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Valentine's and Beyond at CSC

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Hi friends! We're looking forward to great events in the upcoming month, especially the WET SPOTS next Thursday!

We're hosting an exciting bookparty on 3/23 for Reclaiming Eros: Sacred Whores and Healers, edited by Margaret Wade and Suzanne Blackburn, which will benefit CSC and which will feature Annie Sprinkle and Cleo Dubois as well as some of the book's contributors. More in the next calendar, but for now -- we need donations for a silent auction, plus people who'd like to volunteer to help out. Please let us know if you have contributions of time, energy, or items for this terrific event!

Speaking of participation in fun stuff -- Good Vibes asked me for a few more cutie-pie-rrific, fancily-dressed participants to include in my Valentine Ball court procession. If you're a cutie-pie who was going to dress fancy and come to the ball tomorrow night (or would have if you didn't have to pay to get in) and you're interested in a little participatory pageantry, get in touch with Camilla at

Hope to see you at one of these great events.

 Events with a *star are new to this newsletter. How it works: the first listing is ours: CSC-sponsored events, events held at CSC, and events co-sponsored by or benefiting CSC. They are followed by brief save-the-date listings, then the second half is a list of other people's events and announcements which may be of interest to you. Both lists are boiled down to a table of contents, just below this note. 

In this edition:
Playing with Male Orgasmic Energy -- 2/16 and 17
*Audacia Ray GayVN Reception -- 2/16
Gay SM Porn for Everyone! 2/19
Heron Saline on Erotic Hypnosis --  2/20
The SF Jacks -- 2/25
Erotic Reading Circle -- 2/27
*Advanced Nude Yogaplay for Men -- 3/3
*CSC Crafts and Collage Night! -- 3/5
*Writing Ourselves Whole Reader's Night -- 3/8
*Personal Thinking Patterns and Sex:  the Awakened Mindfuck -- 3/9
*A Re-Introduction To The Only-Mostly-Dead Art of Chivalry - Now! With 200% More Feminism! -- with S. Bear Bergman -- 3/12

SAVE THE DATE! More detail next time.

Best american Erotica 2008 with Susie Bright -- 2/13
My Sucky Valentine -- 2/14
Good Vibrations Presents the Queen of Hearts Ball -- 2/14
Queen of Hearts Volunteers wanted 
Danielle & Celeste present Sensualite' -- 2/15
Philosophy/Art Salon: What Is Erotic? -- 2/16
*Gay Men's Wellness -- 2/21
*Tom Orr in LA! with iTom Shuffle -- 1/21
Hot Draw! -- 2/22
*Pre-screening reception for Passion & Power documentary -- 2/22
*Sins of the Sirens reading wirth Loren Rhoads -- 2/23 afternoon
Unleash Your Fire! for Women with Vixen Noir -- 2/23 and 24
*Simone Corday bookparty -- 2/28
*bisexual elders (60+) peer support group -- begins 3/15


*Saturday, February 16, 1--4 pm -- AUDACIA RAY CELEBRATES THE BI APPLE

My directorial debut, The Bi Apple, which was released by Adam and Eve Pictures last February, has received a nomination for Best Bisexual Video. It's a nice way to round out the year of The Bi Apple, which started when Bella Vendetta and I gave the movie a launch party of awesome proportions at the Pussycat Lounge in NYC last March, and continued through public screenings in NYC, Amsterdam and Berlin (as well as plenty of -ahem- private screenings). The film also won a Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Bi Sex Scene and got written up in Oprah Magazine (seriously). So it's a whole lot of fun that I'll be capping off my year-long debut as a porn director/producer with a trip to the GayVN awards.

To celebrate, the Center for Sex and Culture is letting me throw myself a little soiree on the afternoon before the big award show: February 16th from 1 to 4 pm. So, if you're in the Bay Area, stop on by to say hello and celebrate porn that colors outside the lines! You'll also get to check out the new home of the Center for Sex and Culture, at 1519 Mission St, Suite 1.


February 16 & 17, 2008 (Saturday & Sunday), 9:00AM to 5:00PM each day -- PLAYING WITH MALE ORGASMIC ENERGY

$200 for both days. Early registration discount extended! Only $150 if you register before January 31!

