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Reason for SLOW Responce by Govt & Military EXPOSED !!!!!
(CLG News)    See News below 

It is evident Now that the reason the Bush Administration witheld
government and military aid and had FEMA STOP any Private individuals
and other City and County govt agencies from being able to get in and
help is that they wanted the situation in New Orleans to Deteriorate to
Tragedy so Americans would be in Favor of the US Military being able to
be sent in by the President quickly to emergencies and having law
enforcement authority !   And guess who determines what an emergence is
if the Governors do not need to declare it ? ! 

Wider Powers for U.S. Forces in Disasters Are Under Review 11 Sep 2005 

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens For Legitimate Government
11 September 2005

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Wider Powers for U.S. Forces in Disasters Are Under Review --The White
House would like to dispatch troops faster and give them law enforcement

 11 Sep 2005 A senior White House official said Saturday that in the
wake of the hurricane that demolished part of the nation's Gulf Coast,
the Bush administration was studying whether to expand the president's
powers to deploy the U.S. military in natural disasters... 

Separately, congressional sources said that Sen. John W. Warner [R-VA]
thought some change might be needed in the 19th century law that
restricted use of the military on U.S. soil, known as the Posse
Comitatus Act, but they emphasized that there were no immediate plans to
expand presidential powers to dispatch troops. 

Firms with Bush ties snag Katrina deals 10 Sep 2005 Companies with ties
to the Bush White House and the former head of FEMA are clinching some
of the administration's first disaster relief and reconstruction
contracts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. At least two major
corporate clients of lobbyist Joe Allbaugh George W. Bush's former
campaign manager and a former head of the Federal Emergency Management
Agency, have already been tapped to start recovery work along the
battered Gulf Coast.

 One is Shaw Group Inc. and the other is Halliburton Co. subsidiary
Kellogg Brown and Root. ...Bechtel National Inc., a unit of San
Francisco-based Bechtel Corp., has also been selected by FEMA to provide
short-term housing for people displaced by the hurricane. 

