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[doctorplum] Smart Meters now being forced on homeowners at gunpoint - true story
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Dear NaturalNews readers,
So-called "Smart Meters" -- devices which monitor and report your detailed usage of home appliances and electronic devices -- are now being forced onto homeowners at gunpoint.
Power companies are now invoking police escorts to accompany meter installation crews that force homeowners to accept the new meters.
Smart Meters also allow the power company to selectively turn off your power or charge you higher rates for electricity used during peak hours.
Here's what's happening:
Welfare and food stamp recipients are about to discover one of the true joys of the police state: Microchipping! Yep, they will all be RFID tagged if they want to collect their freebies:
CNN's Piers Morgan appears to be attempting some sort of world record of ignorance on gun issues. He now claims, during a live broadcast, that "airplanes are gun-free zones" and that's why there are no shootings on airplanes. Apparently Morgan has no clue that thousands of pilots are armed while flying commercial airliners in the USA:
Finally, here's another little gift from the President: Obamacare's new excise tax is showing up on purchases of sporting goods!
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