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The Drug Enforcement Administration is spying on Americans and treading on our rights in the name of the drug war.

Earlier this week, journalists discovered that the DEA is secretly using National Security Agency and CIA intelligence to spy on and arrest Americans for drugs.  On top of that, the DEA is lying about and covering up where they're getting the information and directing partner agencies to do the same, so no one is being held accountable!  

The DEA's collaboration with the NSA, CIA and other agencies to spy on American citizens in the name of the war on drugs is a blatant abuse of power that strips Americans of their fundamental constitutional rights. Moreover, the DEA and its partners are creating fake investigative trails to disguise where the information originated, a scheme that has robbed defendants of their right to a fair trial.

The DEA is spying, lying and using the war on drugs to trample the rights of Americans. But Congress has rarely held hearings on the DEA, its actions or its efficacy. Now we have an opportunity to change that. We need to pressure Congress to immediately investigate this scandal. That's why I wrote my members of Congress urging them to hold hearings on the DEA.

Will you join me to help to stop this outrageous abuse of power? Demand your members of Congress to hold hearings on the DEA now! Click here to make your voice heard: 

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