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RE: CAFTA Vote Count-- Protect DSHEA from Codex -your call matters.
Alright  Folks,
this is it, here is the official list of undecided/ leaning yes/ leaning no...
of Congress around the Vote for CAFTA:
(also @ bottom of this e-mail)
This is where our Focus and calls to members on the list could help protect our
precious DSHEA  of 1994 -Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act-
which has  allowed the Holistic, Supplement and Preventative Health industries
to grow by leaps and bounds.
Have no doubt CAFTA specifically mentions Codex
in Section 6 of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Matters which insures
"Harmonization" of our laws to restrictive world Codex standard.  Republican
Congressman, Ron Paul M.D. D-Texas is there to vouch for that. 
read his own words and also his Liberty Committee's latest Alert: CAFTA & Codex
They will vote by the 28th of July and we should take out time
and make many calls.... even if they are not in your own district.
this is too important to soley call one Congress member.  I advise:
Make the Time... is your health worth it, is your children's health worth it,
are future generations worth it, is the planet worth it?  I don't know about
you but I think as a living breathing human being on this planet I owe it to
the Gaia, to give it all I've got, LOVE, Phone Calls, my time (most likely
20-30 mins).... etc.  Our actions right now are more important than ever. 
The U.S. Capitol switchboard phone number is  202-224-3121 or
Call TOLL FREE via 866-340-9281.   You can call and ask to
be connected to each member of Congress that you choose to call.
If possible, call more than once and please call more than one congress
member. (say 10-20 would put in a dent- undecideds/leaning yes/No's)
They need their phones ringing off the hook. Let them know you oppose
CAFTA and urge them to vote No, and let them know America is on
alert of this Trade Deal and why you don't support it (it's not good for the
People, their health, the environment, their jobs, and specifically it threatens
DSHEA where it would regulate our laws with restrictive UN Codex Standards..
and/or what ever else you would like to say..)
to write e-letters: get a sample letter and info here:
also if you havent' viewed this documentary yet,  please take the time:
"We Become Silent"
Europe's Access was just restricted... We don't need that here, and Americans
are in a position to help them.
Please Alert everyone you know...
Action Alert:  CAFTA vote count

July 21, 2005

"With just two weeks to go until the August recess, Republican House leaders are possibly facing do-or-die time for the Central America Free Trade Agreement
(CAFTA).  The Republican whip operation is running at full throttle, making deals on
China policy and textile production at a fast clip in the hopes of wooing just enough
members off the fence to pass the pivotal trade pact."  (The Hill newspaper, July 20, 2005)

Yes, time is running out.  Closed-door deals are being made.  Arms are being
twisted.  Pressure builds as not-so-subtle taxpayer-funded bribes are offered.

"At a closed-door meeting of House Republicans yesterday, Rep. Bill Thomas (Calif.)
sidled up to the lectern and hinted that the leadership might look more favorably on
lawmakersí requests for highways and bridges if they vote for the Central American
Free Trade Agreement, according to three GOP witnesses."  (The Washington Post,
July 21, 2005)

In other words, "Want that highway project back home?  You had better vote for
CAFTA.  Want that new bridge?  You had better vote for CAFTA even though you
know it is bad for America."

One of the first House members to be bought off was Congressman Phil English
(R-Penn.).  Mr. English had always opposed CAFTA, but just a few days ago he sold
out.  He now says he is "comfortable" voting for CAFTA.  This puts the pro-CAFTA
forces one critical vote closer to having the 218 votes they need to pass it in the U.S.

What's the vote count?  According to Congress Daily, 105 House members will vote
"yes" or are leaning to vote "yes" on CAFTA with 166 members who will vote "no" or
are leaning to vote "no."  That leaves 163 House members who are undecided or
aren't saying.  To stop CAFTA, we must convince at least 53 of those 163 members
to vote against CAFTA.

The House will likely vote on CAFTA Wednesday or Thursday of next week.  The
vote will be extremely close -- just like the vote was on the Medicare prescription-drug bill where House leaders were willing to resort to bribes and out-right threats to win.