Israel must decide whether to pursue U.S. aid in light of Katrina 09 Sep
2005 It is up to Israel to decide whether to pursue its aid request for
Negev-Galilee development - which was slated to be part of an aid
package to offset the cost of the disengagement - or exercise restraint
in light of the high costs of Hurricane Katrina, outgoing U.S.
Ambassador to Israel Daniel Kurtzer said Friday. In July, 
Israel requested funding for development which was to be part of a $2.25
billion package for the disengagement plan.
Cover-up: toxic waters 'will make New Orleans unsafe for a decade' 11
Sep 2005 Toxic chemicals in the New Orleans flood waters will make the
city unsafe for full human habitation for a decade, a US government
official has told The Independent on Sunday. And, he added, the Bush
administration is covering up the danger.
FBI opens secret files to check evacuees 10 Sep 2005 The FBI is taking
the unprecedented step of allowing its closely guarded national criminal
history [National Crime Information Center] database and finger-printing
catalog to be used to screen Hurricane Katrina evacuees seeking shelter
in private homes as well as the people offering to house them. The
agency also is making its database available for background checks on
relief workers and volunteers.
'Racist' police blocked bridge and forced evacuees back at gunpoint 11
Sep 2005 A Louisiana police chief has admitted that he ordered his
officers to block a bridge over the Mississippi river and force escaping
evacuees back into the chaos and danger of New Orleans. Witnesses said
the officers fired their guns above the heads of the terrified people to
drive them back and "protect" their own suburbs.
Police in Suburbs Blocked Evacuees, Witnesses Report 10 Sep 2005 Police
agencies to the south of New Orleans were so fearful of the crowds
trying to leave the city after Hurricane Katrina that they sealed a
crucial bridge over the Mississippi River and turned back hundreds of
desperate evacuees, two paramedics who were in the crowd said.
"Anyone from FEMA who tries to close either store will be arrested by
deputies." Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee commandeers Sam's Wal-Mart
stores 11 Sep 2005 Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee said he has
"commandeered" the Sam's and Wal-Mart stores in the parish and ordered
them to open as soon as possible. Lee said he took the action after he
learned that a Wal-Mart store wanted to open recently but was told by
FEMA officials that it could not. "I am upset with FEMA and some of
their regulations," Lee said... Lee said anyone from FEMA who tries to
close either store will be arrested by deputies.
German plane with 15 tons of aid turned back from U.S. 10 Sep 2005 A
German military plane carrying 15 tons of military rations for survivors
of Hurricane Katrina was sent back by U.S. authorities, officials said
Saturday. The plane was turned away Thursday because it did not have the
required authorization, a German government spokesman said. [The treason
trials for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rove need to begin...]
FEMA mortuary move irritates volunteer 10 Sep 2005 The Federal Emergency
Management Agency has a hired contractor to provide services that a
local mortician says have been available from volunteers through the
National Funeral Directors Association. "Volunteers would have gone at
no charge," said Dan Buckner, co-owner and manager of Gowen-Smith
Chapel. "Now, they'll have this job done by people who will be paid.
That kind of irks me." 
Insurers balk at paying out to 1 million Katrina flood victims 11 Sep
2005 Millions of people forced out of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina
may not be insured for the damage to their homes. More than half of the
properties in the city are understood to be insured only for hurricane
damage, with insurers insisting that it was a flood that forced the
evacuation of the city. If US courts agree, this could save the
insurance industry as much as $10bn (£5.4bn) and leave more than a
million people destitute.
Santorum criticizes Weather Service --Has sponsored bill to prevent
government weather notices, to benefit private companies, including
donor 11 Sep 2005 Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Terrorist-Penn.), who has
sponsored legislation to limit the information that the National Weather
Service can provide to the public, told radio reporters this week that
Congress should investigate whether the federal agency's initial
warnings on the severity of Hurricane Katrina were adequate... Santorum
has received at least $7,000 from employees of AccuWeather, based in
State College, Pa., according to Federal Election Commission reports. 
Governor Fletcher's Office --Gives Out Phone-Sex Telephone Number
Instead of Red Cross Number This Afternoon -- Oops. By Mark Nickolas 09
Sep 2005 "This afternoon, Governor Fletcher's Communications Office
issued the following press release: Governor Ernie Fletcher [R] calls on
faith-based organizations to partner with Division of Emergency
Management to assist hurricane evacuees in Kentucky Toll-free hotline
established for housing assistance for hurricane relief... The problem
is, the second phone number listed for the Red Cross (ending in 4637) is
actually for a phone sex service."
U.S. won't ban media from New Orleans searches --CNN filed suit for
