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Butterfly's Bay Area Events Calendar

Dedicated to informing you of the best events in music, art, poetry, media, 
politics, spirituality & consciousness.

Upcoming Special Events
Fri. Sept. 22  7-11pm      **Butterfly Collective Meeting & Musicians for 
Peace Jam  - SF
Sat. Sep. 23  12 pm        **San Francisco LoveFest Parade & Festival
Sat. Sept. 23  8pm-1am  **LoveFest After-Party w. Fantuzzi - SF

Contents    **Asterisk denotes events I plan to attend. 

Details for the following events are below & on-line at 
Other peace & justice events at

Sept. 16 - Oct. 7                 Anna Coulter's Butterfly Art Exhibit - Palo 
Mon. Sept. 18-Oct. 23         Awakening the Heartist Within, the Mandala 
Process - Forest Knolls
Thu. Sept. 21  7:30am         Code Pink Peace March Across Golden Gate Bridge 
- SF
Thu. Sept. 21  6-8:30 pm     International Day of Peace Vigil - SF
Thu. Sept. 21  8:30 pm        Legal Forum on Constitutional Rights - Alameda
Thu. Sept. 21  9:30             Aphrodesia w. Kan'nal - Petaluma
Fri. Sept. 22  7-11pm      **Butterfly Collective Meeting & Musicians for 
Peace Jam  - SF
Sat. Sep. 23  11 am           Annual Concerts for  World Peace - Jan Jose
Sat. Sep. 23  12 pm        **San Francisco LoveFest Parade & Festival
Sat. Sept. 23  7:30 pm        One Soul Sounding - Concert & Ritual - Oakland
Sat. Sept. 23  8pm-1am  **LoveFest After-Party w. Fantuzzi - SF
Sat. Sept. 23  8-11 pm        Ten Ton Chicken - Albany
Sun. Sept. 24  12:45 pm      Iran War Peril & How to Get Out of Iraq - SF
Wed. Sept. 27  7:30 pm       Poetry Open Mike @ Sacred Ground - SF
Thu. Sept. 28  7-9 pm          Terrorism Explained - SF
Sat. Sept. 30  9am-6pm  **Robert F. Kennedy Jr. @ West Coast Green Conference 
- SF
Sat. Sept. 30  10am-5pm     No Quarry on the Coast Protest - Bodega
Sat. Sept. 30 12-4 pm         Solano Peace & Justice Coalition Pot Luck - 
Sat. Sept. 30  7-8 pm          Odori Simcha at A Cuppa Tea - Berkeley 
Sat. Sept. 30  8 pm         **Arianna Huffington "On Becoming Fearless!" - 
Sun. Oct. 1 12-7 pm        **Fairy Folk Festival - Sebastopol
Sun. Oct. 1  1-6 pm            1st Annual Gandhi Birthday Poems & 
Performances for Peace - SF
Oct. 21&22                        Dr. Wayne Dyer Intensive - SF   Details at
Oct. 21-22                         Joshua Tree Roots Music Festival  Details 

Wish of the Week
Please consider becoming a contributing member this week and you will get our 
Make Love Not War that includes the Bell by Stephan Smith & Pete Seeger or 
our Songs for Cindy compilation CD. Mention that butterfly sent you and I will 
include a CD of 19 of the best butterfly songs I know.   Details are below.

Quotation of the Week
"There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the 
things we do."  - Albert Camus

New Members
Krissy Keefer for Congress  -
A.S. Barry/Joyful Living - Producer of Fairy Folk Festival

Story of the Week - A Tribute to Rose Liberte  This is the story of a New 
York native from Queens who made good, returning to New York City creating 
“butterfly events” At the UN Earth Summit+5 and receiving awards, honors and 
recognition on his old home turf.  Alan Moore, “The Butterfly Man” Worked at Cornell 
Medical Center, later moved to Pennsylvania and finally returned to New York 
to perform at St. John the Divine Cathedral with Paul Winter, creating 
Butterfly gardens and butterfly releases, helping with the Garden Walk Festival.  
Please see

Music Video of the Week
Naked: The Right to Bare Breasts music video* by Sherry Glaser  with the song I Want to Get Naked by Human  Please see the video at