Orgasmic energy is that raw, primal place where our mental noise moves to the background and our body takes over. Many men have learned to be afraid of this energy because it is raw, aggressive and sexual. Ironically, this energy is also the source of our drive, ambition and determination. It can provide valuable insights and healing on many areas of our lives and it can be accessed to infuse us with energy.

Through breath, movement, sound, and self touch we will explore the possibilities of orgasmic energy. We will involve the entire body in generating this energy. We will learn from our self pleasuring habits and see where those habits may be limiting us. We will explore altered states that can be accessed from highly charged orgasmic energy and will have the opportunity to create ritual around our energy.

Orgasmic energy can also be very spiritual. This workshop will introduce Tantric concepts. These concepts will be presented in an easily understandable way that emphasizes the experience in the body rather than focusing on rules and technique. In the spirit of Tantra, orgasmic energy has both male and female qualities and we will play with both. The intention of this work is to make it easily accessible to anyone by demonstrating and practicing body based experiences.

The essence of this practice is re-learning how to breathe, how to relax while enjoying your arousal and energy, developing ejaculatory control and exploring a wide variety of specific techniques. This means learning to enjoy your entire body - not only your genitals, but your entire body. This opens unlimited horizons of bliss. It’s a means of altering consciousness by generating ecstatic chemistry in your brain and body and discovering inner integrity. Playing with this energy becomes a tonic on every level, a truly holistic practice. It’s a means of personal growth, improved self-esteem and even spiritual evolution.

Orgasmic Energy is about transformation: not changing into something else, but becoming what you already are in your core essence. It’s about letting go of illusions to get real. It’s reclaiming your original innocence and opening your heart. This energy helps you to become more fully present in your body, in your life and in the present.

We're also going to play and have fun with this energy! Play is a great way to celebrate and cultivate erotic energies. We'll be creating some safe and fun ways to play too!

This workshop is open to all guys. Being male is self defined. All body types, ages (over 18), spiritual paths and orientations are welcome. Some of the time will be clothes off and some of the exercises will include hands on self touch.

Expect to be silly, expressive, noisy, primal, playful, sensual, tingly and orgasmic.

To register: Contact Ed by email ( phone at 415-503-0678 to register for this exciting event. Limited scholarships may be available for those in financial need, please contact Ed for details. At The Center for Sex and Culture, 1519 Mission.


Tuesday, 2/19, 7:30 pm -- GAY SM PORN FOR EVERYONE!

Carol, Robert, and friends celebrate the undeniable allure of gay porn -- for everyone! With special guest Dan Erickson, here from New Mexico. More detail next time, but here's Dan:

Living in New Mexico, raised in Pennsylvania, Dan Erickson started writing muscle/wrestling stories for the net in 1997. He’s catered to a group of men that love men and muscle and the rough-and-tumble lust. For ten years his works have been praised as hot and sexual with heroic muscular men, evil muscular villains that get off wrapping the hero in a body crushing bear hug or bodyscissors.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, where nearly every boy wrestles as a pastime, he quickly fell in love with The Wrestler; the solid man of muscle and discipline that played by the rules. His works examine that man and his ability to endure hardships. In that worship, he wrote many stories featuring the men of his dreams. He always thought his admiration was somehow alien and not shared by others. With the advent of the internet, he found he was not alone

As an artist and keeper of artists with Xcentricities, a corsetry company in Albuquerque, NM; Dan has traveled extensively in a varying orbit with science fiction writers and pro-dom luminaries in the BDSM circuit.


Wednesday, February 20, 7:30-9:30 pm -- EROTIC HYPNOSIS WORKSHOP with Heron Saline
Center for Sex and Culture: 1519 Mission @ 11th in SF

Each of us naturally goes into hypnotic states of consciousness every single day of our lives--why not learn how to
bring this deep level of mental experience into your play?  This fun and informative introductory workshop presents the basics of
what hypnosis is and how to safely and creatively use it to enhance your scenes and erotic play including how-to tips, issues
of responsibility and care, possible applications, and experiential exercises!

Heron Saline is a gay man living in San Francisco who has a private practice as a Consulting Hypnotist and Learning Strategist.  His background in language, bodywork, energywork, teaching, the workings of the mind, creation spirituality, and embodied, lively eroticism all contribute to his delight in presenting fun, whole-minded classes and private sessions that resource people to know and work with themselves with power!  Visit his website at:


*Thursday, February 21, 8 pm -- THE WET SPOTS!