right to cover search for bodies of Katrina victims 10 Sep 2005 Rather
than fight a lawsuit by CNN, the federal government abandoned its effort
Saturday to prevent the media from reporting on the recovery of the dead
in New Orleans.
"War on terror" diverted US resources from disaster prevention: experts
10 Sep 2005 Four years after the September 11 attacks, the failure of
the US emergency services to handle the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina
is due to resources being diverted to the "war on terror," experts say. 
Mississippi guardsmen in Iraq refused leave time 11 Sep 2005 Scores of
Mississippi National Guardsmen in Iraq who lost their homes to Hurricane
Katrina have been refused even 15-day leaves to aid their displaced
families, told by commanders there are too few U.S. troops in Iraq to
spare them, according to guardsmen.
Let the People Rebuild New Orleans By Naomi Klein 08 Sep 2005 "Jimmy
Reiss, chairman of the New Orleans Business Council, told Newsweek that
he has been brainstorming about how 'to use this catastrophe as a
once-in-an-eon opportunity to change the dynamic.' The Business
Council's wish list is well-known: low wages, low taxes, more luxury
condos and hotels."
Neigh to Cronies By Maureen Dowd 10 Sep 2005 "The breakdown in
management and communications was so execrable that the president
learned about the 25,000 desperate, trapped people at the New Orleans
convention center not from Brownie [Michael Brown], who didn't know
himself, but from a wire story carried into the Oval Office by an aide
on Thursday, 24 hours after the victims had been pleading and crying for
help on every channel. (Maybe tomorrow the aide will come in with a wire
story, 'No W.M.D. in Iraq.')"
A Letter to All Who Voted for George W. Bush from Michael Moore 11 Sep
2005 "On this, the fourth anniversary of 9/11, I'm just curious, how
does it feel? How does it feel to know that the man you elected to lead
us after we were attacked went ahead and put a guy in charge of FEMA
whose main qualification was that he ran horse shows? That's right.
Horse shows. I really want to know -- and I ask you this in all
sincerity and with all due respect -- how do you feel about the utter
contempt Mr. Bush has shown for your safety?" 
MI5 head warns of liberties trade-off to fight terror 10 Sep 2005 The
head of MI5, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, has publicly warned that
civil liberties may have to be eroded to prevent [foment] future
terrorist attacks in Britain.
Court upholds indefinite jail with no charge 10 Sep 2005 A federal
appeals court yesterday backed the president's power to indefinitely
detain a U.S. citizen captured on U.S. soil without any criminal
charges, holding that such authority is vital during wartime to protect
the nation from terrorist attacks. 
US activist arrested after visa revoked 11 Sep 2005 An American peace
activist may be deported because he is allegedly a threat to national
security. Liz Thompson from the Anti-Deportation Alliance says Scott
Parkin, who is a teacher by profession, was arrested in Melbourne
yesterday. Ms Thompson says Mr Parkin was told his visa was being
revoked on the grounds of character, after he allegedly received an
adverse security assessment.
Pentagon Revises Nuclear Plan --Proposal advocates use of nuclear
weapons to preempt attack by a nation or a terrorist group. Strategy
includes preemptive use against banned weapons 11 Sep 2005 The Pentagon
has drafted a revised doctrine for the use of nuclear weapons that
envisions commanders requesting presidential approval to use them to
preempt an attack by a nation or a terrorist group using weapons of mass
destruction. The draft also includes the option of using nuclear arms to
destroy known enemy stockpiles of nuclear, biological or chemical
Pentagon document would alter nuclear weapons plan 10 Sep 2005 The U.S.
Defense Department has written a draft revision of its nuclear
operations doctrine that outlines the use of nuclear weapons to preempt
an enemy's attack with weapons of mass destruction, according to a copy
of the document available online on Saturday.
Tal Afar Residents Send Out SOS 11 Sep 2005 Residents of the northern
Iraqi city of Tal Afar has sent out an SOS to the international
community to interfere with the US occupation authorities to stop their
continuing bombing of their devastated city, revealing a terrible
humanitarian situation. [Oh, the New Orleans levee breach didn't kill
enough poor people to satisfy Bush?]
Soldier Not Killed in Action; Kin Not Told 10 Sep 2005 The Army said
Saturday it knew for more than a year after 1st Lt. Kenneth Ballard's
death in Iraq in May 2004 that he was not killed in action, as it
initially reported. The family was not told the truth until Friday.
Military exchanges want a piece of the lottery pie 10 Sep 2005 Last
year, retailers earned more than $3 billion in commissions on lottery
ticket sales of almost $49 billion. Military exchanges want a piece of
that action.
9/11: Cold Case --A former Bush-appointed official is calling for a new,
independent, scientific investigation into 9/11 Sep 2005 Morgan
Reynolds, Bush's chief economist for the Department of Labor from
2001-02, is an outspoken leader in a movement calling for a full-scale,
unbiased, independent scientific study into the events of Sept. 11,
2001... He thinks the collapse of the World Trade Center, the crash of
