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SF events 8.25 drink lots of clear mountain spring water anywhere you go
Learn your springs. Store water in glass or stainless steel.

please check mirror before turning right; could be a bike. thank you

Please see actions and alerts at bottom of online version of this calendar.

full color Burningman Map Link!

Burningman from space: just streets, without people (Pre-event)(05?),-119.239426&spn=0.019766,0.034332
<,-119.239426&spn=0.019766,0.034332>  )'( 

Burningman from space, DURING EVENT 2005:

SILK SCREENING HELP and Supplies wanted.
I am camping at Center Camp @ 9:00. (Burning Tribe's Flaming Dragon)
I need Silk screen ink. 
I am seting up a free print your own shirt area,
I am also seeking: propane tanks with a heater element: to cure the ink.
Burners can: adopt a PLANT TREES shirt I've already printed.
Print on one of the shirts from the free shirt pile.
(Seeking shirts, jackets, sweaters, pillow cases, anything!)
Folks might print "PLANT TREES" on one side, and )'( on the other. (or not)
But please do bring shirts so more folks can print whatever the heck they want!
Bring them to Center Camp @ 9:00 or I can pick up here in SF/bay
Look in the Center Camp / blue circle, at 9:00 just SouthWest of Picasso Camp.
9:00 (Burning Tribe's Flaming Dragon) is just NorthEast of Antarctica, where ICE is sold.    MAP of BurningMan
Picasso Camp is just south of the ROAD that leads to center camp, called ANXIOUS.

scott at planttrees dot org 415 269 7738
Trees are my hope for the future.

Sewing machine? Knowledge of Asian textile Import sources?
If you have a sewing machine, I wanna make some stuff tonight, tomorrow, all weekend to get to burning man.
If you are bringing a sewing machine out to the playa, that's great too.
If you are in import / export, biz, I would like your help.
FLUFFY scarves / Magic scarves / tube scarves are $8-11 in stores.  But $1 wholesale by the (1,000?)
from Korea, China, etc.  Hopefully soon these will be local organic cotton hempy things.
Ok so I wanna get a whole mess of these and sew them up real quick before and during burningman
Can you help me get a Ton?   Can you help me figure out how to get a ton?
They don't actually weigh a lot so there's not actually much petroleum industry in each one... sigh.
No time to order, therefore: tactics sought for getting a whole bunch from local retailer/ wholeslaler at near wholesale price.
415 269 7738       scott at planttrees dot org

Oh yeah, piles of free stuff in my driveway this week too.  Contact me.

From Center Camp, the Man is at 12:00, or NorthEast.
From the Man, Center camp is at 6:00, or SouthWest.



Fri, Aug 25, 2006      5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Garden Party benefit for New Orleans
Garden for the Environment 7th Ave. at Lawton St. San Francisco


# Fri Aug 26 5:30 pm
GLOBAL WARMING high watermark TOUR!
Join Cris Carlson on a route following the 7 meter high water mark 
to see which parts of SF may be underwater by the year 2100
Meet at 5:30 pm on your bike, Justin Herman Plaza, Market @ Embarcadero
Helpful bikes stop cross traffic from running into mass.
Non helpful bikes do this 3 blocks ahead of the mass.


# The Temple of Sirens invites you to    Gypsy Nights     expand your senses
Swaying hips, undulating bellies, and healing hands will consume you in this mystical evening. Restore yourself with healing touch intimate connections and the expansion of all your senses.
The evening peaks with the demonstration of a woman in extended orgasm.
Join the tribe and be carried through an evening of soul connections, exotic entertainment and desirable play.
Friday August 25, 2006 8 pm - midnight.
Preregistration recommended   $65 for men, $25 for women   $10 additional cost at the door
 One Taste Urban Retreat Center 1074 Folsom @ 7th St.
Spaces are limited. Reserve your space today by calling 415-503-1100 or email us at info @
 Temple of Sirens Where Women Free their Desires


3 day outdoor event Labor Day Weekend in Belden Town CA (50 miles N of Chico on Hwy 70 in the Feather River Canyon). Feat. 20 plus dj's, 3 bands, dj battle comp., live art shows, graffitti artist expo, full laser show, video mixing, 3 sound stages, free camping, and free parking, real vendors with great deals, real friendly staff, plenty of swimming, bust free to ensure danceing to wee hours of the morning, tattoo artists, moon bounces, chill zone, r.v. hook ups, tribal zone, mind reader, free art areas, and so much more, only $13 w/canned food, and $15 w/o. 

DJs ASTROBOY st.louis,mo., Ride minneapolis,mn., TekNick minneapolis,mn., Capell Seattle,wa., Fusion minneapolis/norcal.,Touch eureka,ca., Olen Peirce tahoe,ca.BT dub s.;lake tahoe, ca., Logan 5, Symbio chico,ca., BOB-O sacramento,ca., Elbereth sacramento,ca., Flipstylz chico,ca., Abstract Terrorist chico,ca., Overdrive ca.,Miz rowdy oakland,ca., 

BANDS....Selkie paradise,ca.,MOUNTAIN GYPSY BAND concow,ca., Soul Fade w/mc Virus sacramento,ca., Knowvella chico,ca., The Resonators live hip hop band 

PLus many more acts and dj's and special surprises at event!!!!!

For more information search for ASTRALAB in members.


Sat. 8/26 - Water Playshop - Connect to Your Urban Watershed
Saturday, August 26 10:00am-1:00pm
$10 donation (nobody turned away for lack of funds)
SOMA Creativity Center 81 Langton Street, Suite 13
(Folsom @ 7th/ 8th St.) San Francisco, CA 94103
(near folsom/7th across from Brainwash cafe)

The Urban Alliance for Sustainability (UAS), a project of Global Exchange, has launched a monthly playshop for the local green community. Each month we present a different theme which is tied into our newsletter, movie night and playshop.

We invite special guests from local organizations who provide inspiring solutions on the current subject.

An inspiring afternoon of insight and inspiration about our relationship to our water and our watershed.  Ben Jordan, local permaculture designer, civil engineer, biofuel guru and water wizard will bring his knowledge and solutions to share in a polylog playshop where we can all learn from each other.

What can I do to conserve water?
Where does my water come from?  What's in it? Where does it go?
What would the sustainable urban watershed look like?
What about composting toilets?  What about roof rainwater catchment?
What about greenroofs and impervious surfaces?  What about water filters?

Bring all these questions and more for an adventure into a visionary salon where we will leave with a set of tools, tips, tricks, technologies and a vivid mental tableau for a shared common, clean, healthy, vibrant watershed!

About Ben Jordan:

Benjamin P. Jordan, P.E., Technical Consultant, provides civil engineering expertise for sustainable ecological design projects including water conservation, biodiesel production and permaculture education. He has extensive experience in the design and construction of municipal and residential utility infrastructure, biodiesel market development in San Francisco and sustainable community development projects. Before establishing an ecological design and education firm, Mr. Jordan worked for four years for private engineering consultants and has certifications in green design, composting education and tank inspection. Mr. Jordan holds a California Professional Civil Engineering License and a B.S. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan. He is the founder of Healthy Fuels, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable and environmentally sound biofuels. 