"According to the administration and House aides, the White House has authorized
Republican leaders to secure votes with whatever is at hand, from amendments
[read pork-barrel projects in their respective districts] to the highway and energy bills to the still incomplete appropriations bills."  (The Washington Post, July 21, 2005)

So, between now and next week, the pro-CAFTA forces are working overtime.
Deals are being made on highway projects, bridges, committee chairmanships, rides
on Air Force One, dinners at the White House, campaign contributions, and
countless pork projects that have nothing whatsoever to do with CAFTA or true free

Faced with all this, what can we do?  Representatives who change their vote to
support CAFTA in return for the promise of pork-barrel projects in their district or
rides on Air Force One think they will impress the voters back home by "bringing
home the bacon."  You are that voter back home.  It's up to you.  Are you impressed
Only hearing from you can convince your representative that politics as usual wonít
work this time.  In fact, it stinks.

Will you let your representative know there will be a price to pay for selling out?  You
do that when you contact his office and let him know you are informed and watching.
Thatís the only language most of our elected officials seem to understand.

And that's why what you do right now is so important.

Do you want to know where your U.S. representative stands on CAFTA?  Check the
recent Congress Daily vote check posted at .

Now take action.  If your representative is against CAFTA, tell him "thank you, don't
bend under pressure, I support you!"  If he is for CAFTA, urge him to change his
mind -- it is important you make it clear that you oppose CAFTA.

If your representative is undecided, convince him to vote against it and tell him no matter what payoff he might be offered, there is nothing worth the damage CAFTA
will do to America.

CAFTA can be defeated in the U.S. House next week, but you must act.  More than
ever, what you do matters.

Send an E-mail message to your U.S. representative by going to .

Then call your U.S. representative.  The U.S. Capitol switchboard phone number is
202-224-3121 or use our directory at .

Also, please spread the word.  Share a copy of this message by forwarding this

Thank you for your help!

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee

Where They Stand On CAFTA

Question:  How do House members intend to vote on the
Central America Free Trade Agreement when it comes to the floor?


Barton, Bass, Beauprez, Biggert, Blunt, Boehner, Bonilla, Bono, Bradley, Brady,
Burton, Calvert, Cannon, Cantor, Carter, Castle, Chocola, Cole, Conaway, Cox,
G. Davis, T. Davis, DeLay, L. Diaz-Balart, Doolittle, Drake, Dreier, Ferguson, Flake,
Fortenberry, Goodlatte, Harris, Hastert, Hastings, Hayworth, Hensarling, Herger,
yde, N. Johnson, S. Johnson, T. Johnson, Keller, Kennedy, S. King, Kirk, Kline,
Knollenberg, Kolbe, LaHood, Latham, R. Lewis, Linder, Lungren, Marchant, McCaul,
McCrery, McKeon, Myrick, Neugebauer, Northup, Nussle, Oxley, Pence, Pitts,
Porter, Pryce, Radanovich, Ramstad, Reichert, Ros-Lehtinen, Ryan, Ryun, Sessions,
Shaw, Shays, Shimkus, L. Smith, Thomas, Tiahrt, Weller, Westmoreland, Wicker
and H. Wilson.  (83)

Leaning Yes
Akin, Boozman, Culberson, Cunningham, Dent, Gilchrest, Gohmert, Granger,
Istook, Leach, J. Lewis, Lucas, Pearce, Poe, Schwarz, Shadegg and Terry.  (17)

Cubin, Foxx, Goode, Hunter, Jones, Kingston, LaTourette, McHenry, Norwood,
Otter, Paul, Rehberg, M. Rogers (Ala.), Simpson, Souder, Sullivan, Tancredo,
Taylor and J. Wilson.  (19)

Leaning No
Aderholt, Barrett, bonner, Brown-Waite, Coble, Foley, Hayes, McCotter and
Simmons.  (9)

Bartlett, Bilirakis, Blackburn, Brown, Camp, Crenshaw, M. Diaz-Balart, Duncan,
Ehlers, Emerson, English, Everett, Feeney, Fitzpatrick, Forbes, Franks, Gerlach,
Gibbons, Gillmor, Gingrey, Green, Gutknecht, Hefley, Hobson, Hoekstra, Inglis,
Kuhl, Mack, McHugh, McMorris. G. Miller, J. Miller, Murphy, Musgrave, Osborne,
Petri, Pickering, Putnam, Rohrabacher, Sensenbrenner, Sodrel, Upton, Walden,
Walsh, C. Weldon, Wamp, Whitfield and D. Young.  (48)

