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I will be doing a radio show on Pirate Cat
Radio  - 87.9 FM & on
on Saturday from noon to 2PM w/ Trina Robbins (who rocks)

This list has:
1) Must See
2) Stuff about me (brief)
3) SF (Bay Area) Event listing
4) Good Folks playing other places
5) Art thing & artist I liked -this week
6) Place to send your art (calls for submission)
MUST SEE: Also come see:

February 10-Writers With Drinks - Make Out Room- 3225 22nd. St, SF-7:30-
9:30 PM-$3-$5


I got to see a great "Instant City" reading and Erotic Panel talk, did a
great radio interview with Mike Spiegelman (very funny) and Eric McFadden
(taleneted and sexy), and had lunch with some great folks.

More about my week at:
SF EVENTS: now- Feb 19 -more at


January 31- February 24- annual erotic art-City Art Cooperative Gallery- 828
Valencia S., SF
Gallery Hours: Wed to Sun, Noon to 9 pm show promises a lavish display of
erotic art expressing a wide range of yearnings, cravings, fantasies, and

Jan 19- April 1(Fri & Sat -8PM & Sun -3PM)- Emperor Norton- Shelton-533
Sutter St, SF

February 7- 10 - San Francisco Bluegrass Old-Time Festival -

February 7- 24-EROTIC SHOW-City Art Cooperative Gallery- 828 Valencia St.,
Gallery Hours: Wed to Sun, Noon to 9 pm

February 7-27-Erotic Art Show- Femina Potens -465 S. Van Ness, SF-7 ? 10pm
Featuring the work and dazzling, insightful words by Barbara Nitke, Michele
Serchuk, Midori, Paige White, Chanta Rose, Twincest, and Trouble Royale

February 7-High Contrast Comedy-SF Comedy Club- 50 Mason, SF- 8pm- $7
w/ Dattner

February 7-(wed)-BERZERKELEY SLAM -Starry Plough- 3101 Shattuck.
Berkeley-8:30-11pm. $7

February 7-(wednes)- Open Mic- Canvas Gallery - 9th Ave & Lincoln, SF -

February 7-(wednesdays)- Laugh Dammit! - SF Comedy Club -50 Mason, SF- 8PM-

February 7-(wednesdays)"ASK DR. HAL!"-12 Galaxies, SF-10PM
He knows everything and the show will be loads of laughs

February 7 (ist Wednes)- RETOOL & GRIND-Eros-2051 Market St SF- 7:00-9:00pm.
an open mic with men in towels walking through

February 8-(thurs) - Shorts Program-Henry Miller Library Highway One, Big

February 8-(thurs) -(every thurs)-Tourettes--METRO- 201 Broadway,
Oakland-8PM - $7

February 8-Little Minsky's -Club Deluxe- 1511 Haight, SF-9pm-$5
Odessa Lil - Delilah - Isis Starr - Ariyana La Fay - The Dimestore Dandy -

February 8- 20 - SF Independent Film Festival-

February 9,10,16,17- Crisis Hopkins- Dark Room-2263 Mission Street. SF-8PM-

Feb 9 & 10 - "Love Bites the Hand that Feeds It"- Theatre Rhino- 2926 16th
St., SF- 8PM-$15
Love takes its usual beating when the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco
presents  its annual anti-Valentine's Day cabaret,

February 9,10, 16,17-Primitive Screwheads-The Victoria Theater, SF- 11:45pm
- $15.25
20 minute sneak peak performance of the Primitive Screwheads? brand new
blood splatter show H 3-D: The True Tale of The Haddonfield Babysitter
Murder. A parody based on John Carpenter?s cult horror classic Halloween due
out in March. With Thowing Alice Scetch Comedy

February 9- Dattner with W. Kamau Bell-Sonoma State University- 450
Broadway, SF- 8pm

February 9-Women Rocking - El Rio! -3158 Mission, SF- 9PM
Julie Rosenthal-9pm Patty Boss-9:30pm Carrie Baum-10pm True Margrit-10:30pm
Judea Eden Band-11:15pm

February 9-The Heather Gold Show -Jewish Community Center- 3200 California
St., SF-8PM-$12
This American Life in real-time. Heather gathers people from very diverse
backgrounds and connects them around a passion so that the discussion has
many routes of curious inquiry connecting everyone to something of universal

February 9-Works in Progress - Garden Room-1300 Grand Street, Alamda-
Women's Open Mic: Singer/songwriter Stephanie Reif featured; hosted by Linda

February 9 - March 4-Big Death & Little Death - - $10-30
with special Pay-What-You-Can performances
follows two troubled and immensely likable teen siblings as they cope with
their Gulf-war vet father's strange expressions of post-traumatic stress,
the death of their mother in a mysterious car crash, an inappropriate
guidance counselor, and the ultimate career choice: "Should I go to college
or destroy the universe?" Complete with an enormous invisible dog and a
death-metal soundtrack, the dead spring to life and the living imitate the
dead in this dark comedy about the end of the world as we know it.