Protect Chickens this Saturday in SF
Two-Part Advocacy Event at Andronico's and Costco  
Join EBAA for outreach outside of Andronico's and Costco to educate consumers about the inhumane treatment of poultry.  
 Saturday, August 26   11:30 AM - 2:00 PM  
 * Andronico's, 1200 Irving St@ Funston/ 14th Ave, SF (11:30 AM - 12:30 PM) 
* Costco, 450 10th St @ Harrison/ Bryant, San Francisco (1:00 PM  2:00 PM)


The really really free market
Please join us for the August Really Really Free Market!! This month's RRFM is also a good chance for the Burners out there to get into the spirit of giving and community before going to the playa!
August 26, 2006 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM
 Dolores Park 550 Dolores st San Francisco, CA 94110


# 08/26/06 - First Year Anniversary Party for the 16th Ave Tiled Steps noon - 2pm 16th and Moraga there will be music, refreshments, games more info at


Grooves in the Park  	Saturday, August 26 2pm - 9pm
 MLK Park Oakland  Oakland, CA 94621
Grooves-in-the-Park (good House Music)  daytime gathering 
Saturday, Aug.26 2006 - 2pm - 9pm 
MLK Shoreline Park (Pelican area)  7250 Doolittle Dr - Oakland, CA 
Take Heggenberger West of 880, then North on Doolittle.


# SHAC 7 Benefit, Oakland, August 26
  Saturday, August 26th 6 PM - 9 PM
L AK Press (674-A 23rd St, Oakland)
Event Info:
* Screening of Various Films
* A Special Presentations
* Vegan Desserts
* Alcohol- & Drug-Free Event
For more information about the SHAC 7, visit
To subscribe to Bay Area Animal Rights Network please send blank email  to:
For events:  
Please see yahoogroups message archives and calendar at 
Yahoo! Groups Links


Saturday, August 26th: SHAC 7 BENEFIT EVENT

The SHAC 7 are animal rights activists who have been indicted under the
controversial Federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (one of many
recent attacks against domestic dissidents under the guise of fighting
terrorism). They now facing a combined federal prison sentence of 23
years. As their September sentencing date approaches they need as much
financial support as possible, so please come out for this benefit
event! Featured speakers will be David Hayden (No Compromise),
Christine Morrissey (East Bay Animal Advocates), and health care
provider Dr. Michael Kozart. Plus videos and food by Vegan Lust!
Time: 6pm - 9pm.
Location: AK Press, 674A 23rd St., between MLK & San Pablo, Oakland.
Cost: $8-$15 (no one turned away).
Info: 510-208-1700,,
Wheelchair accessible. 2006-08-26 10:00 PM

Phil Smart (australia/
Seven (Nitevibe's DJ Dreamteamer #7 2006)
Influence ( Soren Bryan Boyce
Phil Smart has been playing records to people in clubs, warehouses and fields across the world for over 15 years. In 2000, Phil was voted Australian DJ of the Year at the inaugural National Dance Music Awards and has appeared twice in DJ Magazine's list of the world's Top 100 DJs. Phil was also one of the founders of seminal Australian electronic labels Think and Thunk, releasing music as Altitude and Earthlink.
Seven - NK7 Productions/Nitevibe's DJ Dreamteam #7 2006
Influence - Evil Breaks, Broken Beat Recordings, Phunky People Project or
Soren - Shadow Lounge Bryan Boyce
Boca  414 Jessie Street Near 5th / Mission- SF 10pm -2am $5 b4 11pm; $10 after 

8-25 10:00 PM Dj Gobi and Ramdogus play Electro, Breakbeats, and Funk
 at Nickies 460 Haight st @ Fillmore / Webser SF $5


# Swim with Dolphins Adventure Aug 26 - Sep 2, 2006 or and click on Dolphin Trip! Enjoy!


Sun Aug 27 2-5 pm Hula Hooping in Berkeley
Satise has decided to make the gathering in downtown Berkeley for Sunday at MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. CIVIC CENTER PARK. I will be bringing the sound system. Hopefully I will have some better tunes(something slower) than I had last time
2151 Martin Luther King Jr. Way between Allston Way and Center Street - Downtown/Southeast Berkeley

Sun, Aug 27, 2006      4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
[view]	Robert Watada Puts the War on Trial—Serving One's Country with a Conscience
San Francisco Friends Meeting House (Mid-way between Market and Mission)
65 9th St. (Two Blocks From the Civic Center BART and MUNI Station) SF

Evolutionary Health and Well Being   A Brief Introduction
MONDAY August 28th  7:00pm to 9:30pm [RSVP Required]
Arete Center for Excellence in SF 743 Clementina 
between Folsom, Howard, 8th, 9th St. Why: Learn How:
• I virtually eliminated HIV from my system in a few months without  
• To dissolve beliefs about what is and is not possible  within your  
• Bring evolutionary awareness to health and well being
     + Body: nutrition and fitness
     + Mind: How specifically to harness the power of the mind
        for your healing and how to clear out significant negative
        emotional experiences
• Which non-deity, non sectarian, spiritual practices I used
• Apply to the same technology to any illness or limitation in your  
• Find out about the Evolutionary Health and Well Being™ workshop in  
October           All in one brief evening!
What if "incurable" diseases were curable? What if there  were a mental
technology and a integral approach that could unlock that  
possibility?    Think this is impossible? Think again. Full Details are here:


)'( Aug 28 - Sep 4 2006     fun in the desert )'(
goto Reno, turn North... 100 miles North of Reno is the Black Rock Desert Download screensavers for ideas of costumes, artcars, projects...
This year's street names will be: 
Esplanade Anxious Brave Chance Destiny Eager Fate Guess Hope 

full color Burningman Map Link!

Burningman from space: just streets, without people,-119.239426&spn=0.019766,0.034332
<,-119.239426&spn=0.019766,0.034332>  )'( 

Burningman from space, DURING EVENT 2005:

Water trucks wet the streets with water sucked up from cow ponds. BEWARE.
Please tell the BLM you do not want cattle grazing on public land.

)'( WATER for Burningman! Save your engine, save your transmission, your car is working hard enough.
Travel light uphill, then fill your 5gallon and 1 gallon water bottles at
DONNER Summit REST STOP, 20 Miles West of the CA/NV border.
Donner Summit rest stop is just before Donner Lake, which is before Truckee.
Donner Summit is right after Boreal Ridge going towards Reno on Highway 80.
There are several campground type faucets that you can park right next to!  )'( 

How many of us will have engine or transmission failure on our way to bliss...
Hopefully now we will all make it complete.

If you are going to give your car a tune up, do it now.

For sure change your oil. Check your engine coolant.
For sure Properly inflate your tires.
Check your Automatic Transmission fluid (ATF)

I travel with a quart of ATF and a quart of oil in easy reach in my car.

I always check my fluid levels (Oil/ATF/radiator)
Before I go uphill towards Santa Cruz or Tahoe,
or whenever I notice any loss of power.

Water from Brian:
If you are driving a truck, another GREAT way to do this is to get a food-grade 55 gallon drum and a "space blanket" before you leave.  Optional but highly recommended are either a stand for the drum and a petcock or a siphon pump.  

Fill it at a location like this (we used to wait until we go to the high desert, but anyway), making sure the drum is in a location that it can be moved later, since it will weigh about 350 pounds when full!  

Once you get to the playa, put the petcock in, put it on the stand, and put the blanket over it.  You will be AMAZED that the water is still relatively cold by the time of the burn because of basic thermodynamics:  heat travels to cold.  In the day, the heat is from the sun, which is reflected by the blanket.  At night, the playa gets cold and whatever heat that was collected by the drum escapes into the atmosphere as the night breeze gently blows over the drum.  The drum basically acts as a heat battery, and the blanket acts like a one-way valve!

Four people in an RV, with a drum like this and a full load of water on the chassis will have indoor showers for a week and water to spare.  Plus you save incredible amounts of fuel and waste from empty containers.  The drums are sturdy and are easy to reuse year after year, but if you don't want to store it, you can spread the love on the playa by giving it to one of the permanently mobile.  THEY WILL ALWAYS APPRECIATE YOU FOR THE GIFT!

 )'( Events at the Earth Guardians Pavilion, Burning Man 2006  )'( )'( 

 )'( BRING ALOE VERA PLANTS and LEAVES to BURNING MAN!   Best gift you can give!
Aloe Vera is the ONLY treatment that can prevent a sun burn AFTER exposure to sun.
Lavendar is helpful too, also for cuts and scratches.  Info at Aloe Vera Camp! )'( 

 )'( COPS on the Playa - READ THIS!!  )'( 
undercover cops CAN and WILL lie to protect their VERY paranoid!! )'( 
READ more at bottom of this online edition.