In the News
Summer of Love Fraud - Some of you many not have known but we are planning a 
huge event for the the 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love in late 2007. It 
has come to our attention that is soliciting 
donations for the 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love on our behalf. I/we wish to 
make it clear we have nothing to do with this solicitation, and that I, 2b1, 
Family Dog, Summer of Love Council, Council of light, and "40th Anniversary of 
the Summer of Love" has not appointed Deborah Paulino director, nor have we 
given her permission to solicit donations on our behalf. If you have any 
questions we can be reached at 415 861-1520 or    - Boots 
Rolf Hughston

More at,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,378/year,2006/month,09/day,20/Itemid,1

This Week's Links
Butterfly on the Wall  - He was intently watching a butterfly on a short 
wall.  It was a gentle scene and it was obvious that Steve was content to only 
watch the small marvel which had landed right in front him. 
The Declaration of Peace** - a new campaign uniting organizations and 
individuals across the nation to take action to end the US war in Iraq.

This Week's Sponsors
Sponsors for this newsletter & memberships are welcomed. Sponsors will also 
be listed on our webpage.  Please contact Alan at 707-552-9886 or email for details.
The Light Party & Artainment Media - Inspired Musical Messages at

Sept. 16 - Oct. 7              Anna Coulter's Butterfly Art Exhibit - Palo 

Solo show of new paintings by Swiss artist & poet Anna Coulter with the theme 
of transformation.
The opening reception is Saturday Sept 16, from 5 - 7pm

ART21 Gallery, 539 Alma, Palo Alto
Standard ART21 business hours are Wed - Sat 10 - 6 pm and Sun 11 - 5 pm
Contact information is: 650-566-1381 or

The closing reception coincides with the Palo Alto First Friday Art Walk on 
Oct 6th at ART21 Gallery from 6 to 9 pm.
Both events will have live music. 

Mon. Sept. 18-Oct. 23  9:45am-1:15pm         Awakening the Heartist Within, 
the Mandala Process - Forest Knolls

6 Mondays, Beg. Sept 18 - Oct. 23

These “sacred circles” offer an opportunity to rest in the Heart and 
celebrate the presence of our communal resonance. Meditation, movement, ritual, 
singing and other sound practices, along with writing, will be the vehicles for 
embodying our personal and collective exploration.  When we rest in our Essence, 
spontaneous creative expression naturally arises effortlessly. No prior art 
making experience is necessary. The only requirement is an open heart! Themes 
will include relationships with self, other humans and nature. (CEUs Available 
for Nurses, MFt's, and LCSW's)*

Art & Soul Studio, Forest Knolls (near Spirit Rock Meditation Center
$255, $50 deposit required to hold your space. Entire amount due at the end 
of the first meeting.
RSVP Julia Weaver, MFT  415-455-5989

More at,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,323/year,2006/month,09/day,18/Itemid,1

Thu. Sept. 21  7:30am           Code Pink Peace March Across Golden Gate 
Bridge - SF

CodePINK:Women for Peace is calling all Bay Area women and our allies to help 
kick off International Peace Day, with an early morning rush hour March 
across the Golden Gate Bridge. We are heeding the call put out by Declaration of 
Peace to engage in a week of protests, marches, and non-violent civil 
disobedience to end this horrific war against Iraq.

Meet before 8 am in the parking lots on both ends of the bridge; then we will 
proceed across the bridge towards each other.

We will be naming this action a Celebration of International Peace Day & will 
carry banners that say “DECLARE PEACE” “It’s time” and “RISE, WOMEN, RISE” 
(from Julia Ward Howe’s original Mother’s Day Peace Proclamation).

More at,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,381/year,2006/month,09/day,21/Itemid,1

Thu. Sept. 21  6-8:30 pm            International Day of Peace Vigil - SF

You are invited to Drum, Dance, Ring, Sing, Chant & Pray Peace Vigil by 
Michael Payne of Declaration of Peace.
Help us stop the War in Iraq -- Support Peace, Thurs Sept 21, 2006  Fontain's 
MUSE will be performing too.

