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Let's be honest, Amerika sucks and it's bringing us down with it. For
the idea of autonomy to take root and flourish here we need a paradigm
shift in the mindset of our ppl. We need to wear it on our sleeves,
say it out loud, take it to the streets, shout if from the rooftops.

We need to muster up our nerve, wine it, dine it, take it to bed, and
make love to it every single day, the idea that WE ARE FREE! Brazen
gets the goods. What's needed are many examples all around the land,
examples of ppl recognizing their Cascadian-ness by way of direct action.

Rather than the kind of direct action which merely seeks to angrily
address the powers that be, this sort of direct action could take its
form in the shape of communities learning the basics of skill-sharing
and resource pooling. Ppl must learn how best to meet their collective
needs and wants by openly disregading the constraints placed on us by

If we start simply by trying to organize ourselves based on whatever
our local needs are, we can become an effective cultural example of
ppl throwing off the binds which previously held us fast. By doing
this, we can jam the culture of fear which pervades throughout Amerika
too, the fear which impels most Amerikans to accept their present fate.

We'll build netwerks which enable ppl to protect one another from the
goons of government and capital, the police. Community must police
itself instead, from all of the unwanted elements present within it.
We must be organized in such a way as that we can decommission the
police and its so-called authority and replace them with a mandate
from the masses which seeks to protect us from clear and present
dangers to our autonomy.

We can generate sympathy of all kinds from ppls all over the world
too, if we play this out just right and take up the struggle with a
command of media and communications technology. Our footage of our
situation, our communiqués, our dialogues, all can be put 'out there'
BY US and not the corporate media. We have to do this ourselves, so we
should't waste any more time.

Yours AND free,

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.