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10/24 - Thursday

North Bay folks. Go to 19 Broadway. Yes, this means YOU.
I personally know almost every person playing.
An Evening of Sonic Shamanistic Alchemy with...

A dear, old friend of mine has figured a few things out. And she would love to share...
Rapport Building Workshop _Oct. 24th FREE in SF.
"Please Join us for this hands on workshop designed to teach you techniques to build better rapport with others.
You will walk away with a clear understanding of how we and our unconscious decides to trust other people. We will learn tools that create situations that allow others to open up to us."

Back to Oakland and some bad ass jams! New Parish presents:
Join LYNX to celebrate the release of her BRAND NEW ALBUM 'LIGHT UP YOUR LANTERN' !!! Come and enjoy an evening of music featuring LYNX and her new Live band!!
Also joining us will be special featured guest LILA ROSE!!!
also performing: The Genie- scratch guitar/g-mixing innovator

10/25 - Friday 

Yeah, I live in Martinez. Not a lot happens out this way.
Until THIS Friday. Ever been to Port Costa? It's about time!
It is one of those "exists outside of time" places. 
I used to work the Renaissance Faire with those puppets ('99). Ever see a wooden puppet cum on stage? That's what I said. 
"Help us ring in Halloween early with the macabre swamptastic sounds of Ragwater Revue and The Slow Poisoner with fiendish puppetry by Dangerous Puppets!"

Support some live performance in the Mission!
Songs from the Cabaret Rock Opera "The Seven Deadly Pleasures" by Allison Lovejoy and Geoff Ball - fundraiser cabaret.
Some of my favorite performers.

You want big and bad (in a good way)?
19th ANNUAL FREAKER'S BALL!!! at Public Works in SF.
By Raindance Presents and Dax Lee

You want smaller and bad (in a good way)?
Back over to F8 for DJ Denise and DJ Chai and MORE...

Late night House music party in SF? I have no idea...

10/26 - Saturday 

Family Fun for you party people. Ghostship? Almost.
PIER 70 BUILDING 12. From NOON  5PM / 22nd St @ Illinois St

Gear up for the Apocalypse! Or Bunring Man. Same thing.
Sustainable Living Roadshow Yard Sale @ SLR Storage Lot
61st Street and Marshall Street in Oakland
We will be selling all of the stuff in our (5) shipping containers, including all the gear listed in the sales deck below:

Begin your night in SF with some storytelling at FreeSpace.
"SpokesPeople" are nice people.

Another late night House music party in SF? Why would think I would know about that? Oh, right.
Perfect Driver Music Presents: 
Robot Ears with Sam Paganini and my pal Keith Kraft!
(I'll see you here. My 9th party with these folks.)

SOoooo...while I am at that private thing YOU go to FreeSpace for the next Spokespeople Storytelling show.

10/27 - Sundays

Something coming here....Aha! ClouD9 does it again!
Kid friendly too!
***Horrifyingly Healthy Ghoulishly Good Halloween Treats Recipe Demo with Vegan Iron Chef winner***
Pumpkin carving contest, music, good food...

10/31 - All Hallow's Eve. Nope. 

Nothing happening.....

11/2 - Saturday later.

I'll see you at the door of InnerMissionSF for Lord's gathering.
(The 3rd memorial I've "worked" the door for.)

11/3 - Sunday later

Whatever you do. Do NOT go to this. I'm sure you won't like it.
I'm sure.

11/6 - Wednesday in the future

Fireside Storytelling still has some scare left...
Maybe I will be in this one?

11/7 - Thursday - in the future...

Beat Church brings you the best! Again!


Oshan Anand is BEGINNING a 12+ year sentence.
Find out the latest at:

>>>>>Other Stuff<<<<<

>>My favorite Storytelling show? FIRESIDE!
Every first Wednesday in SF.
Always a great show and sometimes I'm on stage!

>>The other monthly show you should NEVER miss?
Jamie DeWolf will never disappoint you Oakland!

>>Want something pretty...that used to be dead? (Some of it was never alive anyways... If that helps.)

>>Looking for friendly luxury?
Visit my dear friend Illy McMahan at:
at 2391 Mission, SF. Ready to please. 

>>Dig my Earrings? Check out my pal Mutt Mule.

>>My Kilt? Tim Gallagher can help.
Say "ISAAC sent me!" for a good discount on the kilt plus two free pockets!

>>Best SF Bar for Best Variety of Events night after night? -----F8-----
(the old Icon Lounge)--- 1192 Folsom ..or.. 

>>Good place for variety in Berkeley?
ClouD 9 over off Gilman.
Gotta get on the mailing list for this special spot. Live music, workshops, raw chef classes, crazy yoga, funk music, afrobeat, and archery now and then.

What else?
Oh yeah...Oakland and beyond events that I can't even keep up with..Sarah Sexton will help you with that. 
I trust her. She is Oaktown Indie Mayhem!
Lots of live music at Awaken Cafe and beyond.


And whatever the East Bay Bicycle Coalition tells you to do...there you go!

Annd anything George Kaskanlian Jr. is involved in.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.