PLAYA SIDE OF ESPLANADE out front of the red nose district )'( 

How to Find Your Friends on the Playa    very cool site 
some nerd had ALOT of time on their hands   ;o) thankfully

This year's street names will be:
See you in Black Rock City!
Read more about the Burning Man 2006 theme...

 )'( Lumber recycling. Tired of watching all that good wood go up in
smoke after the event? So are we. We're setting up a nail pulling
and lumber grading station at Camp Katrina ( approx 3pm and
Esplanade ), where we'll clean and sort all the lumber left over  )'( 

 )'( Materials recycling. Not a green project per se, but FYI we may
also be collecting usable tents/sleeping bags/camp stoves etc. @
Exodus for use in future deployments to disaster regions. TBD for
certain, but wanted to let you know  )'( 

 )'( Remember the Flower? The Flower returns to the playa with its fearful 
counterpart, a Venus Fly Trap. This year the two flowers will dance 
together, with special performances as follows:

Wednesday night at the Temple of Breaks,
Thursday night at the ARTery,
Friday night, a choreographed show near the Man,
Saturday night post burn choreographed show at Red Nose District. )'( 

 )'( GREENING THE BURN-- Taking the climate-changing heat out of the burning 
of the Man!  to figure out the climate change 
impact of burning The Man, and how to "offset" that impact, making the 
burn climate change neutral.

CoolingMan estimates that the burning of The Man will generate 
approximately 100 tons of greenhouse gases (GHG). To more than 
neutralize these emissions, CoolingMan is seeking 110 tons of GHG offsets.

Offsets come in variety of ways. You can plant a tree, which is good for 
one ton, or buy a ton's worth by investing in renewable energy projects, 
like wind and solar. Buying a ton is anywhere from $5 to $10, and we're 
estimating high so we can make sure we're able to meet our goal.

Cool it forward by going to to help us 
completely offset the impact of the burn before the start of Burning Man 
2006--there you can also figure out your theme camp's impact, and offset 
that as well. It's easy, cheap, and makes a huge difference. Be sure to 
report your participation to CoolingMan so they can track and then 
report on our progress.

We're off to a great start!  We've already received $180 in donations, 
enough to offset at least 18 tons!

More info: )'( 


 )'( LNT Tour of the City: Camps and now we got art
Hi there Greenies
This is a banner year for Leave No Trace and I am happy to share that many of the camps and art installations featured in the Earth Guardians LNT Tour will also reduce their impact on the earth.  This year our application asked camps if there was anything specially Green about them. There were a few openly Green ones and a Teal camp.  
After 5 years featuring model theme camps, we’re now excited to have a sister LNT Tour of art. Five art installations volunteered to be our first models.
These are beautiful and engaging pieces that also reflect the LNT principles. They are simple and complex, low tech and high tech, recycled, renewable and fossil. Some claim zero impact, others will purchase carbon offsets. They all share a commitment to Leave No Trace on the playa and in many ways reflect Green values.
If you know of other theme camps that shine LNT, please invite them enter our Camp of the Day contest, which awards recognition and rewards to the camps that best exemplify LNT.  
Here’s list of theme camps and art you can visit to see working examples of Leave No Trace practices. The Tour is self guided so you can choose the ones to
visit. There will be display maps and information at the Earth Guardians Pavilion.
Leave No Trace Tour of the City 2006
Astral Headwash
4:30 near Chance
Featuring: grey water disposal by evaporation
Borrachos y Bicycletas
3 O’clock Plaza near 9:30
Featuring: trash management and grey water disposal bye active evaporation
Camp Katrina
Esplanade near 3 o’clock
Featuring: grey water, trash management, good neighbor
Associated with
Earth Guardians
Esplanade near 5:45
Featuring: repurposed structure(4th year of use) and good neighbor
Evolutionary Center
4:30 near Eager
Featuring: clean energy sources, recycled materials, community outreach on greening the burn, trash management with composting
Iron Rose
Anxious near 4:30
Featuring: grey water reclamation, WVO generator, recycled materials
Nose Fish
3 o’clock Plaza near 2:00
Featuring: trash management,  less is more
Recycle Camp
Center Camp near 5:45
 Featuring trash management, recycled and repurposed materials, good neighbor, biodiesel bus
Kitchen built with material from last year’s art project: Dicky Box), biodeisel bus
7 Sins Lounge
9 o’clock  Plaza near 1:00
Featuring:  solar shower, grey water disposal, fold up bar
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
3 o’clock and Guess
Featuring: grey water disposal, wind generator

LNT ART  2006
Burninator II
Bill Codding
Field of Sunflower Robots
Stefano Corazza
Peter Mathews
ScrapEden Recycled Art Garden BRC
Black Rock Arts Foundation
scrapedenbrc @
Starry Bamboo Mandala  
greeningman-list mailing list

)'(  Sacred Evaportive Cooler Ceremony on the Playa 
	Saturday, August 26, 2006 - Wednesday, September 6, 2006 
12:00 PM Location:	 Il Hookahdome  3:40 & Esplanade 

)'(  Explanade @ 4:30 Ascension Tribe 3 classes: 
Tuesday and Thursday Pole Dance 101 at 1PM 
Wed 1:30pm Lusty Lapdance  all adult genders welcome )'(

)'(  False Profit 4:30 & Esplanade Tuesday night breaks party with the Unimog!  )'( 

)'(  Burning Man Unicycles Unite! ~The Ride~ 
 Wednesday, August 30,  4:00 PM
Unicyclists of Burning Man, reveal yourselves! 
Together across the playa we shall ride! 
Meet @ the Pancake Playhouse with your Uni & we'll cruise across the playa en masse! How many will we be? 
 Last year, Burning Man 2005, at least 13 unicyclists got together and rode across the playa. 
This year, 2006, its officially a tradition! 
Burners, Unicyclists, Don't leave them at home! 
Bring your unicycles to the playa and ride with us...its like riding on dusty pavement! 
 Wednesday, Aug 30, 2006, 4:00pm 
Burning Man Unicycles Unite!

)'(  Munch on the Playa (2006)  	Wednesday, August 30 7:00 PM
Location:	 Center Camp Cafe, Black Rock City, Nevada (Burning Man) 
 More Info:
We are holding two munches at BRC this year. 
Wed and Thu nights from 7 til 9 PM. 
Hopefully we will adjourn to a play space afterwards. 
If your interested please come looking for the black and blue 
balloons, somewhere in the Center Camp Cafe. 
This is a Semi'nilla event so be aware that all burners 
look really kinky on the playa. 
Details can be found at 

Thu Aug 31 7:30 PM Flying Spaghetti Monster Ceremony
Location: Perpetual Dome Builders @ Alternate Energy Zone
"Friday evening, at sunset, our very own Eddie Spaghetti will lead a congregation of Pastafarians in the worship of the one and only Flying Spaghetti Monster. At the conclusion of the service, we will have communion and feed everyone in attendance a fine spaghetti dinner. 
Please join us and be touched by His Noodly Appendage.
The Power of Pasta Compels you !
 Date & Time: 2006-08-31 7:30 PM
Location: Perpetual Dome Builders @ Alternate Energy Zone

)'(  Curtis and Fresh's BIG ASS PLAYA WEDDING!!! 
 Thursday, August 31, 8:00 PM Conexus Cathedral 1:00 and Esplanade 

