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Federal Judge Calls For Marijuana Legalization

4,250% Increase in Fetal Deaths Reported to VAERS After Flu Shot Given to Pregnant Women

Laptop seizures by US government highlight 9/11-era climate of fear
The treatment of dissidents is the true measure of how free a society is
Dec. 4th, 2012

Robots Now Have The Ability To Deceive Each Other
Squirrels Teach Robots To Lie,
Nobody Questions Whether That’s A Good Idea
  12 000 years old unexplained structure
Gobekle Tappe near Turkey is the site of a 12,000 year old structure that no one can explain as to who build it or why 
Ancient Giants: Aliens in the Bible & History of Earth's Past
To make 1 down comforter, 75 birds are painfully live plucked for their feathers. 

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Chemtrails and Horizontal Gene Transfer – The GMO Connection
The DNA of just about every living organism is being changed through horizontal gene transfer, courtesy of the biotechnology industry and geo-engineering.

Got Cheerios! The slaves who are awake and thinking object to being poisoned...And they are hotttttt....
 If there is anyone so stupid as to eat ANY processed food then they deserve to get poisoned.    
Well, One of the biggest donors to stop your proposition 37 was Cheerios

Deadly Pesticides Linked to Increased Prostrate Cancer Risk
USC researchers have begun examining the link between pesticide exposure and the development of prostate cancer, with scientists documenting an increased prevalence of prostate cancer among older men exposed to certain pesticides.

PepsiCo owns Naked Juice, Tostito’s Organic, and Tropicana Organic. A portion of the profits from these organic brands went to the No On Prop 37 Campaign, which filled the airwaves with deceptive ads that confused voters in to voting no on Prop 37. PepsiCo donated $2.5 Million to help prevent you from having the right to know what is in your food. Why not visit Naked Juice, Tostito’s, and Tropicana’s Facebook pages, and tell them how you feel about this.

Tell them that if they want your loyalty - and your grocery dollars - they must do two things:

1. Speak out publicly in favor of the pending GMO Labeling Ballot Initiative (I-522) in Washington State in 2013, as well as the pending GMO labeling bills coming up in Vermont and other states.

2. Contribute as much or more money to the Yes on I-522 Campaign in Washington than their parent corporations spent to defeat Prop 37.

Naked Juice:

Tostito's Organic:
Tropicana Organic:

Download your printable wallet sized boycott guide here:


Underground cities aren't for dummies - YouTube
Fears Confirmed: Domestic Drones 'Fly Regularly' in US Airspace
The EFF released a new map that tracks the location of drone flights across the US. (Image: EFF)Digital watchdog the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) published several thousand pages of new drone license records on Wednesday confirming innumerable theorists' fears: that drones "regularly fly" in...

WTF! Declassified Docs Reveal Genocide Caused By Chemtrail Testing

TSA Seeks Permission to Conduct “Security Assessments” on Highways
Greasing the skids for airport-style pat downs on the interstate

Ric Elias: 3 things I learned while my plane crashed
Ric Elias had a front-row seat on Flight 1549, the plane that crash-landed in the Hudson River in New York in January 2009. What went through his mind as the doomed plane went down? At TED, he tells his story publicly for the first time.

Are we becoming a police state? ~ PBS

Unique and creative. "Radiate Project is a factual motion graphics animation taking people through the concept of radiation, the science, its effects on the human body and an overview of how and which industries produce it..."

Why older adults become fraud victims more often: Brain shows diminished response to untrustworthiness

Benghazi interview

Let's End the Prescription Drug Death Epidemic
A tragic number of Americans are dying from taking the drugs their physicians prescribe

New warning and improved weapon

Global Governance Begins on December 14
Since we last updated our global telecommunications regulations, the internet, operating in a relatively unregulated environment, has grown by leaps and bounds, as human productive endeavors when left unregulated have an annoying tendency to do. Therefore, in order to keep this wildly successful communications network from getting any farther ahead of our regulatory apparatus, it is time to develop a strong, binding framework to limit internet growth, use, and activity in ways deemed necessary by those UN member states, such as China, Russia, and Iran, that are opposed on principle to unrestricted international communication, on the grounds that it tends to foster an informed and rebellious population.   more:

Reining in Obama and His Drones
by Ralph Nader, Nov. 30, 2012
Barack Obama, former president of the Harvard Law Review and a constitutional law lecturer, should go back and review his coursework. He seems to have declined to comport his presidency to the rule of law.
Let’s focus here on his major expansion of drone warfare in defiance of international law, statutory law and the Constitution. Obama’s drones roam over multiple nations of Asia and Africa and target suspects, both known and unknown, whom the president, in his unbridled discretion, wants to evaporate for the cause of national security.
More than 2,500 people have been killed by Obama’s drones, many of them civilians and bystanders, including American citizens, irrespective of the absence of any “imminent threat” to the United States.
the rest here:

CIA-Sponsored Trolls Monitor Internet & Interact With Users to Discredit Factual Information
In July of this year it became apparent through a flood of mainstream media reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) was “desperate to hire new hacking talent to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure” yet the NSA is notorious for its surveillance programs on American digital activity.
David Petraeus, former director of the CIA, said at a summit for In-Q-Tel, that he was speculating on the “internet of things” and that “‘Transformational’ is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies . . . particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft.”

Top Gun meets Terminator: Autonomous US stealth drone completes 1st test launch (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
The US Navy has executed the first launch of a stealth drone set to be the first robot aircraft piloted by artificial intelligence. The “killer robot” might be the next step in the development of machines with the power to decide who lives or dies.
How wonderful; yet another "technological tweak" on extrajudicial assassinations for this country!
But then again, why am I surprised?!? 
After the passage of the Homeland Security Act, the Patriot Act, and the NDAA, the (former) United States of America has morphed into a post-Constitutional Republic, where the most sociopathic leaders rise to the top, and can now no longer be challenged with any logical arguments whatsoever when they are absolutely dead-wrong.

Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab
Derivatives - Graphics
 - The numbers that you are about to see are absolutely jaw-dropping.  According to the Comptroller of the Currency, four of the largest U.S. banks are walking a tightrope of risk, leverage and debt when it comes to derivatives.  Just check out how exposed they are…
JPMorgan Chase
Total Assets: $1,812,837,000,000 (just over 1.8 trillion dollars)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $69,238,349,000,000 (more than 69 trillion dollars)
Total Assets: $1,347,841,000,000 (a bit more than 1.3 trillion dollars)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $52,150,970,000,000 (more than 52 trillion dollars)
Bank Of America
Total Assets: $1,445,093,000,000 (a bit more than 1.4 trillion dollars)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $44,405,372,000,000 (more than 44 trillion dollars)
Goldman Sachs
Total Assets: $114,693,000,000 (a bit more than 114 billion dollars – yes, you read that correctly)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $41,580,395,000,000 (more than 41 trillion dollars)
That means that the total exposure that Goldman Sachs has to derivatives contracts is more than 362 times greater than their total assets.

Ninth Circuit Gives the A-OK For Warrantless Home Video Surveillance
Can law enforcement enter your house and use a secret video camera to record the intimate details inside? On Tuesday, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unfortunately answered that question with “yes.”

Special guest on Tonight's News: Lyle Larson - Common sense: Uncommon Courage District 122 7pmCT for safety healthy tips

Video: Cop Defends the First: "Obviously This Is Your Constitutional Right"

Today on the Alex Jones Show Special Guests Lindsey Williams & Max Keiser 11amCT

Former NYPD Detective speaks out on holding the NYPD accountable and encourages people to film them