Our naughty musical friends from Canada return to the Center for Sex & Culture! The Wet Spots are Cass King and John Wood, a frisky Canadian musical sex comedy duo who write sophisticated lyrics paired with sweet, catchy melodies. Their musical repertoire is inspired by the risque satirical songs of Monty Python, South Park, Tenacious D and musical comedy legend Rusty Warren. They are known for their lively shows, which include sing-alongs, spankings, and bawdy sex-ed. Their notorious music video "Do You Take It (in the Ass)" has been an Internet sensation. You MUST see them LIVE! If you miss them here, you'll have to go to Australia; they'll headline three nights at the Sydney Opera House during their GLBT Mardi Gras on Feb 27-29.

Tickets $15-35 sliding scale
At CSC, 1519 Mission near 11th St.

Proceeds after paying Cass and John will support CSC:


Monday, 2/25, 7:30-8:30 door -- the SF JACKS

For more about this fellowship of men who like to j/o in the company of other like-minded men, visit  Held every second and fourth Monday.


Wednesday, 2/27, 7:30 pm -- THE EROTIC READING CIRCLE

Come read with us! Bring your newest story, one you're hoping to revise (respectful listening and helpful comments guaranteed), or your Happy Hour coicktail napkin with a new erotic haiku scribbled on it.

$5 donation, no one turned away for lack of funds. At CSC, 1519 Mission.



Advanced Nude YogaPlay  is for men with yoga experience and is scheduled for Monday evenings in Room 1 at 7 pm at the CSC, 1519 Mission (at 11th) - MUNI/BART: Civic Center/Van Ness stations) in San Francisco the FIRST Monday of each month, holiday weekends excepted.

Sessions last approximately 80 minutes, and feature classic
partner-oriented yoga poses with a focus on kundalini breath and
intention..sessions are $20 each (NOTAFLOF), and mats are available
for rental, as well ($5).   RSVPs are ESSENTIAL to gain entry into this
class: or 415.505.8980
Additional programs and events are scheduled during the year, and will be posted here and elsewhere.


*Wednesday, 3/5, 7 pm -- CRAFTS AND COLLAGE AT CSC!

Join us at CSC for an evening of making stuff, gossip and quasi-intellectual discussion! All small handicrafts are welcomed; collage, knitting, crocheting, quilting etc. We meet at 7 pm on the first Wednesday evening of the month starting this March 5th. Chocolate, luscious yarn and witty repertoire are all encouraged.


*Saturday, 3/8, 8 pm -- WRITING OURSELVES WHOLE Reading

Fresh Dirt: Filthy new erotica - a quarterly reading series benefiting the center for sex and culture and writing ourselves whole 

More detail next time, but save the date! Jen Cross' W.O.W. students delve deep -- and deliver!


*Sunday, 3/9, 10-6 -- PERSONAL THINKING PATTERNS AND SEX:  the Awakened Mindfuck with Heron Saline

"Personal Thinking Patterns and Sex:  the Awakened Mindfuck"
Center for Sex and Culture:  1519 Mission @ 11th in SF
Sunday, March 9, 2008, 10 am - 6 pm
registration at: or 415/706-9740 by March 3

If the brain is indeed the biggest sex organ in the body, then come learn how yours and your partners' can be holistically engaged in your play!!!  How do Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic stimulation affect your sexuality?  This fascinating and funworkshop looks at three states of consciousness and three forms of information that our minds use.  The Thinking Patterns model has been likened to "getting your hands on the operator's manual for your* mind!"  (*not to mention your partner's!!!)  You gotta know that that's fun and useful information to be bring to your sex life, not to mention your everyday thinking, learning, and communication!!

Why are some people into showing off and being watched, while others have their best sex with their eyes closed or the lights off??  Why do some people love erotic sounds like moaning, or "dirty talk", while others tend to be quiet??  What can you pay attention to with a new or longterm partner to take them deep into ecstacy or energize and connect with them in their natural ways??

Learn how "Thinking Patterns" applies to effective communication in relationships both short and longterm, what people do/don't "get into" erotically, how people process physical sensation, chemically-stimulated consciousness play, nonverbal communication, fantasy, and lots of ideas for how to "work" your and your partners' brainwave states to amp up or down your play at will!  