)'( THURSDAY AUGUST 31st  1-6pm Stealth Camp - 8:30 and Brave... 
 Stealth&Burn: Secret Agent Get Down
...calling all Sexy Secret Agents.. your mission, should you choose to accept
it, is to find the most throbbing beats on the playa...put on your most stealthy
shades, come and get down,... no...deeper, I mean reeealy get down... Yes, you
can feel it, yes like that...
Find the secret location of Camp Stealth through playa info...
 Caffinated beverages, super hot secret agents, and deep sexy funkalicious
grooves await.... Jocelyn (Get Freaky) Rhythmystic (Beatstream)
Breakbeat Buddha Plus surprise special guests TBA
 THURSDAY AUGUST 31st  1-6pm Stealth Camp - 8:30 and Brave... 
come as the secret secret agent that you are! Jlove
 "We could say that love is the name we give that depth of attention
that allows the essence of someone else to speak back to us
in their own voice in their own way.  We let them become visible but in the same moment, because of the selfless nature of attentiveness, also reveal ourselves."      -David Whyte    )'( 

)'( Captain Erotica's Erotic HOT ASS Extravaganza at Spike's Vampire Bar 
 Thursday, August 31 Midnight12:00 AM
Come see me and my girlfriends and my boyfriends get flogged. 
Captain Erotica is dishing up some sweet whippings, double floggings, and nasty canings at Spikes Vampire Bar 
When ~ Thursday, Aug 31st, at midnight 
Where ~ Spike's Vampire Bar, 1:30 and Center Camp, Burning Man

Peepshow Minigolf (7.30 and Esplanade) Wed - Sun, Dusk till done.

Lorin's sets @ Burningman:

THURSDAY NIGHT   August 31   Root Society
Located at: 10 o’clock and Esplanade
Bassnectar @ 1:00am-ish before FreQ Nasty
~~a bit of everything, probably a bit heavier along the tempo spectrum
...lots of midtempo WWRAWR

 1:00 @ Esplanade, yes, out on the playa.
Bassnectar @ Midnight ~~~~illness and basslines of all sorts...all tempo

FRIDAY NIGHT   September 1   Opulent Temple
Located at: 2 o’clock and Esplanade
Bassnectar @ 1:30 after FreQ Nasty
more on the uptempo pumping end of the spectrum and a bit of full
on breaks

Nexus Dome with Mobius & Magnetic Sound!
Located at: 10 o’clock and Brave
Bassnectar @ 2:00am (alongside Tipper, Edit, An-ten-nae, Boreta)
omnitempo maximalism, new bassnectar and heaps of WOMP 

Located near: 10 o’clock and Brave Bassnectar @ 6:30am sunrise
lots of thick, lush, dreamy morning music, no pressure

***all Burningman dates & times subject to change.

Check back at Aug 25 for updates, additions, etc
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! lots in the steamer, ill hitchu up after the dust clears... -Lorin

7th Heaven landing on the day   -   sets @ Burningman
before my birthday, allowing me to spin into the birthday at midnight!
Oh boy, it's gonna be a good one, so hope you'll set aside your
packing and come by for a drink.  I swear, you'll be more efficient
after the break on the dancefloor!

Celebrating on the dex: j9, Tamo, ViaJay, and featuring the debut of MACE!

Angels of bAss, Seventh Heaven at Shine!

1337 Mission St. at 9th

$5/ 10-2

Then, on the playa:  Burning Man '06
Tuesday night:
Opulent Temple, 2:00 & Espelanade
10:30-11:15 p.m.

Thurs. night:
Angels of bAss at House of Lotus: 10:00 & Brave
9:30-11:30 p.m.

Thurs/Friday a.m.

Tamo and ViaJay at XEssential: 2:00 & Destiny
4:15-5:45 a.m.

Friday afternoon, Critical Tits afterparty:
5:00-7:00 or so after the ride.

Burn on! Jay

September 2006

Camp Democracy    It's big this; September in D.C.     See Sep 8-21

# A Fcuk Burning Man Dance Party 9/1--- 
 	Friday, September 1 9:00 PM Friday September 1, 2006 
Large & In Charge 
A “Fcuk Burning Man” Labor Day Weekend Dance Party 
DJ Marz (Gurp City, Bullet Proof Space Travelers) Vs. 
DJ Oaty Love (Majestic Jewelry & Loan, Fatback) Vs. 
Sasquatch Borracho (Bronson, Fatback) 
9:00 pm  $5.00  2565 Mission St. @ 22nd  SF, CA 

# N. Cal. Women's Herbal (and Sustainability) Symposium 
 Friday, September 1, 2006 - Monday, September 4, 2006 
Once again, Women, Healing Plants and Sustainable Lifestyles will come together in great celebration for four full days of inspiring Herbal and Sustainability classes, gourmet vegetarian meals, refreshing swimming hole dips, talented camp-fire capers, amazing handcrafted marketplace items, Rites-of-Passage Ceremonies, powerful drumming and dancing, and incredible women in Mendocino County. 
Session 3: September 1-4, 2006 See our website for details

# Upcoming dates: September 2, and October 7.
Walks are held the first Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.
 Meet at the bookstore kiosk near the main gate of the San Francisco Botanical Gardens at Strybing Arboretum, 9th Avenue at Lincoln Way.
Darin Dawson of the San Francisco Botanical Garden, who is a plant expert.  Angie Geiger returns in September.

#  Ggreg Taylor's 40th Birthday Party  WHERE: Twin Peaks Bar, Castro @ Market  WHEN: Saturday 2 September, 7pm - 10pm   HOW MUCH: FREE
P.S. is temporarily up again for my friends going to Burning Man who need the tips for newbies section, and is still on the way, but taking way more computer programming time than I had anticipated.

# 9/3/06 - Nor Cal Women's Surf Fest Linda Mar Beach Pacifica 

# Free History Tour of Dogpatch & Potrero Point
Sunday, September 3, 2006 (11:00 AM)
18th St. & Tennessee St. San Francisco, California
WHERE: starts at 18th and Tennessee
DETAILS: Designated as a San Francisco Historic District, this colorful neighborhood has important ties to many of the city's past commercial industries. From its historic working class cottages and industrial age relics to the current proliferation of ultra-modern lofts, we'll explore the past and present of this suprising, eclectic neighborhood in transition in this 2 hour walking tour. A $5 donation to SF City Guides (non-profit) is suggested, but optional.

# SF LiFE's September potluck will be on Sunday, September 3.  
The laughing yogi, Renee Morris, will show us how to bring more laughter into
our lives and reduce stress. This presentation will be done before we eat.
The potluck/meeting is from 1:00 to 4:00.CAll sproutline after Aug. 21 for details. 
415-701-2855(temporary sproutline number) Dorleen

# Sept 5, 6 and 7. Beginner HoopDance Intensive. SAN FRANCISCO. T, W, R 7:30-9pm. Taught by Christabel. Special Post Burning Man class to keep your spirits high during re-integration to city life...

# Sep 6, 7pm San Rafael
Last year, the Bay Area responded with open arms to the devastation 
caused by Hurricane Katrina by taking into their homes the 
bewildered dogs and cats who had been abandoned and left to suffer 
the wrath of the storm alone. In observance of the one-year 
anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the Marin Humane Society and In 
Defense of Animals present a special one-time screening of Dark 
Water Rising: The Truth About Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescues, 
Wednesday, September 6, 7pm, at the Smith Rafael Film Center (1118 
4th St., San Rafael). Award-winning documentary film director Mike 
Shiley will make a personal appearance to introduce his new film and 
answer questions, and Captain Cindy Machado of the Marin Humane 
Society will present information about disaster preparedness for 
people with pets. A $10 suggested donation will benefit animals in 


More than 2,500 of the four-legged Katrina survivors were brought to 
the Bay Area for care prior to being reunited with their families or 
placed in new, loving homes. They were the lucky ones — more than 
35,000 companion animals perished in New Orleans due to disaster 
policies that didn't take pets into account. Dark Water Rising 
introduces us to the courageous people who traveled to New Orleans 
from around the country and risked their own lives to rescue trapped 
and starving animals. The film also begs the question: How can we 
protect our pets if something like this happens in the Bay Area? 

