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California had the MOST LOGICAL initiative to save OLD GROWTH REDWOODS by legislating that 
NO TREE could be CUT that was standing in 1849. 
THIS SMART LAW would prevent Timber interests from soliciting landowners with 99 year old trees.
Any law that says you can not cut 100 year old trees invites Timber to TEMPT and BRIBE landowners as the trees mature.
Sierra Club threw their weight behind the INDUSTRY bill with watered down language and CALIFORNIA lost protection of OLD GROWTH REDWOODS.

Is the Can Worse Than the Soda? Study Finds Correlation Between BPA and Obesity
BPA From Plastics, Food Packaging, Linked To Obesity
The researchers speculate on a possible underlying mechanism, alluding to other studies that have shown that the chemical may disrupt mechanisms of human metabolism in ways that increase body mass.

Excitotoxins Aspartame & MSG Lead to Depression, Violence, Anger and Suicide - And They're in YOUR Food Products
Dr. Russell Blaylock explains one of the most important connections between nutrition and our health, how nutrition affects our behavior, and the detrimental effects of excitotoxins Aspartame and MSG. Citing a series of important studies, Dr. Blaylock shows that good nutrition can powerfully enhance our memory, mood, and behavior in a socially desirable way. Like wise he shows us that poor nutrition can lead our youth into a world of violence, crime, depression and suicide.

    One thing is certain.  This smarmy, deceitful, duplicitous, immoral, lowlife prick will not be doing the bleeding and the dying in any of the wars that he helps to initiate.
    When will the nitwits, and the dupes, and the fools wake up????

I met Darrly Cherny in 1990 trying to save California's Old Growth Redwoods from Clearcuts.
Now facebook won't let me LIKE or COMMENT on his posts even though FB knows we are friends. WTF?

You don't think we can make the Oscars? Well, 200 Academy judges will watch Who Bombed Judi Bari? The LA & NY Times will review it, generating buzz because of our 7 day runs. YOU now know about it and will watch the trailer. Many more now ask: Who Bombed Judi Bari? And our parallel, ongoing Federal Court case against the FBI to get evidence with possible DNA/fingerprints is spurred on. To win an Oscar we must be the best documentary of the year. We think so and haven't seen better yet!

grow your own food or find
local organic raw vegan yummy delights
find local pure fresh mountain spring water
live simply that others may simply live

Living Proof Vitamin C Miracle Cure 60 Minutes Video 3 News

Marriage can be viewed as a point on one end of the spectrum of prostitution.
Marriage is ok for some people but CULTURE, CHURCH, FAMILY should not force Marriage on folks who do not want it.
Last I checked, at 7,000,000,000 that's 7 BILLION freakin humans, earth is pretty full up.
we do not need any more incentives for breeding more consumption units

oh and FCUK DeBeers too for their BLOOD DIAMONDS

Death penalty for corporations: seize assets and distribute to victims.

Genetically modified murder
The food industry doesn't just engage in fraud. 
It engages in murder too. 
How the food industry seeks
to turn you into an involuntary
lab rat - regardless of the cost to your health.
Here's a film that fights back.      Video:

When high quality peer reviewed research showed that GMO corn causes Cancer the Russians stepped up and Banned it! The same trials also showed that consumption of minuscule amounts of the weedkiller, Roundup, was associated with a raised risk of cancer. Both the GMO Corn and roundup of course are monsters created by Monsanto.
Now check out the dynamics here! As the dailymail says: "The decision by the Russians to suspend authorisation for the American GM corn threatens to trigger a transatlantic commercial and diplomatic row." In other words, a ton of money/trade will be lost to America due to Monsanto. This is hitting the government and decision makers where they can really get it: Profits! In other words, now that Monsanto is bad for profits this fundamentally changes the 'mind' of the profit-based economic/political terrain that has previously supported Monsanto. So instead of just some activist hippies saying that GMOs are a bad idea, now some of the largest companies/factors in international commerce are also going to say the same thing!  

Corporations owning some of the nation's most popular organic brands (Horizon, Silk, Kashi, Cascadian Farms, R.W. Knudsen's, etc.) have joined Monsanto and the biotechnology industry in fighting California citizen initiative, Proposition 37, that will mandate GMO labeling . And if we win in California, companies will then likely be forced to label GMOs nationwide.

Campbell's = GMO: $70,454.91 donated to keep you and your family in the dark. Apparently, America's 'wholesome' soup has got a lot to hide.

You can help us stop indefinite detention of U.S. citizens! The more of us there are the more likely we are to succeed! Copy and paste this entire text box into all your FB groups right now!

What will the warrior of the future look like? DARPA Continues Human Experiments to Create Military Super Soldiers.

QE4? The Big Wall Street Banks Are Already Complaining That QE3 Is Not Enough
QE3 has barely even started and some folks on Wall Street are already clamoring for QE4.

Man Crushed by Steamroller on Order Chinese Officials

Outrage at CIA's Deadly 'Double Tap' Drone Attacks

Who founded Rumor Mill news?  One of the most popular sites on the web.

FEMA PLAYSET for Kids - LEGO       A Parody on FUN!

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Calling all SOPA warriors To participate, visit from 
We changed the world in 2012 when we fought off internet censorship. Now, we can defend the internet and change politics forever.Help us get more Internet users to vote than ever before.