Heron Saline is a gay man living in San Francisco who has a private practice as a Consulting Hypnotist and Learning Strategist.  His background in language, bodywork, energywork, teaching, the workings of the mind, creation spirituality, and embodied, lively eroticism all contribute to his delight in presenting fun, whole-minded classes and private sessions that resource people to know and work with themselves with power!  Visit his website at:


*Wednesday, 3/12, 7 pm -- S. Bear Bergman's A RE-INTRODUCTION TO THE ONLY-MOSTLY-DEAD ART OF CHIVALRY (Now! With 200% More Feminism!)

Everyone's heard the stories: men who get kneed in the balls for holding open a door, youngsters who sprawl on bus seats while elders stand, the myth of the handkerchief-carrying gentleman, and all the rest. What, exactly, do girls women people want in the world of chivalry? How can a modern gentleperson be courteous without being sexist or a suckup? And while we're at it - who goes through the door first, again? Talk a little about the principles, and then learn a lot about the mechanics of walking in public (vs. walking in private, natch), and a whole lot more.

S. Bear Bergman is a writer, a theater artist, an instigator, a gender-jammer, and a good example of what happens when you overeducate a contrarian. Ze is also the author of Butch Is a Noun (Suspect Thoughts Press, 2006) and three award-winning solo performances, as well as a frequent contributor to anthologies on all manner of topics.

Reserve at or 415-255-1155

At CSC, 1519 Mission btw. 11th and South Van Ness
pay-what-you-can; suggested donation $25
CSC can take checks, Visa, M/C and Discover


SAVE THE DATE! More detail next time.
Ruby Pearl Art Workshops... we're still gonna schedule 'em!
Couple's Erotic Massage 2/14/08 will NOT be held at CSC -- we'll forward your email to the teacher if you want to go
Reclaiming Eros: Sacred Whores and Healers (Margaret Wade and Suzanne Blackburn) with a special book launch extravaganza -- 3/23
LAURA ANTONIOU (The Marketplace series) visit:
--4/29: Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want
--5/1: Too Kinky for Words: Playing way off the edge 
--5/4: The Revenge of the Middle Aged Guard
May 25 (date change!!) -- the Masturbate-a-Thon!


*Wednesday, February 13  7:30 @ Modern Times:
The Best American Erotica 2008
hosted by Susie Bright

The 15th anniversary of this top-selling erotica series achieves a scorching new climax!  

Straight or gay, dominant or submissive, romantic or sadistic, Bright's selections run the gamut–and push all the right buttons.

Showcasing standout stories from the entire series as well as never before published pieces–plus interviews with the authors and, for the first time, a hot and edgy piece from Susie Bright herself.
For a complete listing of events visit us online at
Modern Times Bookstore
888 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA  94110
Ph: 415-282-9246


Thursday, Feb 14 - My Sucky Valentine XIII 
Door open 7pm, performances start at 8pm Benefit for Women’s Community Clinic and Saint James Infirary "Sour Grapes and bitter chocolates, Good writers on bad sex and tainted love..." Readers include Carol Queen, MI Blue, Sherilyn Connelly, Lori Selke, Simon Sheppard, Julia Serrano, and Thea Hillman. Your host: Thomas Roche!

At ArtWorkSF, 49 Geary Blvd.
$15-25 sliding scale - no one turned away


Thursday, February 14th: Valentine's Day Celebration Queen of Hearts Ball!
You are cordially invited to the Good Vibrations Queen of Hearts Ball, on February 14th at Mighty, from 8:00 pm – 2:00 am.  Featuring Dr. Carol Queen, the legendary Peaches Christ, DJ Party Ben (Bootie SF), the acrobatic circus stylings of members of Vau de Vire, a fashion show by Madame S Fashion Show, King Jay Walker, and more! Go-go dancers! Dildo juggers! Trapeze!

When: Thursday, February 14th 
Time: 8:00 pm - 2:00 am
Where: Club Mighty
119 Utah Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Order tickets here:


Good Vibrations is gearing up for a kick-ass Valentine’s party, the Queen of Hearts Ball, on February 14th at club Mighty.  To make the magic happen, they need volunteers to take tickets, set up and break down. Event goddess Camilla says:

If you sign up to volunteer, you’ll get 2 tickets to the ball for working a 3 hour shift.  Please email me if you’re interested, and the name of your guest when you know it.  Tickets are on sale both in the stores and online, for $25 in advance and $30 at the door.  We’d love to see you there, and we’d love your help, so please contact Camilla at if you’re interested and available with the 3 hour time you are available between noon and 3 am.  Thanks!