Haunted by his memories of the dead, frightened and emaciated 
animals he saw while filming in New Orleans, Shiley says, "It's my 
deepest hope that this film motivates people to put pressure on 
Congress to pass the PETS Act so that never again will anyone be 
forced to evacuate without their pets."

The roles MHS and IDA played in the aftermath of the hurricanes
The Marin Humane Society was centrally involved with pet rescue 
efforts in the aftermath of the hurricanes last fall. Leading the 
first-ever pet airlifts to transport animals out of the disaster 
region, 2,500 rescued dogs and cats were flown to the Bay Area as 
part of MHS' Operation Orphans of the Storm. Animal shelters and 
rescue organizations around the Bay cared for these animals until 
they could be reunited or rehomed.

"I will never forget the looks of relief and gratitude in the eyes 
of the dogs and cats as they emerged from their airplane crates into 
the arms of volunteers waiting to care for them," says Diane 
Allevato, executive director, Marin Humane Society. "We were happy 
to help these animals, but they deserved much better — they deserved 
to be evacuated with their families."

In Defense of Animals also played a key role in disaster relief 
efforts for animals, sending volunteers to the hurricane-stricken 
area to rescue animals and transport them to regional shelters with 
the ability to care for them. IDA's Project Hope volunteers are 
still involved in transporting animals out of the affected areas.

"This powerful film of bravery and compassion documents the courage 
and dedication of caring people to right the wrongs of others," says 
Elliot Katz, DVM, president, In Defense of Animals. "Viewing it made 
me more determined than ever to advocate for disaster relief and 
preparation. I hope that the harsh lessons we've learned from this 
disaster have not been in vain and that our national leaders will 
commit to animal evacuation plans being part of all future disaster 
planning around the country."

Tickets for the screening of Dark Water Rising will be sold at the 
door beginning at 6pm. Space is limited. For further information, 
please call In Defense of Animals at (415) 388-9641 or the Marin 
Humane Society at (415) 506-6256.

Please note:
Filmmaker Mike Shiley is available for interviews.
The film trailer can be viewed at:

CONTACT: Sheri Cardo Marin Humane Society (415) 506-6263
scardo @

# September  8 - 21 Announcing Camp Democracy
Announcing Camp Democracy
Cindy Sheehan to Move Camp to National Mall
Cindy Sheehan and activists in the growing peace movement plan to 
move Camp Casey to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., September 
8 - 21. The camp on the Mall will carry the name Camp Democracy at 
Fort Fed Up. Organizers intend the camp to bring together peace 
activists with activists for social justice, united in demanding a 
shift of public resources from war to the needs of people. 
Participants will lobby Congress to end all funding of the 
occupation of Iraq, and will demand that Congress hold the Bush 
Administration accountable for the falsehoods that launched the war 
and the abuses of power here at home that have accompanied it. Camp 
Democracy is launching an outreach effort to include organizations 
in the planning of the camp's activities, which are all in the 
initial stages. Organizations already on board are listed on the 
Participating organizations and guest experts and celebrities will 
provide workshops and training sessions on a wide range of issues, 
as well as on communications, voter registration, nonviolent civil 
disobedience, lobbying, organizing, media production, and 
performance arts. Congress Members and congressional candidates will 
take part. Local elected officials will instruct attendees on 
participation in local government. Musicians will perform concerts. 
New films will be shown on a large screen. Participants will acquire 
useful skills while demanding fundamental change. 
Individuals can sign up and plan to come:
And volunteer to help:
Organizations, large and small, can sign up to participate:
Organizations, trainers, speakers, educators, and performers should 
propose activities that they believe would benefit thousands of 
citizens who want to work for change: 
Internet activists, and anyone with a blog or a website, can help by 
posting this information and link to the website using this link:

A camp for peace, democracy, and the restoration of the rule of law. 
Camp Casey will move from Crawford, Texas, to Washington, D.C., to 
create a larger camp focused not only on ending the war but also on 
righting injustices here at home and on holding accountable the Bush 
Administration and Congress. Tents will provide activist activities, 
trainings, workshops, and entertainment on these themes: War/ Peace/ 
Nonviolence | The Constitution/ Accountability/ Censure/ Impeachment 
| Poverty/ Katrina/ Immigration/ Labor | Environment/ Health Care/ 

# SEP 9 Power to the Peaceful Concert Free concert in Golden Gate Park Michael Franti   Speedway Meadow

# Sat Sep 9 5th Annual Rally and March for 9-11 Truth

Saturday, September 9th, 2006

This Year's theme- "Impeach the Terrorists!"
Rally 10:00 AM in San Francisco at the Panhandle (between Oak and Fell
at Ashbury),
10:30 AM March/Parade up Ashbury to Haight Street through Golden Gate
Park to Speedway Meadow (about 2 miles) to the-

8th Annual 9-11 Power to the Peaceful Concert
featuring Michael Franti & Spearhead
beginning at 11:00 AM, free Concert & Social Justice Festival lasts
until 5:00 PM. (We are co-sponsors of the Power to the Peaceful
Concert/Social Justice Festival and will have a booth there.)

9-11 Truth for Peace and Justice Rally and March sponsored by the
Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance, 1-866-268-2320

Pictures of last year's march and rally- (It was fun!)

To endorse, volunteer, contact Carol Brouillet, 650-857-0927,

# The Time Of Peace Is Now
 You Are Cordially Invited To Bring Your Divine, Peaceful Presence To A Rainbow Circle Of Peace...
 Saturday Sept. 9th Speedway Meadows In The Golden Gate Park Following "The Power To The Peaceful" Event...
 We Will Gather At The Center Of Speedway Meadows By The Permanent Bathrooms And Create A Sacred Space And Circle...
Ah-Oming And Praying For Global Peace...  The Time Of Peace Is Now

# Michael Franti & FREQ Nasty: 9/9 in SF!!!
 Saturday, September 9 9:00 PM “BIG BEATS NOW!” 

What: The 4th Annual Power to the Peaceful After Party! 
Why: 100% of Proceeds benefit the Power to the Peaceful Festival and helps keep free Conscious Music Free in San Francisco! 
When: Saturday, September 9th. 9:00pm-4:00am 
Where: Mezzanine, 444 Jessie Street @ Mint  (5th St. @ Mission)
How Much: $25, Must be 21+ with valid ID, NO In & Outs! 
Details: World Class Live Music, DJs and Performance 
Limited Pre-Sale tickets: http://www.Powertothepeacceful.Org 

Join us to celebrate and support the 2006 Power to the Peaceful with a night featuring deep beats from around the world… 

Featuring: Michael Franti & Spearhead 
With All-Star Jam Session featuring Power to the Peaceful Festival Performers 

Special Guest: FREQ NASTY ( 
Exclusive Post Playa SF Appearance 

DJ Vinroc (, 5th Platoon - NYC) 
Darek Mazzone (KEXP Seattle, Planet Beat, Naxos Records) 

21 and over ONLY with valid ID! 100% of proceeds benefit the PTTP Festival 

Décor & Environments provided by Anon-Salon & Inflatable Arts; Visionary Creators of Burning Man Decompression & The Sea of Dreams NYE Celebrations** 

Stilting and Performance by the Von Stilt Family Stilters!

