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GRAYLING, MI -- A man was slain in his home after refusing to give his 3-year-old son to state. A year later, no reforms have been made and children are still being abducted for absurd reasons.

On February 2, 2012, a snitch called the government with the report of smelling a forbidden plant and hearing a loud phone conversation in the home of William Reddie, age 32. There was no evidence of child neglect, and no evidence that the scent was actually marijuana. There was no evidence that a law had been broken.

Within hours, CPS and police arrive to abduct Reddie's 3-year-old son. Reddie does not submit and relinquish his boy to the strangers. The intruders kill Reddie, while holding a pocket knife. He died of gunshots to the chest at close range.

"They took the only thing he ever loved," Reddie's mother.

Toxicology reports showed no evidence of marijuana or alcohol use. For the good of the child, strangers in costumes came into the family's home and murdered a father in front of his boy.

“I can’t believe they (police) could not subdue Will without killing him, and over what, marijuana,” said Joanne Michal, who knew Reddie for half of his life. “Why didn’t police just arrest him or cite him for marijuana instead of removing his child?”,0,5398810.story
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