Party details:
Your Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening will be the Legendary Peaches Christ accompanied by Dr. Carol Queen, a.k.a. the “Queen” herself. Our fanciful line of revelries and enchantments include music courtesy of DJ Party Ben of Bootie SF, merriments performed by King Jay Walker, contortionists, jugglers, and trapeze featuring members of the amazing Vau de Vivre Society, our fabulous Good Vibrations Dancers, sexy door prizes, and a magnificent Fetish Fashion show officiated by Madame S.  Dress in your finest Fairytale costume, formal wear, or find a beautiful corset at the Dark Garden booth.

For more details:


Friday, February 15, 9:00PM -- Danielle & Celeste present Sensualite'
Host:Danielle & Celeste
111 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 US

Come meet new and exciting people while tantalizing performers, complimentary mouth-watering aphrodisiac appetizers, and exotic rhythms tease and excite all of your senses. Sensualite' will boost your sexual hunger and leave you craving more...

$15 in advance, $20 at the door - get your advanced tickets on our website -

DJ 'Deep spinning exotic, playful and erotic beats

9:30pm - Instant Passion Dance Lesson with Nickolas Knightly

Three Sisters Bellydance and Can-Can Dancing

Relationship Tarot Readings with Magick

Exotic Dance with Slinky Productions

Kiss Que C'est Burlesque Dancers

Body Art

Free Raffle
          win a session with Celeste & Danielle
          basket of toys from MyPleasure
          sculptured wooden toy from NobEssence

And much, much more...

*Since 111 Minna Gallery is NOT a clothing optional space, we invite you to wear something fun, sassy, sexy,  comfortable, cuddly, dressy, sensual, soft, spiky, cute or whatever makes you happy!

**21 and over. No Host Bar

The hosts Celeste & Danielle have created a unique pleasure-based approach to sex and intimacy coaching. Through individual and couples' sessions and experiential workshops, they help people overcome barriers and reach their highest sexual and relationship potential.


When: Sat, Feb 16, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Philosophy/Art Salon: What Is Erotic? Join us for a Socratic dialogue on the question: What makes for erotic art?
Philosopher-at-Large Rita Alfonso, Ph.D., will be joined by Erotica writer Jennifer Cross, M.A. (of fame) and visual artist Dorian Katz ( for a brief show-and-tell followed by philosophical discussion – so prepare to have your minds tweaked, but not only your minds! (The Philosophy/Art Salon is a / Once-a-Month Production fostering community discussions of philosophy and art; see website for more info.) - At Femina Potens, 2199 Market St. at Sanchez, SF.
Admission is $10-$25 sliding scale. - Gallery Hours: Thursday-Sunday, 12-6 pm


Is your house in order? Being well and loving yourself
A gay men’s wellness event.

         Thursday February 21st
         4:30 until 7:30pm
         LGBT Center
         1800 Market Street

         Come and chat with many of our community’s health and wellness
         partners about taking care of ourselves as gay men.

   ·  alternative health
   ·  community involvement
   ·  exercise
   ·  living well
   ·  medical health
   ·  mental health
   ·  nutrition
   ·  sexual health
   ·  spirituality
   ·  substance use

         Incredible door prizes, refreshments and entertainment!
         For more information, please contact 415.554.9031

         A collaboration between SFDPH STD Prevention and Control Division,
         HIV Prevention and Research Sections of the AIDS Office, and the
         LGBT Center.


From The Dirty Mind Behind DIRTY LITTLE SHOWTUNES!
Tomorrow! Productions, in association with Combined Art Forms Entertainment, 
proudly presents

A Musical Comedy Cabaret for Consenting Adults Only
written & performed by Tom Orr 
directed by F. Allen Sawyer 

After a sold-out workshop production of his new solo show, iTom_shuffle, last summer at San Francisco's The Garage, Tom Orr is getting his act together and taking it on the road.

