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Time to speak up. THIS trail closure thing is UN AGENDA 21 see
Dear friends,

I am very concerned about this new trail plan proposed by Marin Parks would make it completely illegal to go off trail in Fairfax and San Anselmo parks.  While I am a big supporter of caring for our trails and resources I also find it very important for all of us to have the right to explore nature off the beaten path. 

Please sign and forward this very important petition.

Comments on it are due Dec 2nd.  If you are particularly concerned like me, please consider writing an email letter which will certainly be worth more than a simple signature. This is all due by Dec 2nd.

If being able to hike the fantastic trails of our Valley and surrounding hills is important to you, please be aware that the Open Space District has been working on a plan that appears to severely impact public access to the entire area and close many existing trails entirely. Over hundreds of pages there is a surprising lack of specificity regarding which trails may be closed.

The Road and Trail Management Plan and Environmental Impact Report may be read or downloaded here:

The period for public comment on the plan closes December 2, 2013. (NOT a typo!)

A website opposing the plan has been set up by Jack Gescheidt of San Geronimo:

A petition is available at:

Submit written comments to:

James Raives 
Marin County Open Space District 
3501 Civic Center Drive, Suite 260 
San Rafael, CA 94903-4157 
(415) 473-3745 
(415) 473-3795 (Fax)
For e-mailed comments, please include the phrase "RTMP TPEIR" in the subject line.  
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.