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The shooter set-up
Assassination of young children
another prearranged passion play
By John Kaminski

The lone nut theory is never true.

Corrupt cops are accessories to all these very public crimes designed in advance to achieve some broad social agenda.

These seem to be the two major lessons the increasingly outraged American public is beginning to learn.

The secondary lesson is that psychiatric drugging is a crucial precondition to the execution of these acts and, by implication, the entire psychiatric industry is a hoax used for multiple purposes harmful to the health of everyone who uses them.

The tertiary lesson is that a decades-long series of sensational atrocities have been planned and executed by a larger, secret entity that chooses elected officials, fixes elections, engineers wars, produces and distributes poisons, and manipulates public opinion in ways that are definitely not in the best interests of the majority of people anywhere, to keep secret an insane agenda of repression ultimately aimed to harm the health of the general population.

Twenty-six young children in Connecticut were butchered with automatic weapons by an alleged assassin reportedly carrying only pistols. As in all recent cases of highly suspicious public atrocities  from Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan to James Holmes and Adam Lanza  the alleged perpetrator is either conveniently dead or forever held incommunicado so that the public never receives his side of the story. If the alleged assassin remains alive, his mind is so addled by mysteriously prescribed medications that he is never able to coherently recount his actions.

Other contributors to these staged events of public are consistently seen running from the scene, incidents reported in the early versions but conveniently omitted from later, "official" reports of these events. 

This is the profile in Newtown, Connecticut, in Aurora, Colorado, and in virtually every highly visible mass murder event and assassination in recent memory.

Two men running from the scene were captured  and quickly dismissed as suspects  in Newtown. Multiple suspects were seen escaping the night of the theater shooting in Aurora. Subsequent versions of the two Kennedy assassinations of the 1960s have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that these murders were carried out by men other than the pair of patsies blamed for them. Ditto Martin Luther King.

The good news is that as never before, serious amateur investigators have pieced together relevant evidence much more valid than the official version of events.

Both Aurora and Sandy Hook
mentioned in Dark Knight Rises movie

Video from chopper shows
two other suspects nabbed by cops

Conspiracy Cafe speculates
three shooters at Sandy Hook

Fathers of both 'shooters'
witnesses in LIBOR scandal

Was Adam Lanza dead
before kids were gunned down?

Kazi Kearse analyzes
Dark Knight movie massacre

Henry Makow compares
Newtown shooting to 9/11 coverup

List of 66 school shooting
incidents involving SSRIs

George Freund analyzes 
Newtown police radio chatter

Connecticut police promise
to prosecute independent investigators

You get the picture. And this is only a small sampling of speculations and relevant data that are flying around the Internet. It figures that the cops would want to hush all this up. Because they, along with the psychiatrists and the maniac politicians who are trying to take guns away from everyone, are all part of this tragic coverup.

This is only a short survey that should be an encyclopedic book.

Every mass shooting every reported has a dark side that is never reported that the cops know about, the shrinks know about, and the politicians who are put in power by moneymen from behind the scenes not only know about but invent.

I didn't even mention the calculated mass hysteria from mainstream media celebrities who are a key part of this conspiracy against ordinary people to take away their guns, and further the plans of the world controllers to exterminate a larger part of the population of the planet.

In a very sad way, the murdered children of Newtown, Connecticut are a not-so-metaphorical representation of our own futures, an all-too-vivid forecast of what is about to happen to most of us if we allow the insane perverts who are running our government and ruining our lives to continue to remain in power and inflict their diabolical tricks on the innocent people of the world.

Time is running out for all of us who seek only to live and let live. We're all going to die unnatural deaths if we don't stop them now.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA.
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