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CCP takeover of USA
Jason Reigelsperger3 January at 19:27  ·
you need to watch before they take it down

Things China Doesn't Want You To Know 

Sargon of Akkad 
Biden's inauguration lacked a crucial component: the American people.

Lauren Southern 
My predictions for the Biden / Harris administration!

Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE

1/21/2021 -- Large M7.0 Earthquake strikes West Pacific / Indonesia / Philippines -- UNREST OBVIOUS

This is what actually caring about the health of your people looks like.

FBI affidavit in re: Simone Gold's "crime" in the Capitol
She was certainly there, and made a speech. As the crowd had been
ushered in by Capitol police—as several videos have made inarguably
clear—she rightly assumed that it was legal to be on the premises. 
That was a crime? If so, my sharing this—and your reading it—could
easily be crimes as well.

An0maly - News Analysis & Hip-hop Psy-Op Exposed! 
Why Are These People Lying To Us? 

Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Biden by GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Press Release: For Immediate Release:  
We must save free speech before it's gone forever
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