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Animals depend on native plants for food and shelter.
Learn natives and how to plant them; ask local elders.
Gather seeds locally; within 100 to 1,000 meters of planting, 5 km max.
Plants evolve local genes uniquely suited to each geography and microclimate.
Reclaim land damaged by roads, buildings, parking lots, imported plants.



911 - Inside Job

24 websites to prove it
9/11/2001: Military STANDDOWN of all interceptor aircraft. In the year prior to 9/11/2001 Military Fighter Intercepts were routinely scrambled 67 times. Takes an F16 10 minutes to scramble. 6 Minutes on Red Alert. What happened on 911? Mysterious collapse of World Trade Center 7 / @ 5:20pm Unexplained "PUT" options on UAL and American Airlines Week Prior to 911, traced back to CIA bond trading office Alex Brown, (Buzzy Krongard), Ex Deputy Dir CIA: - - - - - -

This is the most detailed map available, but it virtually ignores all the Redwoods in Santa Cruz County.

California Native Plant Society

Friends of the Urban Forest - SF

Canopy plants trees in Palo Alto



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very fun animations of Bush regime, etc.


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maps :: CA, US historical maps, including early indian tribes


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