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Who wins the Fay Gore Porn queen crown? Make one mistake with real victims and you're way done.

Fay Gore tea potties weighing 35 pounds each, say 5 pounds of BB's each and then 30 pounds of explosives, each, two exploding at the marathon finish line and Forum restaurant, several more retrieved unexploded by police, several more tossed at cops at Watertown, that has to be six or more Fay Gore tea potties. New Hampshire fireworks must have yielded 180 pounds of plain old black powder.

Two Jeff Baumans. One would be enough.

FBI Bangkok and Seattle APEC pedo blackmail porn(Insight mag Paul Rodriguez story) pales in comparison of FBI pornsters pushing huge 35 pound Fay Gore cookers into tiny unzipped under age college book bags. Fay Gore porn queens parading in shrapnel shredded bikinis, with Krystle Campbell delivering Fay Gore by caesarean, just one thing though, no blood on any shrapnel-shredded clothing--PG-rated Fay Gore porn?!--no blood on shrapnel vics. Fay Gore porn at its funky best. 

Dr. Gregory Antoine claims to have treated Jeff Bauman in the medical tent, which I guess he did very quickly while Bauman was being rolled through: "Of dozens Antoine helped treat, two stand out: One was a man who had both his legs blown off. As Antoine worked on him, drapes concealed everything but the man's mangled limbs. A couple of days later, Antoine realized it was the person in the iconic photo  Jeff Bauman being wheeled to a makeshift medical tent."


The drapes are a nice touch. Now let's check in with Jim Asaiante, a former Army nurse, and his sidekick, Stephen Segatore: "Asaiante and Segatore rushed from the medical tent to the finish line to tend to the wounded. The stench of burning flesh hung in the air. Blood pooled on the sidewalk. People bleeding from lost limbs were already being carried toward the tent, so the two nurses stopped and headed back."


The stench of burning flesh? That's a new one. And somehow the photographers and camera operators missed all those people with lost limbs being carried to the tent immediately after the blast. Here's some more from the same article: "Segatore had just worked to save a man who had lost both his legs when a woman [identified in the report as Campbell] arrived in critical condition, struggling to breathe  Along with a doctor and emergency medical technician, Segatore scanned her wounds, mostly on the left side of her body. One leg was twisted backwards, and she had a wound near her left hip. She had black markings on her head, possibly residue from being so close to the blast."


So he too worked on Jeff in the medical tent? And Campbell as well? Weren't we initially sold the story that Bauman was rushed straight through the tent and into a waiting ambulance? And what's with Campbell's leg being twisted backwards? It was straight on the gurney, so how did it get twisted backwards again? And I'm having trouble seeing those black markings on her head in the image below, which I'm guessing was taken while Dr. Panter was working on Jeff and Krystle side-by-side, after she had been pulled out from under him.



In another report, Segatore had more to say about his alleged experiences that day: "'I ran out and saw people who were missing legs and part of their face and part of their abdomen,' he said Monday evening. `My training prepared me for what to do, but nothing can ever really prepare you for what you see.'" Elsewhere in the same report we find this: "One of his first patients was a young woman, he thinks maybe 20 or 22 years old, whose abdomen was torn open. Her left leg was broken and facing the wrong way and she wasn't breathing." And this: "Working alongside Segatore in Tent A was Jim Asaiante, a nurse in the emergency room at the UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. Asaiante didn't run out after the explosion."


Now I'm getting really confused. So Campbell's abdomen was torn open? Was that airbrushed out in the pics of her where it can clearly be seen that there is no damage to her abdomen? Just like the black spots on her head were apparently airbrushed out? And why did Segatore claim in one report that Campbell was struggling to breathe while in another he says that she wasn't breathing at all? Also, why does one report claim that Asaiante rushed to the scene while another claims that he stayed at the tent? And where exactly in the available photos might we find those people who had part of their faces and abdomens blown off?


Is it common practice, by the way, for a woman who is allegedly in traumatic arrest and just minutes away from death to be passed around like a hot potato to every doctor and nurse in the greater Boston area?


Nurse Alix Coletta saw "Three people carr[y] in a woman. One of her legs was blown off. Someone was holding it. The woman was `dripping blood all over' and `wailing in pain.'" So now we know why there were no severed limbs at the crime scene  people apparently picked them up and carried them to the medical tent, where they were probably running a `cash for legs' program.


A New York Daily News report published the day of the marathon is filled with what appear to be completely fraudulent `witness' accounts, such as the claim by a John Ross that "Somebody's leg flew by my head." And the claim by a Tim Davey that he was in the medical tent when "They just started bringing people in with no limbs." No limbs at all? So they were just torsos? Then there is the tale told by a Lance Svendsen, who saw "one lady who looked like she didn't make it. Another gentlemen, he was a runner, and he was missing both of his legs below the knee. He was oddly calm, but his family all around him were freaking out."