Flight 93 in Shanksville, Penn., and the attack on the Pentagon were all
weaved together as an elaborate inside job, a claim that only forensics
can prove.
Day 1,461 And Counting --It's the fourth anniversary of September 11 --
and Osama bin Laden is still at large. By Michael Tomasky 08 Sep 2005
"...[E]ven the disaster Bush has created in Iraq takes a back seat to
one overwhelming fact: By the time night falls on September 11, Osama
bin Laden will have been at large for 1,461 days. America vanquished
world fascism in less time: We obtained Germany's surrender in 1,243
days, Japan's in 1,365. Even the third Punic War, in which Carthage was
burned to the ground and emptied of citizens who were taken en masse
into Roman slavery, lasted around 1,100 days (and troops needed a little
longer to get into position back in 149 B.C.)."
Texas Fires Lawyer After Story on Rove --Talking to Post Reporter Called
Violation 10 Sep 2005 A staff attorney with the Texas secretary of state
said yesterday that she was fired this week for violating press
protocols when she spoke to a Washington Post reporter who was working
on a story about pResidential adviser [and Reichwing terrorist] Karl
Senator Will Not Ask Roberts to Take a Stand on Abortion 11 Sep 2005
With confirmation hearings for Judge John G. Roberts Jr. set to convene
on Monday, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee says in his
written opening statement that he does not intend to ask the nominee if
he would overturn Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision legalizing
Prescott in climate swipe at US 10 Sep 2005 Deputy Prime Minister John
Prescott has criticised the US's record on combating global warming in
the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans. In a speech
in Berlin, Mr Prescott took a swipe at the US government, which has
refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol. Some commentators have suggested
Katrina is an example of the type of storms that will become more common
with global warming.
The water is going down slowly. The President's popularity is sinking
like a stone 11 Sep 2005 The Bush administration's handling of Hurricane
Katrina - lambasted on all sides of the political spectrum as
disastrously slow if not also staggeringly insensitive - has sent the
pResident's approval ratings plummeting.
Poll: Bush approval at 39 percent 10 Sep 2005 pResident Bush's job
approval has dipped below 40 percent for the first time in the AP-Ipsos
poll, reflecting widespread doubts about his handling of gasoline prices
and the response to Hurricane Katrina. 
NEWSWEEK poll suggests President Bush could become Katrina's next
casualty 10 Sep 2005 A new NEWSWEEK Poll suggests the post-Katrina
political storm may just be rising. And her ultimate casualty could be
pResident George W. Bush... Only 38 percent of Americans approve of the
way Bush is doing his job overall, a record-low for this pResident in
the NEWSWEEK poll. [Well, as they say, some good comes out of all bad
things. This may be the only good Katrina does. It took Katrina to do
what 99.9% of the world wishes it could do, long ago: Blow Bush the hell
out of here. --MDR]
NEWSWEEK poll snapshot --Do you approve of President [sic] Bush's
handling of Katrina's aftermath? *41500 responses - Yes 13%; No 84%; I
don't know 2% [Poll snapshot: 10 Sep 2005 22:46 GMT] [Bush is left only
with a core of ideological idiots and a handful of uninformed idiots.
Everyone else in the whole wide world hates his fucking guts. --MDR]
Hurricane Ophelia threatens North Carolina 11 Sep 2005 Hurricane Ophelia
hovered off the coast of the southeastern United States on Sunday and
could hit North Carolina later in the week, forecasters said.
[10 Sep lead stories:] Gulf War III: Why is Blackwater USA patrolling
New Orleans with M-16s? By Will Bunch 08 Sep 2005 "How do you know that
we're finally taking the situation in New Orleans seriously? We're
sending in the private mercenaries -- the very same folks we've called
on to do the dirty work in Iraq. Reports are beginning to surface that
New Orleans and environs are crawling with armed private commandos from
Blackwater USA, the North Carolina-based security firm that has risen to
prominence with its highly visible role in Iraq."
New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms 08 Sep 2005 Waters were
receding across this flood-beaten city today as police officers began
confiscating weapons, including legally registered firearms, from
civilians in preparation for a mass forced evacuation of the residents
still living here. No civilians in New Orleans will be allowed to carry
pistols, shotguns or other firearms, said P. Edwin Compass III, the
superintendent of police. "Only law enforcement are allowed to have
weapons," he said.
Police trapped survivors in New Orleans 09 Sep 2005 Police from
surrounding jurisdictions shut down several access points to one of the
only ways out of New Orleans last week, effectively trapping victims of
Hurricane Katrina in the flooded and devastated city. An eyewitness
account from two San Francisco paramedics posted on an internet site for
Emergency Medical Services specialists says, "Thousands of New Orleaners
were prevented and prohibited from self-evacuating the city on
foot."CLGers: Please contribute for September's expenses, thank you!
And, thank you to all who have donated previously!! 
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