SF City Hall Plaza, 1 Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco
Contact: Michael Payne  415 819-2380

Children and Choirs Welcome

2-6:00 pm Warm up Drumming Circle for all – bring a drum or something to bang 
out a beat.
6-6:30 pm Easy "Dances of Universal Peace" Dancing for all;
6:30-7pm; “Singing Bowl” Harmonics session – (bring a resonating bowl or 
7-8 pm Taizé and other Prayer chanting from various spiritual and faith 
8-8:30 pm Peace & spiritual songs old and new singing for everyone.
8:30-9 pm Everyone please help pick up the area to leave it as we found it.

Gather, show yourself, be a part of the message:
“Help stop the war in Iraq, support peace!”

Bring a small flashlight or liquid light, a drum, a resonating bowl or bell.

This is a FUN and spiritual participatory peaceful interfaith and persons of 
conscience & concern for the war in Iraq gathering of music, song, dance, and 
prayer where everyone participates.

Planning meetings every Tuesday at 65 Ninth St, SF 7:00pm till the event. All 
are welcome, we need your participation and help!

We are looking for one contact person for each Church, Synagogue, Mosque, 
Temple, Organization, or Meeting, to be the liaison champion representative to 
post in your calendar, post on bulletin board, and e-mail members, Please e-mail 
or call me!

And to invite any and all to help launch this event, and invite all peaceful 
participants to come to the vigil.

We need volunteers to help us make phone calls too!

In Santa Cruz, California, 500 beacons will light up the night for peace on 
September 21 -- just one of many thousands of Peace Day events taking place all 
around the world.

More at

Thu. Sept. 21  8:30 pm            Legal Forum on Constitutional Rights - 

Got Rights? Panel of legal experts to discuss wirtetapping and educate 
citizens of Alameda.

1700 Santa Clara Ave.-Parish Hall Christ Church, Alameda
Contact: Norah Foster

Thu. Sept. 21  9:30            Aphrodesia w. Kan'nal - Petaluma

Kan'nal is great trance-rock from Colorado, this will be our first ever show 
with them, don't miss this!  Aphrodesia's new live album, "Aphrodesia Live- 
Rough and Funny" is now available!

doors at 9 pm

Fri. Sept. 22  7-11pm        Butterfly Collective Meeting & Musicians for 
Peace Jam  - SF

Fri. Sept. 22  7-11pm           Butterfly Collective Meeting & Musicians for 
Peace Jam  - SF

Please join us for our next gathering as we have a fabulous evening planned.  
The Butterfly Collective's mission is to link you to other artists and 
musicians for positive social change.  We want to inspire you and offer new 
insights, identify opportunities for collaboration and celebrate our work, and we 
intend to do all of those things tonight.  There will be five presenters and 
musical performances. Alan Moore, will give an update on Musicians and Artists for 
Peace, which Donovan and Dr. Wayne Dyer just joined

Phil Deal's Soulight Music Studio #113 at Project Artaud, 499 Alabama at 
Mariposa, San Francisco. 
Enter at the double-green doors on Alabama, and dial #113 and Phil Deal (the 
evening's host) will buzz you in.  
Closest BART station: 16th Street station.
Contact:  Allison Quaid at

Soulights Studio was created to provide a physical facility for accommodation 
of a living quarters, an art studio, and a performance space configured 
around my color organ invention, "The Arc, a Soniclight Synthesizer." My studio's 
multifaceted nature reflects the multimedia qualities of my own nature—yearning 
to create a synthesis between sound and light, music, painting, and spoken 
word. Soulights Studio is the current home for my ongoing research and 
development of Visual Music—an evolving work that will be continually shaped both by 
technology and my own personal cosmology.

7:30 - 8:30 pm - We will start the meeting with five 10-minute presentations 
by five artists. 

Our presenters for this evening are:
1. Phil Deal - music
2. Maritza Schafer - film
3. Alan Moore - building community, education & Musicians and Artists for 
4. Lauren Raine - Masks of the Goddess & community theater
5. Julie Larson - art muse records - music

8:30 - 9 pm  Next we will have a thirty minute discussion about the impact of 
our work on the communities where we perform. 

9 -11 pm  The rest of the evening is free for meeting new people, 
reconnecting with other artists and a live music performance and jam. 