No clue who that might be. Jeff Bauman wasn't a runner and he didn't have his family all around him. And no runners were actually injured at all that day. These appear to be completely manufactured statements from people who likely don't actually exist.


Who else might have an interesting story to tell? Finish line coordinator Tom Meagher boldly claimed that he "actually saw bodies flying." Then there is Rhode Island State Trooper Roupen Bastajian, who "started running toward the blast. And there were people all over the floor  We started grabbing tourniquets and started tying legs. A lot of people amputated. ... At least 25 to 30 people have at least one leg missing, or an ankle missing, or two legs missing."


No shit, Roupen? 25 to 30 people with amputated limbs all in one place? Someone should have gotten a photo of that! I'm wondering, by the way, if the people who were missing an ankle were also missing a foot, or if it was just the ankles that were blown off? And were there any people who were missing knees but still had their lower legs? Just curious.


As absurd accounts go, you'd have to search pretty thoroughly to find one that tops this: "Bruce Mendelsohn, 44, was in an office above the finish line, celebrating the successful marathon of his brother, an assistant U.S. Attorney in Newark, when the blast threw him off the couch, he said." So a blast that didn't knock people over who were standing 15-20 feet away knocked him right off his couch? I hope he wasn't seriously injured.


We haven't heard from Cowboy Carlos for a while now, so let's check in with him. In reference to Bauman's favorite shirt, Arredondo has said that, "this dark area was on fire" when he got to Jeff. Really? So not only was the poor guy bleeding out from both legs, but he was actually on fire as well, and still no one came to his assistance for several minutes? What does a guy have to do to get a helping hand in Boston these days?


Speaking of Carlos, he recently revised his story via a Facebook post. Actually, it's probably more accurate to say that his handlers had him revise his story in an effort to explain away some major discrepancies. His new story goes a little something like this: "This is Carlos. I want you all to hear my version of what happened at the Boston Marathon because though many journalists did do a good job, there were several stories that I have read recently that had some errors   I was at street level and Mel was in the stands  As soon as I heard the bombings, I jumped fences and began tearing the barricade fences out of the way so rescuers could get to the injured. Once on the other side, I took several pictures with my camera. Then I saw many injured, tried to comfort some and then went to Jeff who was alert but terribly wounded. I ripped clothing to give to an MD who applied tourniquets to Jeff Bauman. An Asian women was nearby with an empty wheelchair. I helped to lift Jeff onto the chair. Everyone went running but one of the tourniquets was caught in the wheelchair so we stopped. I ripped off the extra fabric and held the bandage (what many people throught was an artery) until we reached an ambulance. I stayed with Jeff until the ambulance where again I lifted him into the ambulance. The personnel asked for his name so I asked Jeff his name. He said Jeff Bauman and began spelling his last name and then he left for the hospital."


So Carlos wasn't pinching his femoral artery shut? Then why did he even need to be there? What purpose was he actually serving? Oh yeah  that's right  I almost forgot that that `iconic' wheelchair shot wouldn't have been nearly so iconic without the cowboy hero.


It's good to know that, before offering help to any of the victims, Carlos paused first to grab his camera and take some shots as keepsakes. You don't see that kind of thing everyday, I suppose. And it's also good to know that the processional was stopped to free one of the tourniquets that was caught in the wheelchair, except that in the money shots taken after the adjustment the tourniquet can still be seen tangled in the right front wheel. We've also learned that Carlos only helped lift Jeff into the wheelchair, even though Jeff has given Carlos sole credit for doing so. And we've learned that Bauman not only gave his name to Carlos but also spelled it for him, and yet Carlos couldn't remember it when interviewed not long after.


Some of Carlos' earlier accounts, like this one, were a bit more colorful: "I jumped the fence after the first explosions and all I saw was a puddle of blood and people with lost limbs. I saw adults, much younger than myself -- ladies, men, pretty much everyone was knocked out  It broke everybody's legs. Two ladies at my left side were knocked unconscious. They lost their legs. I was putting pieces of clothing on their legs to stop the bleeding and called for assistance. Someone came and we helped get them in wheelchairs."


So everyone was out cold? All the photos make it appear as if none of the victims, not even Krystle Campbell, were unconscious, but I suppose it is best if we trust what Carlos has to say rather than relying on our own eyes. Carlos did though forget to mention that he had an accomplice that day, a certain John Mixon. As far as I know, Arredondo has never really mentioned Mixon's heroic deeds, but Mixon hasn't been shy about praising his cowboy buddy. The two were supposedly there to support the Run for the Fallen organization, which, given that it has these two poseurs as members, probably isn't what it is supposed to be.


