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By dumping FLUORIDE into our water supplies, it has become a multi-billion dollar business for the Aluminium, Fertiliser and Pharmaceutical companies. Ironically, the FLUORIDE used in rat poisons, 1080 fox baits, exterminators, tranquillisers, nerve gas and much more; is also used in toothpastes, FLUORIDE tablets, asthma ventolins, many medicines, baking sodas, fizzy drinks, underarm deodorants, processed foods, many water supplies, and all food made with 'treated' (poisoned) water.

FLUORIDE in very small amounts causes loss of magnesium and calcium; causes cancer and dna damage 

New video footage by First Immune shows natural GcMAF treatment for cancer in action! Watch as activated macrophages attack breast cancer cells in vitro and completely destroy them!

All Fish from Pacific Tested Positive for Fukushima Radiation
Studies shown all fish gathered from Pacific had Fukushima radiation contamination. Even the mass media reported it. Still many people eating sushi... 
When False Flags Don't Fly

Virginia Shooting: Meet the Actors
This is a Novel approach, use people who have acting backgrounds for your fake hoax events lol. What event haven't we seen real bad actors involved? Although...

Absolute Proof Virginia TV Anchor Shooting is a Gun Control Zionist Plot With revelations thanks to our posters The Zionist criminal minds are at it once again,...
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