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San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood transforms into Black Top City 
this Saturday at
Sunday! And--HOORAY!--are excited!! Come by right at noon. You won't 
want to miss ANYTHING!

This year you can tune into Radio Free Burning Man, which will 
be broadcasting a 15 watt, FCC-compliant radio station at 99.5 FM. You 
will get it in the general area around the neighborhood and should tune 
in to get important information and music as you are parking.

8 ways you can help make Decompression even better!

1. Arrive festively attired, bring art to add to the day, and a picnic 
for the park.

2. Take mass transit or bike to the FaIRE! to cut down on parking waits 
and impact on the neighborhood. If driving, park on 3rd Street or in a 
lot near Pac Bell Park.

3. Thinking about getting changed in the street? Please don't...A 
personal request from the people that live in the neighborhood and 
don't want to see you naked and green--even if you are kind of cute!

4. Be quiet and courteous of neighbors on the way in and out; and pick 
up any debris on the street and surrounding blocks.

5. Sign up with Volunteer check-in at Playa Info, near the entrance to 
volunteer during Decompression. We need help to clean-up Esprit Park at 
10pm and all of Indiana Street and surrounding blocks at Midnight.

6. All art cars, theme camps and art placed on Indiana Street must move 
to a legal parking spot at MIDNIGHT when the street re-opens.

7. Remember that ALL vehicles, theme camps and art of every kind must 
be entirely off of Indiana Street by 2am, so the street sweeper can 
come through. That also goes for 19th St and 20th St between Indiana 
and Minnesota.

8. Grab a garbage bag on your way out and pick up some trash so we can 
leave things cleaner than we found 'em!

Full schedule will be posted to the Decompression section of the 
Burning Man website Thursday!!!


Burning Man DECOMPRESSION 04: The 5th annual HEAT THE STREET F(a)IRE!
INDIANA STREET bet. Mariposa and 21st in SF
See for details and schedule to be posted Thursday

Main Entrance: 19th and Minnesota
$10 Black Rock City attire; $20 street wear; Shine or Rain
All ages outdoors (kids under 12 free); 21+ inside Cocomo
Esprit Park closes and outdoor sound ends 10pm
Street F(a)IRE! ends at midnight; Cocomo closes 1:30am
PLEASE take public transit/carpool/bike or park on 3rd St. or 3 Com 
Respect the neighbors; don't park in driveways. LEAVE NO TRACE!

This is your invitation to decompress with playa artists, theme camps 
and performers from across the universe at our 5th Anniversary Heat The 
Street F(a)IRE!

We'll have out-of-this-world art and theme camps, processions, and 
all manner of Burning Man 2004 Vault of Heaven theme art. The 
festivities will be spread over 4 blocks, an art park, 3 stages, an 
indoor club with patio and multimedia wall of new Burning Man imagery! 
Bring interactive games and food for a BYO picnic. Bring your art, 
theme camps and Burning Man videos/imagery. Express yourself and dress 
your playa best! Outside we will be creating "Black Top City" all over 

FEATURING: A multitude of category-defying art, interactive 
performers, live music, theme camps, art cars, Black Rock City DJs, and 
all manner of Vault of Heaven pARTicipation, including YOU!

ART by: Andrew Harth, Arthur Zwern (and crew), Brad Templeton, 
Brandon Crain, Brandon Voss, Christopher Schardt, D'andre, Donivan Fox, 
The Flaming Lotus Girls, Hedley Davis, Ian Baker and Morley John, Jack 
Haye, Jacob Z, Jim Bowers, Jim Hobson, Shannon Dodge, Sherry Tobin, 
Simran Gleason, Tim Thompson, Todd Rowan, and many wonderful fire 
artists and art cars, including: Rebecca Caldwell's Carthedral, Nod 
D'Nal's Caulk It, Bruce Bjerk's Drala the Dragon, Darwin, Harrod 
Blank's Oh My Gawd! and Pico De Gallo, Glenn Garces' Priscilla 101, 
Starboy's "Winkle", The Disco Rod, Ambience Ambulance, The Love Sub, 
Glitterati, Fish Amok, Paint Da Bus, The Star Car, The Yot Tub, Ganesh 
Express, The Pink Bike Rickshaw, and so many many more!

THEME CAMPS and Burning Man Depts: Billion Bunny Voyage to Lepus 
Landia (bring a T-shirt for a transfer!), Black Rock Arts Foundation, 
Black Rock Gazette, Black Rock Roller Disco, Black Rock BierGarten, 
BMIR, Burning Moms (bring your little ones!), Camp Jonestown, 
Catadomes, Census, Citrus Camp, Deep End, DPW, Free Form Radio 
(broadcasting at 99.5 FM), Frostromo, Furtographer, GOOFERville, 
Greeters, Hookahdome, House of Lotus, I/O Collective, Tranquility Bass, 
Liquid Latex Lounge, Lush, Mez, Mind Shaft Society, One People Voice, 
Naked Funk, Opulent Temple of Venus, Pink Mammoth, Piss Clear, Planet 
Wow/Magic Bus, Plant Trees, Playa Info, Playa Video RFBM, Seven 
Sisters, Smiters, Space Cowboys/UNIMOG, Spike's Vampire Bar, Starfucks, 
TBD, Teepee (Fudo myoo last year), Temple Of Joyous Laughter, The Lost 
Penguin, The Midnite Popcorn Palace and more, more more!

PERFORMERS: Adam Ohana, Adnan, Attaboy & Burke, Awsome Energy Elves, 
Tim Barsky, Black Edgar's Music Box, Bhakti Rasa, Black Rock City 
Fashion Show, Black Rock Opera, Boom Tribe, CaroLuna, Catharsis, Cirque 
du Flambe, Controlled Burn, Cuatro Caminos, Cybervixen, Dream Matrix, 
Doreen & Tamara, Dub Pscience, Estratosphere, Summer Evert, Danny 
Heins, EOTOE, Fire Arts Collective, Michael "Firefingers" Olsen, 
Goddess of Funk, Gooferman, Glitter Godess, DJ Helgabunny, Hypknowtek, 
Infinite Kaos, JazKat's FuNkoPoLis!, Jeno, Justin Credible, Kepi & Kat, 
Kerri Kresinski, Kiernan, Laird, Marisa Lenhardt, Mark Cate, Little 
John, DJ Lorin, Onemancircus Tully Gehan, Lipstick Conspiracy, Nasu, 
Obadayo, Ooah, One People Voice Company (monkey chant and Balinese 
Gamelon orchestra)The Pine Box Boys, Pink Man, Protection, Pyrosutra, 
Rosin Coven, Will Grant, Rodger & Ro, Sparkluscious, Shill, $teven 
Ra$pa, David Starfire, Technomania Circus, Temujen, Doreen & Tamara, 
Ubzorb, Vau De Vire Society, The Von Stilt Family, Vordo, Laura Wyrd, 
Xeno, The Yard Dogs Road Show, Zapper, more and more and 
more...and Burning Man videos and new imagery!

NOTE: If you have a silent/quiet performance not requiring 
amplification and would like to perform between 10pm and Midnight, 

If you have a NO-NOISE interactive Theme Camp, e-mail us right away at

To share playa imagery, bring VHS tapes, slides in trays and CD-ROMs to 
the Visuals Check Point inside Cocomo or e-mail us.

Come RIGHT AT NOON so you don't miss ANYTHING and help us spread the 
dusty playa love!

Andie Grace, Actiongrl
Office of the Jack Rabbit

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