The first blast, according to Mixon, "knocked me right out of the bleachers." The blast was so strong that it knocked Mixon out of the bleachers, threw Bruce Mendelsohn off his office couch, and knocked over a runner who was about 100 years old. According to one account, "Mixon and Carlos Arredondo  charged across the street to help the spectators who had lined up behind a snow fence four and five deep to watch the finish. What they encountered was worse than anything Mixon, a Vietnam veteran, had seen overseas. `When we got over there, it was just a pile of bodies  people with legs missing,' Mixon said Monday evening. `It was absolutely like a war scene. This was worse, because it was all innocent people, just defenseless. They were just lying in a pile, gunpowder all over them, burnt.'"


Worse even than Vietnam? That's kind of hard to believe. And what's with the victims being covered with gunpowder? Doesn't that usually burn up in the blast? Isn't the instantaneous combustion of the gunpowder what propels all the shrapnel? Was one of the `terrorists' walking around sprinkling gunpowder on people so that they could then light them on fire?


In another account, Mixon "caught up to Arredondo, who had vaulted the fence and was kneeling beside a man whose legs had been blown off. `Carlos was putting a tourniquet on him made from a flag,' Mixon said. `He was a real hero.' Mixon said he and Arredondo helped lift the man into a wheelchair and then the two men lost each other. `I lost Carlos in the crowd,' Mixon said. `When he made it back to me later, he was covered in blood.'"


So Mixon helped out with Bauman as well? Jeff sure had a lot of guardian angels that day. But what, I'm naturally wondering, happened to that flag tourniquet? I've been thinking that there was something missing from that `iconic' wheelchair shot and now I know exactly what it was. How ballsy is it, by the way, to claim that Carlos was "covered in blood" when we can see for ourselves in the widely circulated images that he clearly isn't? But that didn't stop Theresa Panter from telling the very same lie about her husband, so why should it stop Mixon?


The reality is that none of the responders on the scene that day came anywhere close to being "covered in blood." In fact, the vast majority of them didn't get so much as a single drop of blood on their clothes, or even on their hands. In the scene below, for example, you'd be hard-pressed to pick out a single responder with any blood on them at all. You might also notice that neither Dr. Spielberg nor Carlos are actually helping anyone.



Returning now to Mixon, he has also said that what he experienced was "was like a war zone  It was like 9/11 with a front-row seat."


Yes, it was exactly like 9-11  except that there were allegedly three people dead rather than 3,000, and instead of billions of dollars in property damage, there were a few broken windows. But other than that, it was exactly like 9-11 all over again.


Yet another report holds that "Mixon said Arredondo, a Costa Rica native, went to a man who lost both his legs in the explosion and fashioned a tourniquet out of a T-shirt. When a woman brought around a wheelchair, Mixon and Arredondo helped get the man on and Arredondo and a medic led him to an ambulance. In some images, Arredondo appears to be pinching the victim's severed artery shut."


So the tourniquet wasn't fashioned out of a flag? Uncle Sam obviously hired some really bad liars to take part in this operation. Can't you people just choose a lie and stick with it? I know it's kind of hard when all the photographic evidence contradicts you, but the newer lies aren't any better than the older ones so you may as well just stick to your original lies.


Mixon has told at least one other wholly original lie, which goes like this: "All the bodies were there and people were struggling, like, to climb over it -- they were kind of trapped with nowhere to go."


So the temporary fencing was hastily torn down to free the victims? Because they were trapped behind it with nowhere to go? All the non-actors on the scene, of course, had no trouble at all getting the hell out of Dodge, but all the people Mixon saw were clawing their way through the fencing.


Let's move along now to Mery Daniel, who has a rather tragic story to tell: "'And I was on the floor and I still didn't understand what was happening,' she recalled. `When I looked next to me there was a woman, with the arms were gone. And that's when I understood something very tragic had just happened.' Mery lost her left leg and much of the back of her right leg was blown away. Unconscious, she was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital. It was two days before she woke and discovered the extent of her injuries."


You all already know Mery, but you know her as Redcoat and you undoubtedly had no idea she had suffered such terrible injuries. I'm really starting to wonder when all the medical malpractice lawsuits are going to be filed. Because if I were transported to the hospital in the same condition as Mery in the image below, and I didn't wake up for two days and when I did, I was missing a leg, I don't know that I'd be too happy about that. I think I might have asked the doctors if maybe we could just try a few stitches rather than going straight for the bone saw.



By the way, what do you suppose happened to that woman who was next to Mery who had both her arms blown off? We haven't heard much about her. She doesn't appear to be in any of the available images and the media has never mentioned her. She most likely died, because if shrapnel ripped off both her arms, it must have shredded her torso as well. Or did it just hit both her arms but not between them? This was pretty selective shrapnel, after all, so I suppose that is possible.

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