February 9-Comedy Showcase!-Usual Suspects Cafe- 450 Broadway Street, SF-
with Danny Dechi

Feb 10-Michael Rosen in Sexicon Art Show-Living Room Gallery-3230 Adeline
St., Berkeley-9PM
Open hours for the exhibition will be on February 24, 25, and March 10 and
11, from noon to 4pm

February 10-NPR Monthly Broadcast RC04: Indecency- SoEx,- 2901 Mission St.,
SF-1pm - 5pm
Neighborhood Public Radio Radio presents Scarlot Harlot and a host of
artists and activists for sex workers and indecent minds throughout the Bay
Area will talk about all the things the FCC thinks you shouldn't be talking
about in public. For more information visit

February 10-Dirty Hearts Club- Lexington- between Mission & Valencia St.,
Jill Parker & Rose Harden, the heart of Ultra Gypsy perform a saucy little,
gay little bellydance number

February 10-SF Premiere of Mojave Phone Booth -The Victoria Theater- 2961
16th St., SF-7PM
In the middle of the Mojave desert, just outside Las Vegas, rests an
abandoned phone booth, riddled with bullet holes, graffiti, its windows
broken, but otherwise functioning. For years, travellers would make the trek
down a lonely dirt road and camp next to the booth, in the hopes that it
might suddenly ring, and they could connect with a stranger - often from
another country. This is the story of four disparate characters whose lives
intersect with this mystical outpost, and the common voice they seek on the
other end of the line. Exploring themes of love, death, the mystery of the
universe, and the phenomenon of inter-connectivity

February 10 March 10-Prose & Poetry Reading Open mic-The Frank Bette Center
for the Arts- 1601 Paru St., Alameda- 7-9 PM.
Selene Steese and Jan Steckel hosted by Patricia Edith.

February 10 (Sat)-Dirty Little Secret-Empire Plush Room's, SF-11PM-$25
Part Camp, Part Burlesque, All Vaudeville baby

February 10-Shadow Circus Vaudeville Theatre - Kimos- 1351 Polk Street SF
Kitten on the Key & Bannana Peel, special appearances by Uni & Her Ukelele,
Coconut Cream and more! Combining folklore, mythology, Lovecraftian monsters
and pop-culture parodies

February 10-Writers With Drinks - Make Out Room- 3225 22nd. St, SF-7:30-
9:30 PM-$3-$5
Frank Portman (King Dork, The Mr. T Experience.) * Eric Spitznagel (Fast
Forward: Confessions of A Porn Screenwriter) * Marta Acosta (Happy Hour At
Casa Dracula) * Ahn-Hoa Thi Nguyen (Asian Pacific American Journal) * Angie
Krass (Sex, Jesus, Biscuits and Me) * Joan Price (Better Than I Ever
Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty)

February 11-TAUGSHOW-Exploratorium- Marina Blvd & Lyon Sts, SF-7:30 PM -$10
What should be a great, fun, and educational event by ReSearch Publications
The flat hierarchies of talk shows are about as subversive as NYC Democrats
smoking dope.

February 11-Bad Movie Night-Dark Room-2263 Mission Street. SF-8PM- $5 w/
2/4 -"Doom", 2/11- "Dune", 2/18 - "He-Man &Masters.."

Feb 12& March 12 -2nd Monday Storytelling Swap -The Frank Bette Center for
the Arts- 1601 Paru St., Alameda-7:30- 9:30pm
Featured storyteller followed by encouragement for experimentation with
storytelling tips, exercises, improv and word challenges to improve your
storytelling skills.

