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North Coast Earth First!
No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth!
August 2006

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:: Mattole S.L.A.P.P. Suit Update
:: NCEF! Media
:: Ongoing Actions
:: Direct Support
Mattole S.L.A.P.P. Suit Update
Trial begins Monday, August 21st!

The civil suit brought by Pacific Lumber Co. against North Coast Earth First! activists, dating all the way back to 2001, will begin on Monday, August 21st, at the Humboldt County Courthouse, in Eureka, CA. Many activists have already settled out-of-court, so the defendants are down to four, facing a $400,000+ lawsuit against them. This is the final S.L.A.P.P. suit trial, out of three, to go to court, and the Mattole S.L.A.P.P. suit was the first to be filed in this most recent barrage of civil suits against activists. S.L.A.P.P. stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, a tactic used to scare people away from organized dissent.

Updates and discussion on S.F. Indybay

Ongoing Actions
Fern Gully and Nanning Creek Tree-Villages Continue

The tree-villages in the Freshwater Creek watershed, "Fern Gully," and the Eel River/Nanning Creek watershed, with the "Spooner" tree, are still ongoing and in need of your help. The timber harvest plan that contains the Fern Gully tree-village will expire in October, which means that Maxxam Corp./Pacific Lumber Co. will most likely be going for it soon. More tree-sitters are needed to defend this area, as well as any support that you can send from afar. The Nanning Creek/Spooner tree-village is also ongoing, and needs your support. The "Spooner" tree is the largest tree that some long- time forest defenders have ever seen, according to reports. Nanning Creek stands just above the Pacific Lumber headquarters and the tiny timber town of Scotia, CA. Visit our website to learn more about these areas, and how you can help! Earth First!

Learn more on our website

NCEF! Media
Getting the word out!

Things have been busy as ever here at the North Coast Earth First! Media office, with people working on websites, flyers, webcasts, podcasts, e-mails, and phone networking. Newest to the podcast is an NCEF! Update from 8-8-06 and a 9/11 Truth Symposium, recently held in Los Angeles, CA. These two films have also been added to our webstream, along with "Order of Death" and "Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove," two films exposing the secret societies of the global corporate elite.

Webstream and Podcasts

Direct Support
We need your help!

We get by on a shoestring budget, and our entire campaign is run on community support. It can get very stressful sometimes, when there's not enough support to do what is needed, and you can help to relieve that stress. I know that times are tough for nearly everyone these days, which is why I've come up with the $10-a-month idea. We had a good response last month, and I'm hoping that we can build up a solid support team for our movement. With just 100 people, willing to contribute just $10 a month, we could pay all of our bills, order more T- shirts to offer you, make all the outreach material we need, and expand our capacity to defend these trees and expose these crooks! Your donation goes to NCEF! Media, so there is no risk to the donors, since everything we do here falls within our 1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech, press, and assembly. Please participate and help to build this movement up to a level of greater effectiveness.

NCEF! Donations Webpage

Thanks so much for your interest in and support of the North Coast Earth First! movement. We received a really good response from this new e-mail service last month, and we hope that you continue to enjoy this new service, which allows us to bring you updated information quickly and efficiently. We're working non-stop in attempts to save these trees and defend our movement. The spirit of revolutionary resistance is strong, and know that freedom can and will win, for the Earth, for the forest, and for the people! Take care, stay in touch, keep the faith, resist and rebel! Earth First!

Forever Wild,

Shunka Wakan
North Coast Earth First!
email: shunka_wakan @
phone: (707) 822-1513
North Coast Earth First! Media | 920 Samoa Blvd. | Ste. #221 | Arcata | CA | 95521


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