waves of this type can be combined so that a 'beam' or focused effect of 
very great energy exists inside the earth. 

"Depending on the frequency, focusing, wave shape, etc. one can ...induce a variety of effects 
such as earthquakes, induced at a distant aiming point, severe disturbances in the middle and 
upper atmosphere over the target area...and anomalous weather effects. This is called the 
Tesla effect." 

Unlike earlier periods, the earth is now much more vulnerable to outside astronomical 
influences. Today, powerful transmitters are interfering with, overriding and blanking out 
earth's natural magnetic field. For the first time in human history, an ever-increasing number 
of artificial ELF and VLF vibrations are disrupting earth's natural internal and external 
electromagnetic systems (which help to maintain planetary rotation, balance and stability). 
The newly discovered planetary wobble and sudden, abrupt slow-downs in rotation are only the 
beginning. The chances are now greatly increased that any asteroid or meteorite that hits the 
earth could set off such a destructive resonance that the planet could split (as Tesla 
predicted) or suffer a total polar shift. 

The severe threat to global stability created by the combined effects of the Woodpecker, 
HAARP, other ionosphere-heating ELF, long wire ELF and GWEN tower systems was demonstrated in 
T.E. Beardon's book, "Fer-de-Lance": 

"Any large collection of nuclei -- such as a star or a planet -- is a strong absorber and 
radiator od scalar wave radiation. The Sun is a particularly strong source of scalar wave 
radiation. This radiation penetrates the earth deeply, interacting more and more with the 
deeper layers, which under greater mechanical stress are more nonlinear. Most of the heat in 
the molten core of the earth comes from the dephasing of a portion of this absorbed scalar 
radiation from the Sun, liberating ordinary electromagnetic energy as heat. 

"The Earth also re-radiates scalar wave radiation back to the Sun. The Sun and the Earth are 
thus coupled into a scalar system in equilibrium or near-equilibrium. Each body in the couplet 
posesses both a feedforward and a feedback loop." 

Describing large electromagnetic weapons (such as Woodpecker and HAARP-like systems), Bearden 

"If significant scalar effects are produced on Earth in a 'pulse' mode, pulsed disturbances of 
the Earth-Sun and Earth-Moon systems result. Here a danger exists that one or more natural 
resonances of the coupled systems may be excited. If too much or sharp stimulation occurs on 
Earth, the coupled resonant response from the Sun could be disasterous. The simplest Doomsday 
simulation would be for a violent expulsion of solar electromagnetic energy and particles to 
occur. If this were due to resonance, the expulsions of solar electromagnetic energy and 
particles would continue during some decay time. In that case, the fiery destruction of the 
Earth, strongly indicative of Biblical prophecy, would result. Particularly sensitive are the 
resonances of Sun-Earth, Sun-Moon and Earth-Moon systems. 

"Note the abnormal influence of the Moon on tides -- tides of both the Earth's tectonic plates 
and oceans. If the Earth-Moon resonant system were overstimulated, one might expect VIOLENT 
earthquakes of extraordinary magnitude, and tremendous tidal waves hundreds of feet in 
heights. (The potential connections to legends of earth-destroying floods, scientific evidence 
of extreme water levels in mountains, and legends of ancient catyclysmic destruction of 
supposedly advanced technological oceanic cultures is obvious). [Atlantis] 

"Use of huge scalar electromagnetic weapons (including US devices which interfere with God-
given protective Van Allen and other external magnetic belts) is a double-edged sword. Unless 
carefully employed, use of the weapons could cause a terrible backlash to the user (as the 
Soviets discovered when the main power source for the Gomel Woodpecker transmitter at 
Chernobyl exploded in 1986), as well as the victim, and even cause the destruction of Earth 

"With scalar electromagnetic weapons, the consequence of a relatively simple electronic 
failure can be catastrophic; not only for the local nation but for the earth as a whole. If an 
electrogravitational pulse discharge happens to tickle the Sun's and Moon's [natural scalar 
electromagnetic] feedback loops the wrong way, you'll get convulsions on the earth, and a 
violent increase in the interior heat of the Earth's molten core, with a concomittant eruption 
of that core right up through the Earth's mantle." 

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