Feb 12- Comedy Showcase -Tommy T's Comedy Club -5104 Hopyard Road,
w/ Danny Dechi

February 13- Gun & Doll Show- Bottom of the Hill, SF- 9PM
with jackscrew

February 13-( tues night)-Poetry & Jazz Jam- Club Deluxe -1511 Haight
Street, SF-8:30- 11:30pm

February 13-(tues) - Speech Therapy- Anu-43 6th St., SF- 8:30PM- free

February 13- (tuesday night)- Soul Fo' Real- Club 6 -60 Sixth Street, SF-
Music and open mic

Feb 13-Indecent: How I Make It and Fake It as a Girl for Hire-Modern Times
Bookstore, SF-7PM

February 14-PILLOW FIGHT Day! - Justin Herman Plaza -Market & Embarcadero,
1) Tell everyone you know about Pillow Fight! 2) Tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW
about Pillow Fight!!! 3) Nothing in your pillow but pillow. 4) Don't hit
anyone with out a pillow. 5) Don't hit anyone operating a camera. Last
year's Pillow Fight was *amazing*!

February 14-The Otherwordly Erotic Reading- Borderlands Books- 866 Valencia
St., SF-7 pm
with Patrick Califia, Midori, Blake C. Aarens, MI Blue, emceed by Carol
Queen Valentine's Day is all-too-frequently full of roses and cow-eyed

February 14- Clarion Alley Mural Project Fundraiser - Balazo -2183 Mission,
Art, Music, kissing booth....

February 14-Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad-Red Devil Lounge, SF- 8 PM-.$12
It is a brand new show with comedy, music, spoken word and burlesque as
spoken word superstar Vanessa Hidary (HBO Def Comedy Jam and "The Tribe"),
comedians Cynthia Levin (Comedy Central), Heather Gold (The Hub), burlesque
duo, Sister Schmaltz and the boys of The Klezmer All-Stars Band....

February 14 -Valentine's Day Massacre!-Rockit Room- 406 Clement St., SF-8pm-
Featuring: Setoff - Progressive/Punk/Rock The Hacks - Garage/Punk/Grunge
Krawl- Metal/Rock Die Sister Die - Rock

February 15 -Emergenza Festival 2007-Rockit Room- 406 Clement St., SF-7:30
pm- $15
Ignit - Metal Bombshell Murders - Punk Hard Core Radiostar SF - Heavy Rock
3-Dead - Hard Rock Dammit! - Metal Punk Doc Freud - Rock Malcontent - Hard
Rock Cosa Nostra - Spanish Rock Dynamic Featuring Kimiko Joy - Alternative

February 15-Glen Meadmore and his Kuntry Band - Amnesia- 853 Valencia, SF
w/ Brian Kenny Fresno and Esmerelda Strange.

February 15-Ecstatic Monkey: Valentine Reading - Modern Times Bookstore,
SF-, 7:30PM
A Love-themed Reading in Honor of St. Valentine Featuring Ecstatic Monkey
Members: Kevin Hobson Amick Boone Claire Kiefer Marisa Crawford Jason Morris
Page McBee

February 15-Yes Go-Stork Club, Oakland -9PM

February 15- BEAR APPRECIATION NIGHT - Good Vibrations- 1620 Polk St., SF -
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Bear-a-licious readings to celebrate the Bear Conference! Otters and Bears
and Wolves... Oh My! an erotic reading featuring Patrick Califia, Ian
Phillips, Simon Sheppard, and Greg Wharton. Hosted by Dr. Carol Queen

Feb15-"Diamonds & Pearls, Agent Ribbons & Bows"-Space Gallery- 1141 Polk
St., SF-9PM-$5
With Uni and her Ukelele

February 16- Fluff Grrl- Ace Junkyard- 2255 McKinnon St., SF

February 16- Special Musical Comedy Showcase! -Spud's Pizza - 3290 Adeline
Street, Berkeley- 8PM- $7 --- W/ Danny Dechi

February 16- TAWDRY HEPBURN- The Otis Lounge-25 Maiden Lane, SF-8PM Free
w/ CD giveaways to those who arrive during the first hour.