Declined to Answer
Buyer, Garrett, Issa, Nunes, Platts, Regula, Tibert, Turner and Wolf.  (9)

No Response by Presstime
Alexander, Bachus, Baker, Bishop, Boehlert, Boustany, Bergess, Capito, Chabot,
J. Davis, Deal, Fosella, Frelinghuysen, Gallegly, Graves, Hall, Hart, Hostettler,
Hulshof, Jenkins, Jindal, Kelly, P. King, LoBiondo, Manzullo, Mica, C. Miller, Moran,
Ney, Peterson, Pombo, Price, Renzi, Reynolds, Rogers, Mike Rogers (Mich.),
Royce, Saxton, Sherwood, Shuster, C. Smith, Stearns, Sweeney, Thornberry,
D. Weldon and C.W. Young.  (46)


Cuellar, Dicks, Jefferson, Moran and Tanner.  (5)

Leaning Yes
None. (0)

Abercrombie, Allen, Baird, Baldwin, Barrow, Becerra, Berry, Blumenauer, Boucher,
Brady, C. Brown, S. Brown, Capps, Capuano, Cardin, Cardoza, Carnahan, Case,
Cleaver, Costello, Crowley, Cummings, A. Davis, DeFazio, Delahunt, DeLauro,
Dingell, Doggett, Engle, Evans, Farr, Fattah, A. Green, Grijalva, Gutierrez, Harman,
Hastings, Herseth, Higgins, Hinchey, Holden, Holt, Honda, Hooley, Jackson,
Johnson, Jones, Kaptur, P. Kennedy, Kildee, Kind, Kucinich, Lantos, Larsen, Lee,
Levin, Lewis, Lynch, Maloney, Markey, Marshall, Matsui, McCollum, McDermott,
McGovern, McIntyre, McKinney, McNulty, Meehan, Meek, Melancon, Michaud,
G. Miller, Mollohan, G. Moore, Nadler, Napolitano, Neal, Oberstar, Obey, Olver,
Pallone, Pascrell, Pastor, Pelosi, Peterson, Pomeroy, Rahall, Rangel, Ross,
Roybal-Allard, Ryan, Sabo, Salazar, Linda Sanchez, Schakowsky, Schiff, Schwartz,
B. Scott, Serrano, Slaughter, Smith, Solis, Spratt, Stark, Strickland, Stupak,
Tauscher, Taylor, B. Thompson, Tierney, Towns, M. Udall, T. Udall, Van Hollen,
Visclosky, Woolsey, Weiner, Wexler and Wu.  (121)

Leaning No
Ackerman, Baca, Berman, Boren, Butterfield, Carson, Clyburn, Langevin, McCarthy,
B. Miller, Payne, D. Price, Rothman, Loretta Sanchez, Watson and Watt.  (16)

Bean, Berkley, S. Bishop, T. bishop, Clay, Cooper, Costa, D. Davis, J. Davis,
L. Davis, S. Davis, Doyle, Edwards, Hinojosa, Inslee, Israel, Kilpatrick, Meeks,
D. Moore, J. Murtha, Ortiz and Snyder.  (22)

Declined to Answer
Chandler, DeGette, Eshoo, Frank, Kanjorski, Lofgren, Lowey, Matheson, Menendez,
Reyes, D. Scott, Sherman, Skelton, M. Thompson, Wasserman Schultz and
Wynn.  (16)

No Response by Presstime
Andrews, Boswell, Boyd, Conyers, Cramer, Emmanuel, Etheridge, Filner, Ford,
Gonzales, Gordon, Hoyer, Jackson Lee, Larson, Lipinski, Millender-McDonald,
Owens, Ruppersberger, Rush, Velazquez, Waters and Waxman.  (22)

Yes/Leaning Yes:                                       105
No/Leaning No:                                          165
Undecided:                                                    70
Declined to Answer/No Response          93

Note:  In addition to the partisan tallies above, the House's one independent, Rep.
Bernie Sanders of Vermont, plans to vote "no."  Also, Ohio's 2nd district is vacant
due to the resignation of Republican Rep. Rob Portman to become U.S. trade

Source:  National Journal/Congress Daily, Tuesday, July 19, 2005
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.