Our Performers are:
Phil Deal - music &
Ted Czuk -
Channin Smith
Maria Mango
Julie Larson
Jesse Dyen
Vinit Allen

There are some instruments that are available, like a bass amplifier and hand 
drums, however, you should bring your own instruments and join in. If you are 
a musician who would like to join us, please email Alan at 
or call him at 415-424-7238

ALSO - So we can better get to know one another, please bring a page 
description of your work (e.g. type of media that you work with and recent projects).  
We'll post these sheets around the room so that you find out who is part of 
the Butterfly Collective. We'll also have a table for you to distribute flyers, 

Please bring something delicious to eat or drink and share. (e.g. main dish, 
side, dessert or drink)

I can't wait to see you all again, meet new artists, and celebrate our work.

Details at,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,355/year,2006/month,09/day,22/Itemid,1

Sat. Sep. 23  11 am            Annual Concerts for  World Peace - San Jose

"Music for Your Quiet Time and Inner Peace" 
Annual Concerts for World Peace and Peace Poetry Contest

Dr. Martin Luther  King, Jr. Library, San Jose
11-11:45 am Concert
12-1pm Contest Results

Sat. Sep. 23  12 pm              San Francisco LoveFest Parade & Festival

A Dance Music Parade and Festival, and the next evolution of Love in America. 

Begins at 2nd & Market
Ends at the Civic Center Plaza

We are proud to announce that San Francisco will once again be home to 
America's largest dance music celebration. The event is being produced by the same 
core team that threw the Loveparade San Francisco events in 2004 and '05. This 
free Electronic Music Parade and Festival will not bear the name Loveparade 
this year, as the Loveparade Berlin organization did not renew any of their 
worldwide licenses not already under contract so they could focus on their own 
event this July, the first Love Parade Berlin in 2 years. We wish them all the 
best! Not content to let the incredible success of the American counterpart 
event of the last 2 years go quiet, we bring you a new event:

Saturday, September 23rd is taking shape to be an epic day in American dance 
culture, as we come together for the largest free dance music event of it’s 
kind in the country. Once again we'll be hosting the city’s, country's and 
world's best Electronic Music DJ's and Producers with a free parade down the heart 
of San Francisco, beginning at 2nd and Market, with the end of the parade 
route culminating into a festival by donation at the Civic Center Plaza. We will 
be taking over City Hall, and hosting a 10,000 capacity official after party at 
the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, produced by Skills and Spundae. And, as all 
festivals do, there will be more parties; pre-parties, after parties, and 
after-after parties, this side of WMC!

A stellar list of talent here to make you move and groove to the shared 
beauty of a universal vibe, including: Paul Oakenfold, Massive Attack, Grandmaster 
Flash, Bad Boy Bill, Christopher Lawrence, Rennie Pilgrem, Lee Burridge, 
Junkie XL (Live), DJ Dan, Kaskade, Lee Coombs, Miss Kitten, Donald Glaude, Richard 
Vission, DJ Rap, Darude, DJ Shadow, D:Fuse, Hyper, Dieselboy, Andy Moor, 
Aphrodite, Dyloot, John Howard, Steve Porter, Luke Fair, Penta, General Midi, 
Simply Jeff, Deekline & Wizard, Jahbo, Nick Thayer, and much much more to be 

We’re also excited to announce the first round of LoveFest floats chosen, 
with more to come including floats from Spundae / Skills / Beatport, Opel / Qool 
/ SF Station, Supperclub / IN Grooves, Tantra, Space Cowboys, Sound A.M. / 
Omnis Recordings / Sound of Mind, Anon Salon, Bay Area Drum n Bass Collective, 
Vau de Vire Society, Project Alma, Nutbass Records, Disfunktion Crew / Seismic / 
Mighty, Pleasure Zone, Evil Breaks / Strategik, LiveLife Culture, Thursday 
Night Productions, The Purgatory Cruiser / Yellow #5 & Ooze System, San 
TRANCEcisco / Dream GenuineUs , KCRH Radio / / Zapatistas / DubStar, and 
more to be announced! 

Last year over 75,000 revelers danced through the streets as 30+ floats of 
every genre of dance music traversed through the streets of San Francisco. This 
year we look forward to taking it to the next level together in an event truly 
infused with love, music and purpose.

