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Do you know which plastics are safe? I'm sure you already know to avoid BPA, but now BPS (which has been replacing BPA) has been found to be MORE toxic. Are you getting confused?
Read up on which plastics are safe and which ones should be avoided at all costs,
Have you changed your plastic habits lately? What have you done?

Ten reasons not to vaccinate

Lower oil price not good
Remember sub-prime mortgages?

Adam (no motive) Lanza exposed ! Adam Lanza - Mind Over Motive

Did Mossad Do Charlie Hebdo? San Francisco Tour (1977) 
1977 - Home Movie of San Francisco. At 2:00 you will see "The Copper Penny", a franchise chain owned by the I.H.O.P. people. It was located on the northwest corner of Geary and Masonic. Do you remember where the "Front Room Pizza" was?
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