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Alex Jones Show: Monday (6-4-12) - Jim Marrs -
Alex co-hosts with a breakdown of events and important developments at the Bilderberg confab over the weekend while Mike Adams mans the mike in Austin. Mike ...

2 False Flag attacks possible in 2012: London Olympics and US Enterprise oldest Nuclear Aircraft Carrier to be BLOWN UP off the Straits of Hormuz and blamed on Iran
How did our oil get under their sand?

U.S. Bilderberg Attendees Violating Federal Law
As a shadowy collection of the world’s power brokers gathers in Chantilly, 
Virginia, for the elite Bilderberg conference this weekend under unprecedented 
media scrutiny, activists from across the political spectrum are arguing that 
U.S. citizens attending the controversial confab are potentially committing a 
felony by violating the Logan Act. And while the chances of charges being 
brought anytime soon are probably slim, anti-Bilderberg protesters admit, 
more than a few critics of the meeting are still loudly calling for federal 
prosecutions to bring any and all perpetrators to justice.

SHARING GOOD NEWS ... From Occupy Frankfurt - May 19, 2012
WOW! Police Change Sides ... Tables are Turning!
The German police took off their helmets and marched with the protesters -- clearing the way for them.

DIY Fluoride Free Natural Toothpaste ~ Homemade Toothpaste
2 Tbsp. coconut oil
2 Tbps. baking soda
2 Tbsp. calcium magnesium powder
2 Tbps. xylitol or green stevia powder
2 tsp. real sea salt
20 drops essential oil (I use peppermint.)
10 drops trace minerals
For more details ~

AlexJonesLive @ Ustream.TV: Alex Jones, police state, infowar, new world order, eugenics, vaccinations, fiat currency, federal reserve, police brutality, g...

Bat, bee, frog deaths may be linked.
Habitat loss, climate change and pesticide use may be putting bats, bees  and frogs at greater risk for diseases

Expect Gold to bottom out at 700 after overshooting down to 400 or 500 in 1.5 years. Reinvest in 1.5 years.
Curve is shaped like a rock being thrown straight sideways off the top of a building. Curving down Drastically as people panic and sell their gold.
suggest getting back in starting at 700 and cost averaging cause we don't if 400 or 500 will be overshoot bottom.

5-14-12  Gold and silver prices have been dropping since August, 2011.

Ben Bernanke stated that we will not have QE-3.  Gold and Silver holders rely on the Fed. Printing paper money and increasing inflation, which makes paper money worth less.  When the dollar goes down, then gold increases in value.  If we do not have QE-3, then the dollar will appear to be going up in value and that is bad for gold. 

The Feds do not want to increase inflation during an election year.  Therefore they will be taking extreme measures to increase jobs and the business sector. 

China as an industrial producer is slowing down due to its poor quality of goods, such as lead and cadmium in many of their exports.  Also buyers of Apple products and similar tech items are not happy with the sweat shops in China gaining attention in the news and TV.  Other emerging markets including India have similar problems with their products. Therefore gold demand from China and India are slowing down. 

The dollar is getting stronger due to the Euro zone having problems propping up the Euro.  Greece is not willing to pay back the Euro loans and is about to drop the Euro and starting producing their own money.  All these problems in Europe and the Euro are making the dollar stronger.

Whereas gold was the currency of safety, now the dollar is starting to once again become the world currency for safety.

We have crisis’s in several countries in the Middle East and yet gold is not going up like it did in the past.  Last year gold dropped from a peak of $1,900 to $1,600 and even copper which seemed to be doing well in 2011, is now dropping in price.  Oil which had highs of $120 to $140, and is now at $92. 

Also sugar and cotton are slowing down.

At this point I do not consider gold as a currency (since the dollar is strong.)  I also don’t think gold is an ordinary commodity, but instead we should think of gold as an asset. 

How far do I think gold will fall, let us consider that gold was about $265 in the year 2000.  It went up to $1,900 in August 2011.  Take into consideration that all the way up there was a lot of enthusiasm and speculation. 

On the way down there will be panic and selling.

The important thing to consider is that when people panic and sell, they overshoot the bottom fair price.  In my estimation if the price of gold was allowed to increase at a normal rate from the year 2000, I think the price now would be between $500 and $700 (which I would call the fair price.)  During panic selling I could easily see gold overshoot those levels and drop momentarily to $300 to $400.  At that point it will probably rise to about $500 to $700 within a matter of months.  At that point there will be so many people who will have been “burned” with their losses, that it will be a long time before people start buying gold, probably about ten years. 

As a reminder look at what happened in the 1980’s,  Gold shot up to $850 then there was a massive sell-off and gold leveled off at $265 in 1999 and 2000.

Another thing to consider is the size of an ounce of gold.  It is a little larger than a quarter.  Whenever I hold a krugerand I keep thinking, “who would pay $2,000 for this little piece of metal?”

5-30-12 Bounce this weekend Stock Market down 230 points. All profits made this year are GONE. Wiped out. Employment figures are not what was promised.
Stuck $ into gold. As soon as a few people bought / made it look like a rush on gold.
Expect 1 week event then people will start selling off their gold.
They will be careful to pick stocks that went down the most but choose good companies that have value.