Details at,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,318/year,2006/month,09/day,23/Itemid,1

Sat. Sept. 23  7:30 pm                One Soul Sounding - Concert & Ritual - 

You are invited to join in celebrating the Autumn Equinox in an enchanted 
evening of ritual, music, chant and dance, with some of the most exciting 
performers and artistic masters in the Bay Area. This will truly be the one Equinox 
celebration that you will want to attend! Buy your tickets now as seating is 

Lake Merritt United Methodist Church, 1330 Lakeshore Ave. (between E.12th & 
E.15th), Oakland
$22, $15 - Seniors & Students 
Tickets can be purchased on-line at 

On the Equinox, the whole world is united in the balance of day and night.  
When we are in balance, we feel freedom and celebration. Come celebrate your 
heart's wisdom, and let's weave our ancient threads together.  

The extraordinary performers who are joining together to share their artistry 
and music and their deep understanding of ritual include: Lisa Rafel, 
overtone chantress, Sound healer and ritual leader; the remarkable vocal 
improvisationalist, Rhiannon; Master Didgeridoo recording artist, Stephen Kent; Oshun 
Priestess and storyteller, Luisah Teish; Vocalist and award winning song writer, 
Judith-Kate Friedman, Recording artist percussionist and pianist, Geoffrey 
Gordon; Ritualist and percussionist, Evelie Delfino Sáles Posch; Violist, Eleanor 
Angel; and Ritualist dancer Arisika Razak, who is coming back from Malta just 
to  dance for us; and new music by Lisa Rafel and Jami Sieber. 

This event is sponsored by The Chaplaincy Institute, CIIS - Women's 
Spirituality, JFK University - Holistic Studies, Wisdom University, Ile Orunmila Oshun 
- House of Destiny & Love, AFE Theater - Power to Change, Love in Motion - 
Spirituality Center, The Absolute Center, Masterpeace and many others. This is a 
Healing Among Nations Community Event. 

Sat. Sept. 23  8pm-1am           LoveFest After-Party w. Fantuzzi - SF

An evening of the ecstatic heart with Fantuzzi and the Love-olution 
celebrating Fantuzzi's birthday & his latest cd "Divine Inspiration"  We are the live 
music after party of the Love Fest (civic center sf 9/23 day time)
Peace Tribe, Iasos, Jahknow, dj's, and special guests

848 Folsom, (btw. 4th & 5th street), San Francisco

Sat. Sept. 23  8-11 pm             Ten Ton Chicken - Albany

Please join us to hear what Ten Ton Chicken sounds like in Albany. It will be 
a time of feast and fear.

Sea Mi Restaurant and Bar, 856 San Pablo Ave., Albany  510-559-9191
Ten Ton Chicken

Sun. Sept. 24  12:45 pm       Iran War Peril & How to Get Out of Iraq - SF

Talk by RAY McGOVERN (ex-CIA) on "The 'threat' from Iran: Are mushroom clouds 
ahead?" Ray McGovern, a CIA analyst for 27 years, addresses that issue in the 
Starr King Room at FUUSF. Cosponsored by the War and Law League (WALL) and 
FUUSF's World Community Advocates

First Unitarian Universalist Church of SF, 1187 Franklin St at Geary, San 
Contact Jeanette  (415) 738-8298  

Last May from Atlanta, national TV networks showed him accusing Defense 
Secretary Rumsfeld of lying before the war that he knew where Iraqis hid weapons of 
mass destruction. McGovern will touch on Iraq too: "How we got in and how we 
get out."

McGovern founded Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. He served the 
CIA from the Kennedy Administration to that of George H. W. Bush. Awarded an 
Intelligence Commendation Medal, he returned it following the revelations of 

More at

Wed. Sept. 27  7:30 -10 pm      Poetry Open Mike @ Sacred Ground - SF

Dan Brady will be reading poetry and joking around a bit for 20 minutes.  
Sign up's begin at about 7 PM  The open mic begins about 7:30 PM and the feature 
usually begins at about a quarter past eight.  This is followed by a ten 
minute intermission before the open mic continues.