First stop: HOLLYWOOD!
February 21-March 1, 2008 • 8 Performances Only! 
8pm Thursday • 10pm Friday & Saturday • 3pm Saturday Matinee
Tickets: $20 • Caution: Nudity & Adult Language 

Theatre Asylum • 6320 Santa Monica Boulevard @ Vine • Hollywood, CA •

Since 1997, award-winning San Francisco lyricist-playwright-singer-dancer-actor-comedian and "musical comedy cabaret porn star" Tom Orr has been entertaining Bay Area audiences with his smart, satirical parodies, i.e. "Dirty Little Showtunes!", his critically-acclaimed, crowd-pleasing cult hit revue that's had successful runs in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Houston & the 2006 Minneapolis Fringe Festival. A native son of the San Fernando Valley, he is making his Los Angeles debut after 15 years of professional theatre on both coasts. 

Variously called "the Lenny Bruce of musical parody" and "the love child of Al Parker and Dorothy Parker," Orr is known for baring all (or nearly all) in his bawdy burlesque turns in Dirty Little Showtunes!, Howard Crabtree's Whoop-Dee-Doo!; his previous solo act, Of Me I Sing, Baby!; as "The Perky Little Porn Star" in Naked Boys Singing! (2000 San Francisco and 2001 Provincetown casts); as well as for his quirky quick-change character work in G-rated fare such as Mack & Mabel, Li'l Abner, One Touch of Venus, Pardon My English, Plain & Fancy, Shopping! The Musical, Simply Sondheim: A 75th Birthday Salute and Trog! 

He most recently made a splash in the infamous shower scenes of the hit Take Me Out at SF's New Conservatory Theatre Center, where iTom_shuffle will appear in Summer 2008.

As a relative newcomer to the adult film industry, known as Tom Lazzari, he was nominated for a 2006 GayVN Award, the industry's "Oscar," for his scene in TitanMedia's "Closed Set: Titan Stage One." Successfully conquering an unfortunate crystal meth addiction three years ago, Orr/Lazzari has become an outspoken advocate in the fight against speed use in the gay community, writing songs about his recovery and contributing his time and talents to a variety of outreach campaigns, including the Stonewall Project and's "Hot Sex Without Crystal? Hell Yeah!" and Better World Advertising's "Resist Meth" sites.

Now, with dozens of dirty little ditties in his risque repertoire, Orr has built a new show, iTom_shuffle, made up of his best, raunchiest and bawdiest Broadway bawdlerizations, with provocative parody lyrics set to familiar melodies from such shows as Wicked, The Producers, Annie, Oklahoma!, Hello, Dolly!, Gypsy, Disney & more, all with a XXX twist! 

With biting wit and sharp social commentary on everything from gay marriage to the crystal meth epidemic to prurient takes on sex, leather, drag and porn, iTom_shuffle will amuse and arouse for two weekends and eight performances only at Theatre Asylum in Hollywood. 


Friday, February 22nd - 7:15pm-10:00pm - Hot Draw!

Hot Draw! is a drop-in erotic leather/fetish drawing group for gay men hosted by Mark I Chester at his studio at 1229 Folsom St. in SF.  Open to sketchers of all skill levels.  Friendly, open and non-competitive.  Poses include fetish gear, leather, bondage and eroticism.  Call 415-621-6294 for reservation. <> for more info and galleries.


*Friday, February 22nd: Pre-screening reception for Passion & Power documentary
Join us for a glass of wine with the filmmakers of Passion & Power, a documentary on the history of vibrators, then head over to the Roxie Theater for a screening of this fantastic film!

For more info, visit:

Read about the movie and buy tickets ($):

When: Friday, February 22nd 
Time: 6:00 pm 
Where: Good Vibrations Valencia Street Store
603 Valencia Street (at 17th Street)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 522-5460


*Sins of the Sirens: 14 Tales of Dark Desire

You want it dark? You want it sexy? Don't miss this reading! Two contributors read their Siren stories at Borderlands Books on: 

Saturday, February 23rd at 3:00 pm

Loren Rhoads, former editor of Morbid Curiosity magazine, seduces an angel, calls up a hurricane, goes on a finger hunt, and finds the erotic possibilities in the Griffith Observatory. Thomas S. Roche, editor of Eros Zine, says, “Loren has a taste for the most breathtaking insights to be found in macabre topics….Her fiction is at once arresting, haunting, unsettling, and gorgeous.”

Maria Alexander’s stories blend S/M and dark magic. Jon Evans, author of the Ellis Award-winning Dark Places, says, “Maria’s stories are darkly funny and deliciously addictive.”