# ANON SALON/ PlayAround! - 9.9.06 285 9th St @ Folsom 10p-4a

# Sokano Avenue Stroll  “Send In The Clowns” Sunday, September 10, 2006
 Non-profit Information &/or Fundraising (New- Both Categories merged)
You may raise money by donation, raffles, memberships and/or materials donated to you.
You may sell or give away promotional materials about your organization.
Keep literature distribution and clipboard activity behind your table.
It you are hosting a game booth, no cash prizes or live animals are allowed. Small toys, balloons and other prizes are acceptable. We encourage you to have game booths rather than sell products. Call us for great booth ideas!
entry fee for a booth to be submitted Aug. 1

# Monday, September 11, 2006
Premiere of new film of David Ray Griffin- "9/11 the Myth and the Reality"
7:00- 10:00 pm
Grand Lake Theater
3200 Grand Lake Avenue
Oakland, California

The film is being produced by Ken Jenkins, and drawn from David Ray
Griffin's talks last spring in the Bay Area.

Co-sponsored by the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance

# 9/11/06, there will be a screening of David
Ray Griffin's historic talk at the Progressive Democrats of the East
Bay sponsored event. The film will show at the Grand Lake Theater,
September 11th, at 7pm.

Please come on Thursday in SF to talk politics, self-organize, and
create truth-finding.

911 - inside job.   Demand investigation! - - - - -  - -

# Also on September 11, 2006

In New York, at Ground Zero is also planning a series of events from 9/9/06 to
9/11/06, for details see their webpage at-

In Washington DC,from September 11-18th, 2006

# We are not going to work on 9-11. That might be good for some of us, but what if.....



maybe the message would hit home faster to the Bankers and Government. 
Does anyone want to run some figures to see how much the Corporations would lose in profits for our one day of standing? Would it take more than one day to express our choice?
Just a thought. Lou (AZ)

# September 11-12th, 2006- 9/11 Film Festival

Premiere of new film of David Ray Griffin- "9/11 the Myth and the Reality"
September 11, 2006, 6:30 pm
Grand Lake Theater
3200 Grand Lake Avenue
Oakland, California

Doors open at 6:00 each night, trailers, previews and shorts start at
6:30, film premieres start at 7:00. Q & A / discussion with the
filmmakers follows each night.

This will be the world film premiere of David Ray Griffin's talk given
at the Grand Lake Theater March 30, 2006 to a sold out audience.
Griffin's presentation was videotaped with six cameras, and 9/11
filmmaker Ken Jenkins has illustrated the film with hundreds of
graphics and clips. This video will likely become not only the
definitive Griffin DVD, but will likely serve as the Loose Change for
the older generations. Griffin condensed the highlights of his first
two books on 9/11 into a dynamic presentation. A slightly shorter
version of the same talk was given April 3rd at the prestigious
Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, and much of the footage in the
film is from that location. The premiere will be followed by a
question and answer session with filmmaker and 9/11 activist Ken

Co-sponsored by the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance

# Ask a Scientist - Topic: Alternative Energy 1200 9th Ave. @ Lincoln Canvas Cafe and Gallery 6:30 PM

# 9/11 CITIZENS Court in Wash DC on September 11 - 18
This is from a founder of Veterans for 9/11 Truth
This Sept 11, 2006 a new era will dawn on America. On that day the 
people will convene and move through the legal recourse needed to 
redress the government. At no other time in our nations history has so 
important a moment drawn near. As the war of lies passes the $500 
Billion debt mark and 3000 US dead along with 100,000's in the nation 
we "saved", as freedom and liberty has been sold out to a federal 
police force, as all Americans have been affected by corporate and 
limited liability governments and municipal codes, time has come for 
the change

# Film- 9/11 Guilt: The Proof is in Your Hands September 12, 2006 6:30 pm
Grand Lake Theater 3200 Grand Lake Ave Oakland, California

Doors open at 6:00 each night, trailers, previews and shorts start at
6:30, film premieres start at 7:00. Q & A / discussion with the
filmmakers follows each night.

In August 2005 Jim Hoffman and Don Paul recorded presentations for the
second convening of the Los Angeles Citizens' Grand Jury on the Crimes
of September 11, 2001. Later they spent many hours with videographer
Celestine Star adding photographs, footage, and other graphics to
document their assertions. The result is 58 minutes of compelling
evidence and analyses.

# <>
 Tres Agaves Wednesday, September 13th from 6-10 PM
 130 Townsend Street (at 2nd St.)  415-227-0500 
 Designing complex flash animations, mobile GUIs and
print campaigns is hard work. Sometimes you even
have to stay after 6 PM. Well not on this night
amigo/amigas! Press save, log out and come party with the crew
from FILTER/TALENT.  Margaritas, munchies and a chance to savor that last
bit of summer! Please RSVP to by September
6th or no chips for you!

# Sept 13-Nov 29. 12 week HoopGirl™ Hoopdance Workout. SAN FRANCISCO. Weds, 8-10pm. Taught by Certified HoopGirl dance instructor Annie with guest appearance by Christabel

# Bent: Runs with Scissors!  	Fri Sep 15 9:00 PM SF Citadel 
1277 Mission St. @ 9th St.
A dungeon party exclusively for kinky youth

# Earthdance  2006 Laytonville, CA - USA
 Fri - Sun  September  15-16-17
3 day Camp Out Celebration for World Peace and Unity, set amidst a beautiful old growth oak forest, featuring 5 Stages of Entertainment uniting Jamband, World, Conscious Lyricism, Electronica, Reggae and Folk. Also featuring Global Artisans Market, Late Night Cinema, Healing Village, Kidlandia, Speakers Forum, Activist Alley, Workshops, All Night Music Cafés  and much more...      2006 Artists Include:
Ani DiFranco  India.Arie  Ozomatli  Blackalicious  Tea Leaf Green  Mad Professor
 DJ Logic   John Trudell   Kid Beyond   Kan'Nal       

# Earthdance Northern California "Give Peace a Dance"
 September 15th, 16th and 17th Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville, CA.
3 day Camp Out Celebration for World Peace and Unity, set amidst a beautiful old growth oak forest, featuring 5 Stages of entertainment uniting Jamband, World, Conscious Lyricism, Electronica, Reggae and Folk. Also featuring Global Artisans Market, all night music and jam cafes, international food court, workshop domes, late night cinema, healing village, activist alley, hot showers, and more...
Over 70 acts on 5 stages featuring:
 Ani DiFranco    India.Arie    Ozomatli   Blackalicious
Tea Leaf Green   Mad Professor DJ Logic   John Trudell
FreQ Nasty    Lorin Bassnectar   Pele Juju    Kid Beyond   Toshi Reagan
Lina Angel   Kan'nal   Wisdom   Procussions   Trillian Green   Ancient Future
Tina Malia   Jennifer Johns   DJ Dragonfly   DJ Jesse Saunders   DJ Zack Darling
and many many more... 
For full line up visit:
Special Festival event:
"The Council of Elders", Special forum featuring indigenous and modern elders from many nations.
Special guests include:
Arun Gandhi  - (Grandson of late Mahatma Gandhi)
Ina May Gaskin - (International pioneer of spirtual midwifery)
Stephen Gaskin - (renowned counter-cutlure leader)
Oren Lyons - (Chief of the Onondaga Nation)
Angus Baker Pilgrim - (oldest living elder of the Southern Oregon tribes)
Wavy Gravy - (activist clown extrordinair)
Gerardo Kanek Barrios - (Maya Elder from Guatemala)
Bob (Bubbunj) Weatherall - (Australian Aboriginal elder)
Moises Villafane - (Arhuarco tribe of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta of Columbia) 
Rudolpho Piogrekedo - (Amazonian elder of the Witoto tribe)
more to be announced...    Ticket Prices..
  $135.00 - Presale: 3 day ticket includes camping.
$165.00 -  At the Gate   $60 - Sunday Only ticket.
For full festival info, online ticket sales and ticket outlets please visit:
Join Earthdance, the world's largest synchronized music and dance event for peace, uniting over 250 locations in 50 countries.  <<>>

# 09/16/2006 - 8pm - ALL AGES Wisdom
live at Earthdance International Festival - Laytonville 

# International Coastal Clean-up - September 16 - 9am-Noon
 Berkeley coordinates with the cities of Albany and Emeryville to clean up
the 13 mile stretch along the East Bay shoreline.
9:00 a.m. All groups and individuals should meet at the Berkeley staging
area  located behind the Seabreeze Market at the corner of University and
Frontage Rd.  Here, everyone needs to sign waivers, we give you trash
/recycle bags, pencils, tally cards and  a map of the areas we need to
clean.  THERE ARE SEVEN BERKELEY SITES clean up until 12pm noon

ForestEthics invites you to join us on September 20, 2006, for our 2nd Annual Wine Tasting and Auction at supperclub in San Francisco, from 6:00 - 10:00 pm.