Sacred Grounds Coffee House, 2095 Hayes @ Cole, San Francisco  415-387-3859
Dan Brady

Thu. Sept. 28  7-9 pm                      Terrorism Explained - SF

How Governments Use Thugs, Drug Dealers, and Religious Fanatics to Control Us 
and “Justify” Endless War with Ed Rippy.  8 pm   Advanced topic: Oil and 
War: Why They Have to Garrison all the Oil. Sponsored by N. Ca. 9-11 Truth 

522 Valencia St., 3rd Floor, (Near 16th St., 2 blocks west of 16th St. BART), 
San Francisco
Free, but donations appreciated
Contact:  Ed Rippy

Sat. Sept. 30  9am-6 pm      Robert F. Kennedy Jr. @ West Coast Green 
Conference - SF

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. keynote lecture and book-signing will be from 9-10:30 
am at West Coast Green Residential Building Conference + Expo (Thursday and 
Friday are only open to the trade. Saturday open to the public.)

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, 99 Grove Street, San Francisco
$20 advance until 9/27, $30 door
Tickets & info on the full conference at or call 
Price includes access to over 30 workshops and presentations related to green 
building, remodeling, clean energy, gardening and more + full access to 
tradeshow floor (250+ exhibits). 

Sat. Sept. 30  10am-5pm     No Quarry on the Coast Protest - Bodega

Spread the word and bring as many folks as possible to demonstrate to Dutra 
and the media the amount of committed individuals resisting mining operations 
on the Sonoma Coast.

Meet @Tides Texaco, Bodega
Bay- on Coast Hwy 1- Protest on new sidewalk in front of proposed "Harbor 
View" sub-division.  It is critical to show that we are not "rag-tag";formal 
attire requested. Some signs provided, please also bring your own.

More at,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,380/year,2006/month,09/day,30/Itemid,1

Sat. Sept. 30 12-4 pm             Solano Peace & Justice Coalition Pot Luck - 


308 El Camino Real, Vallejo. 
Hosted by: Helen, David and Vince Mezzera. 
R.S.V.P. by September 25th (707) 552-2900 or 

Bring a hot dish, salad, dessert or an appetizer to share. 
Paper goods, flatware and drinks will be provided. 

Sat. Sept. 30  7-8 pm           Odori Simcha at A Cuppa Tea - Berkeley 

Join us for our next dancin', rockin' Odori Simcha show.  We'll be playing 
songs from our CD, and more. 

A Cuppa Tea, 3200 College Ave. at Alcatraz, Berkeley
Contact Neal Cronin  (510) 654-1904,

Odori Simcha features vocalist and guitarist Neal Cronin, bassist Andy 
Dudnick, and guitarist extraordinaire, rock n' roll Buddha Toku Wu.  Toku 
contributes his tasty, fiery guitar for many groups in the Bay Area.  Andy is a 
multi-instrumentalist and has played in a variety of groups, jazz combos, rock bands 
and disco bands.  Andy is affiliated with the Closet Musician Workshop (CMW), 
helping to teach and develop Marin-based musicians. 

Sat. Sept. 30  8 pm              Arianna Huffington "On Becoming Fearless!" - 

We are honored to host Arianna Huffington for her only North Bay appearance 
this fall! Arianna Huffington is one of the most articulate spokespersons for 
progressive politics today. In her eleven books and widely-read blog,  The 
Huffington Post, she tells it like it is --- with humor, savvy, and sheer 

Arianna's latest book, "On Becoming Fearless....In Love, Work, and Life," is 
a road map for achieving fearlessness in every aspect of life, a 
straight-to-the-point manifesto on how to be bold, how to say what needs to be said and do 
what needs to be done in order to find the freedom to love, lead, and succeed. 
Vanity Fair Magazine (October '06 issue) chose Arianna Huffington as one of 
100 major figures of the "New Establishment."

Sonoma Community Center, 276 E. Napa St., Sonoma
$20, Praxis Members: $15
Tickets available Online from Praxis Peace Institute  707-939-2973

Reception with Arianna Huffington at the Fifth Anniversary Celebration and 
Fundraiser for Praxis Peace Institute
4-6 pm at the home of Sonoma author Sam Keen

Address and directions sent upon registration
Ticket: $130, Praxis Members: $125
IMPORTANT: Reception ticket includes reception, ticket for evening event, and 
Arianna's new book, On Becoming Fearless. So, if you are buying a ticket for 
the reception, you do NOT need to buy any other ticket.

