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Butterfly's Bay Area Events Calendar
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Dedicated to bringing you the best in musical, artistic, poetic, political & 
spiritual.and consciousness raising events. If you know of events of this 
nature, please let me know.  

Wish of the Week
We are looking for musicians, performers, poets and peace artists for 
PeaceFest in Vallejo on Oct. 8 Please call (707) 552-2900.
We are also looking for musicians and perfomers for our Musicians for Peace 
party in Vallejo at the Secret Salon in Vallejo on Saturday, October 15.  If 
you are not a performer, we would still like to see you there as this is really 
a great gathering.  Please see details in this calendar.  If you want to get 
involved with Musicians & Artists for Peace, please come to the meeting at 5 pm 
before the party.

Butterfly T-shirt & Raw Food Restaurant Inverstment Opportunity - I thought 
you might be interested in supporting Brian's Au's Raw Food Restaurant in SF 
which has a butterfly logo.  Brian is a really talented chief, author and 
entrepeneur.  If you can't invest, perhaps you might like one his t-shirts.  Details 
Please also check at the restaurant website at

Quotation of the Week
Perfectly selfless, the beauty of it, the butterfly doesnt take it as a 
personal achievement, he just disappears through the trees. You too, kind and 
humble and not-even-here, it wasnt in a greedy mood that you saw the light that 
belongs to everybody. - Jack Kerouac from The True Scripture of the Golden 
Eternity. (1960)

Alert of the Week - Act Today to Protect the Endangered Species Act
The Endangered Species Act is a safety net for wildlife, fish and plants on 
the brink of extinction.  Representative Pombo's bill will cut large holes in 
this safety net and significantly weaken protections for our nation's fish, 
plants, wildlife, and the places they call home.  The bill would gut the 
Endangered Species Act on behalf of greedy developers, oil companies, timber 
companies, mining companies and extreme property rights groups.  Details at

This Week's Links  Please order Peace "Why postcards" and click on Musicians for Peace 
link and we get a donation. The goal is to send 6 MILLION Postcards to 
President Bush and the various powers that be, demanding answers to what has become a 
whole host of "WHY's".   Passion Life - Online Course with LiOr 
study, practice, & receive support to fulfill your soul's purpose passionately.

This Week's Sponsors
Sponsors for this newsletter & memberships are welcomed. Sponsors will also 
be listed on our webpage.  Please contact Alan at 707-552-9886 or email for details. - Brant Miller, Singer, San Antonio, TX  The Lilac 
Center for Healing & Enlightenment - Fairfield, CA  Inspired Musical Messages Designed 
To "Inspire, Delight, Heal & Enlighten" from the LightParty and Artainment 

Contents    **Asterisk denotes events that I plan to attend. 

Details for the following events now on-line at">

Sept. 8 - Oct. 2                     San Francisco Mime Troupe - Bay area 
Thu. Sept. 29  7-10 pm          Berkeley Live & Unplugged - Berkeley
Sept. 30 - Oct. 20  8 pm        Drake's Drum - A play by Conrad Bishop & 
Elizabeth Fuller - Sebastopol 
Fri. Sept.  30   9 pm          **Cedar & Circus w. Micheal Franti - SF
Sat. Oct. 1  7 pm - 2 am    **Hurricane Relief Concert - Vallejo
Oct. 1-2                                The Great San Francisco Crystal Fair
Sun. Oct. 2  5 pm                 Johan Galtung on Transforming Middle East 
Conflicts - Berkeley
Sun. Oct. 2  7:30 pm             ChantWave w. Michael Stillwater - Terra Linda
Wed. Oct. 5  8-10 pm            Black Bird Stitches & Maria Halyna - SF
Oct. 6  6-8 pm                      Purple Heart Photo Exhibit Opening - SF
Oct. 7-16  11 - 5 pm              Purple Heart Photo Exhibit - SF
Fri. Oct  7  7-9 pm                Alex Walsh & Lisa Mandelstein - SF
Sat. Oct. 8  11-3 pm          **Peace Fest - Vallejo
Sat. Oct. 8  12 pm - 4 am      Synergenesis 2 w. Alex Grey - SF
Sat. Oct. 8  8 pm                  Care for the Journey Musical Evening - 
Mountain View
Oct. 8-9  10am  6 pm          The Great SHIFT Worhshop - Santa Clara
Sun. Oct. 9  7-9 pm               Department of Peace Meeting - Oakland
Sun. Oct. 9  8 pm              **Katrina and Beyond - SF
Sat. Oct.  15  5 pm            **Musicians for Peace Meeting - Vallejo
Sat. Oct.  15  7 pm to late **Butterfly & Musicians for Peace Party at the 
Secret Salon - Vallejo
Oct. 15-16                            Bay Area UFO Expo - Santa Clara
Tue. Oct. 18  7:30 pm       **The Butterfly Effect w. Alan Moore- Berkeley
Sat. Oct. 22  9:15 pm        **Transformance Tunnel Concert w. Karashay - 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.