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Apparently the Media is well aware that Noah Pozner's picture is being used as a prop but they don't care.


Question for EMT's: if I had both my legs BLOWN OFF just below the knee, how many minutes would it take for me to BLEED OUT? 1 or 2 ?

Boston Bombing Bamboozle indeed 35,574 views

ANSWER: I would bleed out in 1, half my blood gone. I would be DEAD in 2 minutes. GoodBye.

The alleged double amputee is in the background of the pic of the girl wearing the orange shredded sweater ..@ 1:47 the one with the grey hoodie and sun glasses .. and the girl in front of him was in his "lap" during the fake amputee switch .. hummm very interesting that no one put this photo with the other ones regarding Jeff B double amputee
Boston Marathon BUSTED WIDE OPEN ~fool me once, shame on you, fool me...

Carlos "Cowboy" Arrendando of Boston Bombing HOAX fame is EXPOSED in this brilliant documentary. What a Creep

good point.
who knows for sure. but there are certainly a lot of anomalies surrounding this one. stock shares sell off. confirmation plane actually landed. etc etc. 
nuthin new. 
AirAsia Another DUMMY
We got another DUMMY!!! More footage from the rescue of the supposed crashed AirAsia QZ8501 TAGS - airasia, qz8501, airplane, plane, plane crash, dummy, occu... 
Former worker of Bohemian Grove speaks out about the club and its members 

False Flags & Crocodile Tears...
NYC Assassination Hoax - Public Theater
Obvious Staged Hoax is OBVIOUS

MUST SEE! Tatoott1009 covers the Noah Pozner / Pakistan sandy hook issue..
Also.. he goes over other false flags.    Here is the video:
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