Sun. Oct. 1 12-7 pm        **Fairy Folk Festival - Sebastopol

The butterflies will have a table at the The Fairy Folk Festival 

Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris Ave., Sebastopol
$15, children 10 and under free

The Fairy Folk Festival is the first ever event in Northern California that 
calls on all fairies and magical folk, young and old, to gather in celebration 
of the fairy worlds. The event will feature celtic music, magic, story 
telling, puppets, street theater, and the Fairy Fountain Wishing Well. A cosume 
contest with prizes will start at 2:30pm followed by a fairy parade. Dance and art 
classes for children and face painting will be available throughout the day 
There will be craft booths focusing on the magical realms including clothing, 
fairy wings and wands, toys, jewelry, crystals, hand made crafts, henna and 
much more. 

Also featured is an outside playground wth nature trails. Come and join us 
for a full day of magic and fun. 
Joful Living 501(c)(3) is a non profit educational organization and is 
producing this event. This will be a benefit for the Sebastopol Psychic Childrens 
Learning Center which will have its grand opening in late October. 
For more information please call 707-280-5407  or  707-824-0549

Sun. Oct. 1  1-6 pm        1st Annual Gandhi Birthday Poems & Performances 
for Peace - SF

The 1st Annual Gandhi Birthday Poems and Performances for Peace will 
celebrate Mohandas Gandhi's 137th birthday.  Bring cushions, food and drink to share. 
Poets, musicians, dancers...will be able to sign up for 5 minutes, beginning 
at 12:30 pm

The Gandhi statue, in the square east of the south end of the San Francisco 
Ferry Building on the Embarcadero, between & below the feet of Mission & Market 
Streets, San Francisco
For more info contact  Arnie at (510) 845-5481 or (415) 240-0286
Public transportation & bikes encouraged         
Streetcars, Buses, Ferries, BART (2 blocksaway)

More at,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,361/year,2006/month,10/day,01/Itemid,1

Make Love Not War CD is now available. Immerse yourselves in the spirit of 
the butterflies & hear great music. Get our single CD featuring 19 songs of 
mostly Bay Area Artists for $12.50.  Our double CD has over 2.5 hours of music 
featuring 38 songs for $20, including postage & handling.  You get a copy free 
with a membership to the Butterfly Gardeners or Musicians & Fine Artists for 
World Peace for $25. I personally guarantee that you will love it & your purchase 
or membership will help support our mission. 

Songs for Cindy compilation CD with 18 songs that you will love.  $12.50 
includes postage

We also have copies of the English-Japanese edition of Butterfly that was 
translated by Yumi Kikuchi.  You can get a copy for $20 including shipping. With 
a family membership for $35 you can get this book and the CD. 

For a $50 donation you can get the English-Japanese edition, the CD, a 
membership and a listing as a sponsor of our calendar too!  
Please see membership info below or at

Please add $20 if you want to substitute the first edition of Butterfly by 
Norie Huddle in any of the following catagories.

Peace and love,  Alan

Butterfly Gardeners Association & Musicians & Fine Artists for World Peace

___Limited Income    $0-15  Get listing & membership  

___Individual           $25    Includes Double CD or Songs for Cindy CD       

___Family                $35    Includes Double CD or Songs for Cindy CD  & 
the book Butterfly

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___Sponsor/Business  $100   Same as above sponsor plus listing on calendar & 

___CD only                $12.50 for single with 19 songs & $20 for double 
with 38 songs

___CDs for groups      $10 per double CD or $5 per single CD in bulk for 
peace & justice groups used as a fundraiser. Please inquiry at 707-552-9886.

Specify if your membership is for the Butterfly Gardeners or Musicians & Fine 
Artists for World Peace and specify which CD you want. If you want both CDs, 
please add $10 to your order.and mark in memo "Both CDs"
Please make your check out to the Butterfly Gardeners and mail to Butterfly 
Gardeners Association, P.O. Box 1511, Vallejo, Ca  94590
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.