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Environmentalists Not Buying Smart Meter Greenwash


Two weeks ago, Stop Smart Meters! went to the San Francisco Green Festival, where over 30,000 environmentalists converge twice a year to discuss the state of our environment and to pick up free samples of organic products.  So are ‘smart’ meters really green?  It seems like the only people who think so are those making large profits from tax and ratepayer funds flowing to the smart grid industry.  We’re talking about groups like EDF, whose board member Ann Doerr stands to make millions if ‘smart’ meters become ubiquitous.  Nothing like the smell of cold green cash to make you forget what’s happening to the Earth.
PG&E and other utilities have spent millions on public relations firms to convince the public that ‘smart’ meters will stop climate change and reduce energy consumption.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but as we know when profits are at stake, the truth means very little to PG&E, and other corporate investor owned utility companies, who go to extreme lengths to twist and obscure it.
The above interviews provide a small glimpse into how the public is being harmed by the continuing development of the ‘smart’ grid.  How can utilities claim that ‘smart’ meter health impacts are “psychosomatic” when many of the people who report such symptoms never knew that ‘smart’ meters pose a health risk, or even that they had one on the side of their home?
We spoke to hundreds of people at the Green Festival.  The public is clearly alarmed by the evidence of health harm, privacy violations, and fires that is coming to light.  This evidence- however- seems to matter very little to the regulators responsible for protecting the public.  Despite the lack of coverage in the mainstream media, when you get out and speak to people, they are angry- very angry about these issues.  The utilities and regulators would do well to sit up and pay attention to a growing public backlash against this technology – and not sit on their hands and wait for circumstances to force them to do their jobs.

Joshua Hart MSc   Director, Stop Smart Meters!

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