February 16 & 17- MORTIFIED-Make-Out Room -3225 22nd St, SF-8pm- $12

February 16 Emergenza Festival 2007 -Rockit Room- 406 Clement St., SF-7:30
The Polluted Youth - Punk Alternative Beneath The Iorn Hell - Rock In Honor
of - Metal Core Disastroid - Garage Rock Motherhumbuckers - Power Pop Rock
Sueco - Rock Sagaval - Progressive Rock No Nothing Party - Punk Midnight
Echo - Rock Alternative

Febraury 17 & 18 - The Laundry Basket and Spiegelman show - The Comedy
Station-244 Taylor Street , SF-7PM-$10
The Laundry Basket and Spiegelman Show features America's favorite comedy
duo - an actual laundry basket and Mike Spiegelman - performing comedy
sketches about gritty cops, vampires, divorce, and Lassie. Plus, crazy
high-jinks! Also starring Bucky Sinister and Karen Spiegelman.

February 17-Tribute to James Brown- the Independent- 628 Divisadero Street,
SF -9PM -$15
Sila and the Afrofunk Experience, Dj Jeremiah and the Afrobeat Nation and DJ

February 17-BOHEMIAN CARNIVAL-DNA Lounge- 375 11th St., SF -9pm - $20
With your hosts: Vau de Vire Society And special guests: Kid Beyond, Cirque
Berzerk, Xeno, Laird - Klown Kollective .....

February 17- 5 Girls / 5 Guys, poetry / performance- Beat Museum, SF- 7-9pm

Feb 17 & March 17- 3rd Saturday "Island Women Write!" -The Frank Bette
Center for the Arts- 1601 Paru St., Alameda-1-3pm
All women writers of diaries, essays, journals, letters, memoirs,
non-fiction, novels, plays, poetry, and short stories welcome. Sharing of
support, constructive feedback, and friendship.

February 18-Bitesize -Stork Club - 2330 Telegraph Ave, Oakland- $7
with the Gazillions. BBQ show that starts at 3pm. Gazillions headline at
10pm. Bitesize goes on somewhere in the 8-10 pm range). Apparently this show
is themed as a birthday party for your cats, so wear a party hat and bring
your favorite childrens book to read. Cat attire preferred (but not
required). .

February 19-Beth Lisick's porchlight series- Cafe DuNord, SF- 8PM -$10
Raina Bird reads

February 19- SEXY SPANKING-Good Vibrations- Berkeley-8-10 pm-$25
Ever wanted to try “a little slap and tickle, but didn’t know how to start?
Dominatrix Extraordinaire Selina Raven will show you how to add spanking to
your foreplay repertoire.
LA Shows

Regulay film showcase- 7 DUDLEY CINEMA shows the following films at SPONTO
Gallery, 7 Dudley Ave, Venice, 310-306-7330, free admission, 8:00pm, Come early - seating is limited & 7pm


A podcast to check out:


Cool Photos

Update about the case of the WM3 - NEW DNA evidence.
SUBMIT HERE: (Places to show your art)

1) The 9th Annual SF IndieFest  festival is fast approaching....and we're
looking for your sweet, sweet volunteer lovin' to help make this festival
the bloody best we've had yet!

Whether you're an old-skool-volunteer-rockstar, new to the Fest, or just
plain curious about trading some time for tickets to killer indie films,
*WELCOME* and we appreciate your sheer interest in supporting independent
film (and SF IndieFest of course), on every imaginable level.

To simplify matters, this email is broken down into three sections--but if
you've got any further questions, don't hesitate to ask!
::1:: Volunteer Breakdown
::2:: How to sign up
::3:: Volunteer shifts 2/8-2/18

We hope you'll enjoy the films, filmmakers and festivities we've got lined
up for this year, and look forward to seeing you at the Fest!

Genuinely gargantuan gobs of gratitude,
-Alicia & the rest of the IndieFest crew (Jeff, Fay, Caitlin, Cat, Stacey,
Bruce, Babalou, Joanne + Jill)

*-*-*  *-*-*  *-*-*   *-*-*  *-*-*  *-*-*   *-*-*  *-*-*  
:: Alicia R. Perre-Dowd ::
:: :: 510.684.4070 (v/m)::

2) I recently learned of a contest being held by PBR, „Paint the Can,‰ which
asks artists to create their own interpretation of the PBR can in a painting
on canvas. (You "do not" actually paint onto a real can):

Winners receive $1500 and a 2-year supply of PBR (which, in the fine print,
amounts to a 24-can case every two months). You simply paint a piece, snap a
digital photo of it, and e-mail the jpg to PBR (you get to keep the painting
and don‚t have to deal with mailing it).

XOXO - have a beautiful and creative day
   Melinda, lilycat, Ms Kittywhore, Boom Boom
"Building community, helping good people, and promoting great art."

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.