The Survival Podcast
Helping You Live the Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don't
Episode-985- From Pawn to Personal Sovereignty

*newly posted chapter* BACKWARD ENGINEERING from the upcoming book "Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms": 
Read the complete chapter about how some of the advanced innovation outlined in the previous chapter SECRET SCIENCES became the backward engineered products and technology of today, sometimes withheld from the public, other times released as technology we all know well today. Subchapters include THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL, and NAZI UFO RESEARCH. Also read about the PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS of backward engineered technology, plus REVERSE ENGINEERING ROSWELL CRAFTS.

Key News: MSNBC on Genetically Modified Corn Causing Cancer, Forbes on Govt Child Porn Ring, More
Breaking!! Israel Lobbyist - better if we start the war with False Flag attack on Iran! - Higgins TV
Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran.
Andrew P. Napolitano joined FOX News Channel (FNC) in January 1998 and currently serves as the senior judicial analyst. He provides legal analysis on both FN...

Shocking 9/11 Mossad Connection Revealed!

Israel lobbyist hints that a "Pearl Harbor" may be needed to get US into war with Iran   By: malterwitty Tags: IRAN ISRAEL 
Last Friday, during question time at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy policy forum luncheon on "How to Build US-Israeli Coordination on Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout" the director of research at the pro-Israel think tank hinted that a Pearl Harbor-type attack might be necessary to get the United States to go to war against the Islamic Republic
I Hear The Sirens - The Dirtbombs
We Have You Surrounded - 2008

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Protests in Spain ahead of 2013 austerity budget, bank capital estimate
THE Spanish government will make another big push this week to shore up confidence in the ailing local economy with an austerity budget for 2013, new regulatory overhauls and what it hopes will be a definitive estimate of banks' capital needs.

Spain right now. Spanish Citizens rise up, surround Congress and demand the immediate resignation of the Spanish Government.
The corporate media won't tell you. Major protest going on right now. You can watch it Live here:

FILM the POLICE The Revolution in Spain is here. The corporate media won't tell you. Major protest going on right now. You can watch it Live here:
Also check Occupy Spain for updates:

FILM the POLICE NEW YORK CITY, NY -- The officer is accused of beating an Iraq war veteran and then lying to cover up the attack.

In fact, there are many scientific studies showing the direct, toxic effects of fluoride on your brain, thyroid, bones and joints, it's surprising that the fluoridation lobbyists have been so successful in convincing the medical (and dental) communities that fluoride is safe and effective. Most refuse to consider the skyrocketing increase of cognitive decline in adults (Alzheimer's and various dementia's), and behavioral issues in children (ADD, ADHD, depression and learning disabilities of all kinds) and the possible link to fluoride.

One of the central issues though is FREEDOM. Fluoride is not a nutrient. The fluoride put into drinking water is not a prescription drug, but an industrial waste product. However, it is put into the water as a "drug" to help oral health, and it is done without the consent of those receiving it. Even if you accepted the premise that it works systemically, there is no justification to force it on people under the premise of slightly lowering tooth decay as everyone has the option of using it topically as a toothpaste if they so choose.

Greece 09/27/2012 CAUTION this PAGE is SLOW and may SLOW or CRASH your BROWSER:
35 Photos And 2 Videos (include Greece Molotov Rampage: Video of protesters fire petrol bombs at police ) 

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Flu vaccine shot recipients MORE likely to catch influenza
As new research shows, flu vaccines actually increase the risk of catching influenza! Here's the research:
GMOs have transformed food into a weapon:
Ronnie Cummins reports: Proposition 37 is our "Moment of Truth" for halting GMOs:
UK hospitals are on the verge of collapse. Socialized medicine is failing the people there:
Here's why resveratrol is a "miracle molecule"

The Survival Podcast
Helping You Live the Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don't

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QEF (quantitative easing forever)
The Survival Podcast 
Is your smartphone damaging your health?

THIS HAS A MEDIA BLACKOUT SO FAR. This corrupt government passed the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. In this act of treason the globalists & this government have OPENLY ANNOUNCED a 6 year plan to disarm the American people, at 2yr intervals. But I bet they plan to do it next year after they wipe out the middle class so expect more totalitarian legislation, false flag operations, execution of EO's and a more aggressive dumbing down our youth to accept global government. And you won’t hear this from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC or the newspapers because they want to delay militias of the states to start forming and training. Globalist owned media keeping the people in the dark until it is too late. 

ATTACK OF THE BUMPER STICKERS! DOJ-Funded Training Manual Lists Bumper Stickers as "Terrorism"

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Kaiser Permanente Hospitals use BPA plastic coated heat sensitive cash register receipts in their pharmacies. 
BPA receipts are 1000 x more toxic than drinking from a plastic water bottle. Enviro Working Group for more info on BPA plastic softeners in your BODY.
Kaiser Hospitals KILL more people everyday than the US MILITARY
Kaiser nurses and doctors cough and sneeze into their gloved hands before touching patients.
Kaiser nurses and doctors pick up IV components from the floor, use those pieces and those gloves on patients.
Kaiser nurses and doctors who lack protocol should be retrained. 
Kaiser should CEASE and DESIST until they can hire nurses and doctors who have sterile PROTOCOL.
The Sad Truth About WikiLeaks  Vaccine info CHEMTRAILS FLUORIDE
Got Milk? You Don't Need It Breast Cancer Action of SF Breast Cancer Fund More info
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