Borderlands Books is located at 866 Valencia Street, between 19th and 20th in San Francisco. Check them out online at Telephone (415) 824-8203.

The new book Sins of the Sirens spotlights the seductive lures of four amazing writers. The anthology features new stories and rarities from Maria Alexander, Christa Faust, Loren Rhoads and Mehitobel Wilson. The largest Dark Arts collection yet, this anthology features 20,000 words of fiction from each author.  More information:


Unleash Your Fire – San Francisco/Bay Area!

Have you lost touch with your most passionate desires or simply pushed them aside?
Do you feel disconnected from your erotic, sexual self?
Do you want to feel more sensuality and passion to your life?
Do you want to wake up your playful creative side in a sexy, safe, women-only environment?  

Unleash Your Fire workshops taught by Vixen Noir can HELP!!!

Unleash Your Fire is a sexy, fun, and sometimes challenging workshop for women that uses theatre, dance-movement, storytelling, visualization, writing, trust and intimacy exercises to help you tap into, reclaim and celebrate erotic power as your rightful sensual legacy!  Unleash Your Fire examines the idea that erotic power is not only connected to sexual pleasure, but it is also a creative and healing source that affects every aspect of our lives.  UYF workshops provide the opportunity for you to explore erotic power with other women in a safe and supportive environment that cultivates community building and individual and collective healing.  

What you can expect from the workshop: 

∑ Wake up your erotic power, reconnect with it or deepen the relationship that you already have.  
∑ Discover creative and sexual parts of yourself you never knew existed.
∑ Experience the power of creative expression as a means of transformation.  
∑ Embrace your sensuality and feel more comfortable in your body.
∑ With reflection and support from other participants, take an honest inventory of your desires and begin a journey towards healing and empowerment.

What participants are saying about Unleash Your Fire and Vixen Noir:

“Excellent workshop!   Very challenging but mixed in with lots of fun and support and love.”
    --Participant, 2007 Sydney Australia

“You have shown me everyone has Erotic Power.  You have helped me transform my dolly steps into flying leaps!”
    --Participant, 2007 Sydney Australia

“You are a dynamic, charismatic teacher; you’re caring and skilled… I'm a lot freer and at home with my body and my sensuality.  You taught me how to reclaim my inner erotic goddess, and I am forever grateful to you for that gift!”
    --Ama, Participant 2006 San Francisco

“I couldn't have asked for a sexier, more supportive space to create and become the truest version of myself. It's an experience I will never forget and will always be grateful for."
    --Mac, Participant 2006 San Francisco

Limited to 20 women!   Register Early!

Where:  Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory, 1519 Mission Street (@ 11th), San Francisco, CA (BART accessible!) 
When:  Saturday, Feb 23, 2008, 9am – 5pm and Sunday, Feb 24, 2008, 10am – 5pm
Cost:    Register by Feb 4, 2008 and pay only $200.  That’s a 25% savings!!!  
    After Feb 4, 2008, you pay $250
    Scholarships available.
More Info/To Register: Visit, or email


Did you miss her at CSC?:
*Thursday, February 28th: Book signing and reading with Simone de Corday "9 ½ Years Behind the Green Door"
Good Vibrations is proud to present Simone de Corday, as she signs and reads excerpts from her new book, 9 ½ YEARS BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR: A Mitchell Brothers Stripper Remembers her Lover Artie Mitchell, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, and the Killing that Rocked San Francisco

In San Francisco in the 1980s, The Mitchell Brothers’ O’Farrell Theater had a mystique of romance and energy, sparked by its iconic patrons and radical owners. Corday divulges her first hand experiences at the place Hunter S. Thompson referred to as "the Carnegie Hall of public sex," conveying its magnetism and revealing its backroom secrets. Simone Corday captures that moment in time: one of grit and appetite, uninhibited sex and frustrated love, revolution and aspiration.

When: Thursday, February 28th 
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Where: Good Vibrations Polk Street Gallery
1620 Polk Street @ Sacramento
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 345-0400


*on march 15th, a bisexual elders (60+) peer support group will start at the new leaf counseling center at 103 hayes street from 11:30 to 1pm. It will be on the 3rd saturday of each month and maggi rubenstein will facilitate. she is on the center for sex and culture advisory board and has been a member of the newleaf outreach to elders advisory board for 8 years. for further information call maggi at 415 584 0172.     No charge! 



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