Sip exquisite wines and micro-brews. Savor gourmet hours d'oeuvres. Save Endangered Forests by bidding on rare wines, relaxing getaways, and a wide array of other auction items.

Admission is $50.00. More information to follow. Visit for updates on this event, or contact 
Jessica @ or at 415-863-4563 x312.  

# Polyamory Contingent in "HOW BERKELEY CAN YOU BE PARADE: SEPT 17 (SUN) events » politics & activism
This is to announce that we will be having a Polyamory Contingent in this year's annual... event starts Sunday, September 17, 2006

# ForestEthics invites you to our 2nd Annual Wine Tasting and Auction.
September 20, 2006, 6:00 - 10:00 pm, supperclub, 657 Harrison St. (at 3rd Street), San Francisco
Sip exquisite wines. Savor gourmet hors d’oeuvres. Save Endangered Forests by bidding on rare wines, relaxing getaways, and a wide array of other auction items.
The event features tastings from three premier California vineyards, along with live and silent auctions. Please visit our web page for updates on auction items and to reserve one of the supperclub’s chic beds for private seating.
Admission is $50 RSVP at or call 415.863.4563 ext. 312
check this out!

# Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance Meeting
Thursday, September 21, 2006
at The Grand Lake Neighborhood Center
530 Lake Park Avenue,(between Lakeshore Avenue and Grand Avenue) in Oakland
7:00 p.m. to 10:00p.m.

# American Monetary Reform Conference Chicago, Sept. 21-24, 2006
Before the US Civil War, there were 300 forms of currency in America.
Now we live in a fascist dictatorship, and dissent is not allowed.
Note: the Freemen of Montana each served 10 years for circulating alternative currency.
This is how the busted the FreeMen post Waco.
Learn the laws of sovereignty to escape this death.

#  09/23-SF LOVE PARADE 
Civic Center Plaza Polk St. and Grove St

including: Paul Oakenfold, Massive Attack, Grandmaster Flash, Bad Boy Bill, Christopher Lawrence, Rennie Pilgrem, Lee Burridge, Junkie XL (Live), DJ Dan, Kaskade, Lee Coombs, Miss Kitten, Donald Glaude, Richard Vission, DJ Rap, Darude, DJ Shadow, D:Fuse, Hyper, Dieselboy, Andy Moor, Aphrodite, Dyloot, John Howard, Steve Porter, Luke Fair, Penta, General Midi, Simply Jeff, Deekline & Wizard, Jahbo, Nick Thayer, and much much more to be announced!

We’re also excited to announce the first round of LoveFest floats chosen, with more to come including floats from Spundae / Skills / Beatport, Opel / Qool / SF Station, Supperclub / IN Grooves, Tantra, Space Cowboys, Sound A.M. / Omnis Recordings / Sound of Mind, Anon Salon, Bay Area Drum n Bass Collective, Vau de Vire Society, Project Alma, Nutbass Records, Disfunktion Crew / Seismic / Mighty, Pleasure Zone, Evil Breaks / Strategik, LiveLife Culture, Thursday Night Productions, The Purgatory Cruiser / Yellow #5 & Ooze System, San TRANCEcisco / Dream GenuineUs , KCRH Radio / / Zapatistas / DubStar, and more to be announced! 

A free dance parade down the heart of San Francisco, a massive festival by donation at the Civic Center plaza, a take over of City Hall, and the official after party at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium produced by Spundae and Skills with an incredible line up. You can’t miss this! If you’re out of town now is the time to make travel plans. We’ll be working to put together some deals with hotel partners, check back on the site often. 

LoveWeek events start Wednesday, September 20th, with our official kick off event at the famous Qool Happy Hour. Thursday we celebrate a special dinner, reception, and night of super clubbing at the Supperclub. Friday night is the official LoveFest pre-party presented by Opel at Mighty, Thrust for Love, with Lee Coombs. Then Saturday is where it all comes together starting at 12 Noon! 

Would you like to help us pull it off? San Francisco LoveFest is an all volunteer non-profit organization, whose goal is to put on an event that creates and fosters love, community, respect, peace, fun, and a platform for dance culture to shine in a world full of turmoil. We could use your help in a number of ways. Please see the Volunteer section of the site for ways you can help! The Love is Coming.  Stay tuned.

# San Francisco LoveFest:  A Dance Music Parade and Festival 
 Together we will once again rock the streets of San Francisco on Saturday, September 23rd! 
 Once again 30+ floats of every genre of beat will wind it's way down Market St., park and continue the party at the Civic Center Plaza, and continue into the night in parties throughout the city, including the official San Francisco LoveFest after party at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium presented by Skills and Spundae.


# FireDrums IV Thursday, September 28th - Sunday, October 1st, 2006 
Cutter Scout Reservation   2500 China Grade Road   Boulder Creek, CA 95006
Download Road map to Cutter Scout Reservation:

# Sept. 29 - Oct. 1 Inspiring Masculine Presence -- Unleashing Feminine Fire Scott 510-836-2041

#  Sep 30 – Oct 1 World Vegetarian Day Celebration
Come to San Francisco, the beautiful city by the Bay, for the 7th 
Annual Award Winning World Vegetarian Day Celebration  
  International Vegan Cuisine
     Healthy Food Demos
     Outstanding Speakers 
     Organic Athlete Conference
     Live Entertainment
     Children's Corner
     Eco-Ville and Eco-Fashion
  Saturday, September 30, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. 
 Sunday, October 1, 10 – 6 p.m.  	
 San Francisco County Fair Building
 Lincoln & 9th Avenue in Golden Gate Park $5 donation   

October 2006

# World Farm Animals Day, 10/1

# 10/01 10am-6pm World Vegetarian Day 9th Ave @ Lincoln SF Co Fair Building, Golden Gate Park.


# Tuesday, October 3, 2006 - Sunday, October 8, 2006 8:00 PM
Join us for a relaxing, recharging week of community, fearlessness, and fun. At Hidden Villa Hostel in the Los Altos Hills. Led by comedian and filmmaker Alicia Dattner and singer/songwriter Christina Kowalchuk. dattner @

# Oct 5 The World Can't Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime!   Protest!  The world is on fire!
Now is the time, if you want to stop it, to raise your voice.  Join us October 5th!

# Please join us for the First Annual Berkeley Sustainability Summit!
The Ecology Center will be hosting this event on Friday, October 6, from 9:00 to 3:00. 
Summit highlights will include a series of brief presentations that will cover the whole range of sustainability projects and efforts currently underway in Berkeley, structured networking, and an all-organic catered lunch.
It is a chance for professionals, activists, and interested parties to:
•	Get exposed to the broad range of local sustainability endeavors,
•	Share your work with a broad cross-section of Berkeley leaders working on companion issues,
•	Develop strategic relationships and cross-pollinate with other innovators between and among sectors,
•	Increase the coordination of diverse efforts that will move Berkeley toward being the most sustainable city in the country, and
•	Reinforce a broadly shared civic passion for a vital, sustainable future.
Details on the location will be forthcoming.
To purchase tickets, contact Carrie Bennett at 510-548-2220 x235
or go to

#  October 7.
Nature Walks are held the first Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.
 Meet at the bookstore kiosk near the main gate of the San Francisco Botanical Gardens at Strybing Arboretum, 9th Avenue at Lincoln Way.
Darin Dawson of the San Francisco Botanical Garden, who is a plant expert.  Angie Geiger returns in September.