This selling off stock TREND started 2 days ago, as insiders were selling off stocks. This raised gold from 1530 to 1560. A few thousand people.
Expect Gold to hold 1620 till Monday, then people will start selling off slowly.
Obama was promising more jobs but 


Bilderberg 2012: Secretive Summit Kicks-Off in Virginia
Bilderberg 2012 Day Two: Bullhorning, Interviews, Police State, and More

Source: Bilderberg wants Ron Paul Dead

AFP Staffer Manhandled By Police During Arrest At Bilderberg 2012

Alternative Media and Activists to Work Together to Expose the Bilderberger’s

Bilderberg 2012 Official Participant List

this is what the Bilderberg group owns and controlls. super high rez copy to dow...nload an save:

Top Ten Reasons to Occupy Bilderberg :

Luke Rudkowski's live hourly Chantilly:

Bilderberg Concerned Over Mass Protests :
June 21st, KIMBALL CASTLE, SEDALIA, COLORADO is where they have the pre-Bilderberg ritual,%20Colorado.html

Bilderberg power masters meet in the US

A Stasi for America Enemies: A History of the FBI, Tim Weiner, Random House, 560 pages

REVEALED: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security was forced to release the list by a privacy watchdog group who filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

Brit Homeland Security releases words it looks for in emails.

Warning to Activists: Agent Provocateurs Want to Make You a Terrorist  

Man force vaccinated after arrest at Bilderberg

Please help us spread the word on Virtual Green Festival, the first three-dimensional eco-mall online:

2years after Monumental study how many: Really Know Just How Nasty High Fructose Corn Syrup Is?

Fukishima: The Pacific Ocean Is Dying

Facts about Aspartame & how you can avoid it!!!

Boycott all MSM Main Stream Media. They LIE.
They tell you GOLD is a bubble. It was not a bubble, it was real, till they ruined it with fear mongering. Gold and Silver are REAL MONEY. BUT they LIE.
Because they lie people are getting scared out of gold and silver and now you have to get out too before people PANIC and crash the metals market.
WHY? Because their sponsors are financial institutions, big banks and investment firms wanting to sell you junk assets. BILLIONS of advertising $. CONFLICT of INTEREST.
MSM does not serve you. MSM serves their advertisers, AGAINST your best interest. MSM sells you TOXIC POISON CORPORATE SLUDGE JUNK FOOD DEATH.


The Fed has cheated the Government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nation's debt. The depredations and iniquities of the Fed has cost enough money to pay the National debt several times more the family abroadHedging their betsOfficials, looking for an exit strategy, send family and cash overseas ANALYSISBefore China’s Transition, a Wave of Nationalism

Top Obama Officials, Secretive Process Create 'Assassination List'
US officials with firsthand knowledge of how the government determines who gets put on the CIA and Pentagon's lists for 'targeted killing' have confessed concern over the implications and nature of the process. In conversations with the Associated Press, one official involved -- who spoke with assu...

GMO corn wheat soy canola potatos cause organ failure
Walmart to Sell Monsanto GMO Corn This Summer:
Roundup Herbicide Linked To Parkinson’s-Related Brain Damage:
Why We Must Occupy Our Food Supply:

Blatant Corruption Exposed as EU Blocks France’s Ban on Monsanto’s GMO Maize
Just after France legislators and officials moved to ban Monsanto’s genetically modified strain of GMO maize over environmental and health concerns, the European Union has decided to step in and re-secure Monsanto’s presence in the country — against the very will of the nation itself.
This should come as no surprise when considering the fact that the United States ambassador to France, a business partner to George W. Bush, stated back in 2007 that nations who did not accept Monsanto’s GMO crops will be ‘penalized’. In fact, ambassador Craig Stapleton went as far as to say that the nations should be threatened with military-style trade wars...

Born To Rule: Bilderberg's Torchbearers  

The Film Bilderberg hope their attendees Google will be switching off soon 
Imagine the BBC producing and transmitting this now - a bit too near the knuckle - toxic BBC even left it off their DVD release of Meades' films
Jonathan Meades' - Jerry Building: Unholy Relics of Nazi Germany - (1994) - 36:38 - Using Berlin as his starting point, writer and presenter Jonathan Meades goes in search of the architectural relics of the genocidal Third Reich, which was steeped in mysticism and pagan death cults. These include a model village for SS Doctors, Himmler's Castle at a crossing of ley lines and a seaside utopia for 20,000 of the master race. He shows that far from Nazi Germany having existed in a void, it left a regrettable architectural legacy for the rest of post war Europe.

John Brennan Manages The Obama Regime’s Assassination List
The Questionable Past of the Man Who Decides Who U.S. Drones Will Kill By Conor Friedersdorf

35,948 Arrested Yesterday
Last Friday, the day the NATO 3 were arrested, approximately 35,948 people were arrested across the United States. On Sunday, when at least 45 protesters were arrested at Chicago's NATO summit protests, approximately 35,948 Americans - the number arrested on a daily basis in the US, according to FBI statistics - were handcuffed, read their Miranda rights (maybe), carted off to jail and booked. The plurality of those people were arrested for nonviolent drug crimes. Some of these people will be charged, convicted, prosecuted and jailed.
When bond is posted, some of these people will have relatives or friends who are able and willing to bail them out. Many will not. For most, there's no grassroots bail fund, no jail support team waiting on the other side of the razor wire fence.
Unlike the NATO 3 (or the Chicago Seven, or the Haymarket Eight), these people will go on to become part of a vast, near-voiceless crowd of 2.3 million incarcerated Americans, most of whom are visible only in the somber mugshots posted to their state's Department of Corrections web site. the rest here:
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