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RFID AND RISKS TO PERSONAL CREDIT CARDS AND PRIVACY WITH ACA has metal protection for RFID. These are prevalent in toll plazas passports and soon with ACA to
be implanted at birth in every delivery and every medical visit for the total population to contain all medical records, civil and criminal records, passport IT all personal information ID and SSN with all financial transaction data in the central
Bluffdale, UT NSA Office of Information Awareness data base with all medical records cradle to grave.
This together with GPS on your cell phone and black box required on cars soon will provide full transparency to the federal government. It will also be used on family members even children who might discuss their parents having unregistered
When printed cash is obsolete and not continued, all credits/debits will be made from our own RFID chip  together with Driver's license, and all credit card information necessary up to date. If someone is of interest or UNDO BURDEN for the NWO the control of the card is closed centrally and person is located for re-education in a FEMA camp with a friendly psychiatrist's view of a Obedience Defiant Disorder to qualify as a label without any due process or defense whatsoever.
Arden Gifford, MD
Am Board Of Psychiatry 
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