# Decompression 2006
Burning Man Presents the 7th annual Decompression HEAT THE STREET FaIRE!

SUNDAY October 8th Indiana St.
bet. Mariposa and 22nd St

Starts at 12pm SHARP til 12 am
12 hrs of art on 6 blocks and a new chill-out park!
Most sound ends at 10pm on street; we hope to go until 11pm at Mariposa St. Stage

Main Entrance: 19th and Minnesota Shine or Rain
$10 donation in Black Rock Couture; $20 in streetwear
All ages outdoors (kids under 12 free)
21+ inside Cocomo (closes 1:30 am)
This will be our best Decom yet with the newly formed BM Special Events Team, a newly rennovated park and an expanded block... BUT it could be our last year at this site...IF we don't all work together Playa style to help.

Here's what to DO!
* Come at noon to enjoy a full day of art, theme camps, music, circus, puppetry, fire art, marching bands and more! Don't miss any of it!
* Take public transportation, bicycle or park in the UCSF lot just 3 blocks away at 16th and 3rd St (see map) or on Illinois St.
* Express yourself in your finest playa pageantry!
* Volunteer! Contact: today to join our team!
* Share your art/theme camp/performance. E-mail
* Bring your playa imagery (VHS/slides/CD ROMS) to the Visual Check Point inside Cafe Cocomo, or email us.

Here's how to SAVE Decom!
* Respect the Dogpatch neighborhood, our home for 7 years
* Tread lightly on our beautiful new stakes, no unleashed dogs, no vehicles of ANY kind in the park
* Enter and leave the neighborhood very very quietly!
* Dont park in driveways or on Minnesota Street
* Dont bring renegade sound systems or unauthorized fire art. None!
* Refrain from drumming and making noise after 10pm--ANYWHERE
* LEAVE NO TRACE! Pick up any trash and help us recycle


#  10/13-15-FLEET WEEK

# Oct. 13- 14- 15: Seattle: sexual freedom conference 

# October 14, Saturday afternoon:  NUDE PEACE DAY
at Baker Beach, San Francisco. Details forthcoming.
 For details and/or last-minute  updates , please visit:   or simpler yet,
send blank email to

# Oct 14/15 Washington, D.C.


10th Annual Veterans Day Dinner and Silent Auction, Nov 9 Nikko Hotel SF $150
per person for a delicious dinner for yourself or a gift to others! tax deduction to you.  

# Nov 11/12 8th and Brannan/ councourse exhibition ctr. SF

 The Green Festival is a two-day party with a serious purpose: to accelerate the emergence of a new economic paradigm that is life-affirming and life-restoring. Together we are cultivating a culture of sustainability and social equity that honors our interdependence with all life. Green Festival unites green businesses, social and environmental groups, visionary thinkers and thousands of community members in a lively exchange of ideas, commerce and movement building fun.

Learn: Attend lectures and workshops by thought leaders, business visionaries and community activists shaping the green movement.

Network: Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations who are committed to the possibility of a better world. See Network.Get Involved! Learn about organizations effecting positive and sustainable change in our region, our country, and the around the planet.

Socialize: Have fun interacting with others, for the sheer joy of it. Meet interesting people who share common interests. Spend some time at the food court and listen to local musicians. Parents, find a place to relax in the Family Rest Stop.

Eat Well: Sample delicious, healthy, organic, and sustainable produced food prepared on site. ALL FOODWARE IS BIODEGRADEABLE - COMPOST! WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN FOODWARE TO THE EVENT.

Greening the Event: We believe in deep sustainability - to achieve intergenerational equity, we must design equity into the present. We try to address all aspects of the event - beginning with our own consciousness and the budgetary process.

Learn how we are creating an eco-commerce model for the Green Festival and our who in the community helps us.

The Green Economy Expo: If you are a green business of any size, this could be the perfect place for you to connect to your target audience. Call 1-877-727-2179 to exhibit your products. See who's Exhibiting in 2005.

Shop at the Green Festival for all of your Holiday Gifts! Purchase goods and services from 300 exhibitors who practice the principles of sustainability, ecology, and social equity. Go shopping online - we've identified online resources for green goods.

Coop America's Green Pages: Check out the original directory of Green Businesses at

Endorse the Earth Charter!

LIMITED OFFER: Purchase Green Festival Compost from DC Festival. Be the first to support turning waste into a resource!


May  Whole Earth Fest UC Davis 3rd Wknd May.
Stanford POW WOW 2nd weekend in May? Sustainable World Symposium 2nd Wknd? Bay To Breakers 3rd Sunday in May

June Second Weekend in June, Santa Rosa

Aug Labor Day Weekend (Aug/Sept)

Sep 3rd wknd? Laytonville CA / Hog Farm

Oct Decompression 3rd Sunday in Oct.

Nov 8th St. @ Brannan SF 1st? 2nd? wknd Nov.

Every 1st Wednesday: FREE!

# Every 1st Thursday: Art receptions @ 49 Geary 5:30-7:30pm
20 galleries in a 5 story building. Also 14 geary and 77 Geary till 8pm.

Friday Aug 25    on
4PM We at the Defense Table - A Medica Marijuana... 
5PM Fundraising benefit for Replant New Orleans 
5:15PM Protest/Leaflet Ringling Bros. Circus in San Jose... 
5:30PM SF Critical Mass Katrina Anniversary:Critical... 
6:30PM Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage 
7PM Mini Bolivian film fest/fundraiser 
7PM Film Showing: Sir! No Sir! 
7PM Gold Star Families Speak Out against Iraq War
More Events... 

FDA poised to change the health & wellbeing of all Americans 
Global water crisis looms larger 

please check your mirror before turning right     could be a bike     thank you

Most Children who become addicted to cigarettes do so in movie theaters.
(2 hours of sitting in a smoky theater leads to addiction.)   You can help.

Proposed law to require monitoring devices in all cars.
RFID chipped slaves

The CIA WAS up to its eyeballs supporting crack cocaine pushers, Who's Terrorism?  LAT, 20060818,0,3219677.story?coll=la-opinion-center
The CIA-Contra-Crack Connection, 10 Years Later

Yugoslavia - The CIA recruited and trained the jihadists   Centre for Research on Globalization

GE golf course super grass contaminates wilderness, no eco-terrorists arrested yet

An experimental variety of genetically engineered bentgrass has escaped from its test plot in Oregon and has been found growing in the wild as far as three miles away, according to scientists from the U.S. EPA. The biotech plant, designed for golf courses, has not been approved by the USDA, but has already been found dispersing among native grasses in six different locations. Scientists say they don't know how will behave in the wild but admit it may have a strong advantage over native grasses, and could therefore irreversibly damage the ecosystem as it spreads. According to Tom Stohlgren, an ecologist at the US Geological Survey's National Institute of Invasive Species Science, the experimental bentgrass "can tend to outcompete other species...It doesn't need to sexually reproduce - it's like The Blob. It could potentially hit rare species or national parks." 
Learn more:

U.S. Constitution, Second Amendment, George Mason, Tench Coxe

If you believe 19 guys were able to have America's Air defenses stand 
down for 2 hours, led by some guy in a cave on a dialysis machine 
with a cell phone, then you are a conspiracy theorist...!

911 - inside job.   Demand investigation! - - - - -  - -

important events:
fun events:   (new)   (old) 
more events:
eco events: Sustainable World Coalition 390 27th St Oakland between Broadway and Telegraph Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center
Berkeley and Oakland political events events, art receptions, music, film, etc. Monthly Raw Food Potlucks (san rafael)
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.