The fine art of getting out of Dodge VIDEO
Have you ever thought you need to live in a safer place? 
A wide ranging (though sometimes odd) conversation on how to think through some of the key issues. 
41:00 US map. WWII all farms within 5 to 7 miles were looted / RAIDED by displaced people. Cause that's how far hungry folks would walk.
55:00 ROTHSCHILDS control MOSCOW Oligarchs. ROTHSCHILDS lose libel lawsuit. Judge says OMG you do control everything.
57:00 Eugenics plan to eliminate 3/4 of Earth's Human Population.
58:00 shelter 3 mos to survive nuclear attack from Russia / China via NWO plans. 
Hydrogen Bombs cleaner nowadays less fallout. Neutron bombs all Gamma Rays. 
1:01 China needs Blue Water Navy to control pacific Rim. Not able till 2020. China's 4 Nuke Aircraft Carriers not done till 2021/2023
1:05 Bill Clinton Took Launch Codes off US SUBS which can NOW not Launch without permission. 
CIA made Hollywood movies about bad Sub Captains to convince Americans to NEUTER the US SUBS.
1:12 World Map of Countries ranked by Economic Freedom Corruption 
1:18 China will Occupy Australia and New Zealand. China already owns 98% australian Resources. 
1:19 Canada Millions of miles of wide open space but COLD climate hostile.
1:20 Hawaii BAD cause China may Occupy. Strategic Outpost for Military Adventurism. China would be foolish not to take it.
Hawaii Depends on shipping to bring in Food and Gasoline. Cut off.
1:21 Alaska Could be self sufficient but Climate COLD hostile. Difficult to leave. Does not have Lines of Retreat.
1:23 USA has the MOST people who are awake therefore DIG IN Hope for the Best but Prepare for the worst.
1:25 Central and South America KIDNAPPING HAVEN. Corruption. Not safe. Mexico CRIME. Drug Wars. 
1:30 Tornados 1:31 Best Shelter to HIDE food and PREPs is under your house. Hence Sheltered and INVISIBLE. Basement structure.
1:39 CALIFORNIA RANKINGS: Population Density. Cost of Living Index. Private Land Availablity. Building Codes. Food Production. Health Freedom. Political Rating how liberal / conservative. Tax and spending rates. Corruption. Personal Liberty low. Gun liberty Terrible. 
Alternative Medicine; Learn to use cause Meds will not be avail. HomeSchooling Freedoms. Hospitals will become screening centers to filter out homeschoolers and force vaccinations. Availablity to have children with MidWifery will be important to avoid hospital trap. 
Someday Freedom loving people will have to Stay out of Schools and Hospitals.
Military Targets and NUCLEAR PLANTS for FALLOUT. Specific NOTES on each state with Personal NOTES 
 City Specific Strategies. Outflow strategies to avoid refugee flows on EXODUS.
AGENDA 21. Global Standardized. Coding. 
1:48 CALIFORNIA MAP. Nuclear Plants. Military. Reservations. Forest. High Denisty Populations all heading for hills so you get overrun.
Only good safe is BACKSIDE of Sierra Mountains cause Mountains act as filter for Refugee Flow. Read: ZOMBIES Did I mention #ZOMBIES
30,000,000 freakin people in California.    1:52 IDAHO MAP. Utah also highly rated cause SPACIOUS ISOLATED and Mormons store food.
Colorado Springs GET THE FU CK OUT cause NORAD moved there and it will be OBLITERATED.

Chlorine. Fluoride. Pharma. Mercury. BPA. Aspartame. MSG... they gawna get you one way or the other...

12 years ago, this happened:
Supe revives fluoride concerns
A decade after ex-Supervisor Wendy Nelder's long-fought and eventually unsuccessful battle to get San Francisco to remove fluoride from its drinking water, Supervisor Mark Leno is resurrecting the idea as something at least worthy of study. While the water additive has proven its effectiveness at p...

Top Censored Stories of 2013

A brief review of the World banking system:

The president does not have to "borrow" more money from the Federal Reserve System - the national debt from borrowing from the Fed is already 16 trillion and projected to rise during Obama's 2nd term to 20 trillion.

UN chief accuses Syria of violating cease-fire agreement with Israel, urges end to all firing
The UN is simply a tool of the Illuminati and will encourage the US to attack Syria to bring about another military coup!

"The Food Nation Radio Network conducted an exclusive interview this week with Jerry Rosman, an Iowa pig and cattle rancher who lost his entire operation due to GMO corn that he says made his livestock sterile. Today, he drives a truck to make ends meet, but he agreed to tell us his story." Listen more here:

Almost half of Fukushima children now have thyroid disorders. A little hint, it's NOT from eating too much seafood. Read more:

Popular Culture Promotes the Police
The New World Order, designed around a functional police state that is encouraged by continuous popular cultural messages, is apparent to even the most avid establishment apologist. Liberty and freedom, hardly ever mentioned in a positive light by the mass media, is a direct threat to the ruling class. The proliferation of degenerate behavior is lauded so that those who object to such conduct will be demeaned as outcasts of the decadent society. The imposition of a police state is necessary to coerce decent people into forced obedience.

Strangled by monopolies
This is something our great-grandparents knew all about. 
If we're going to have an economy - or a country - left, we  better rediscover it. 
One of the "secret" causes at the root of America's financial implosion. 

911 INSIDE JOB Ellen Mariani's petition for writ of certiorari has been filed and it can now be read.  See the top post of the website

United Nations threatens Colorado, Washington state over marijuana decriminalization laws
Likely empowered by a U.S. administration that favors the kind of nanny state politics a ruling global entity would no doubt embrace, the head of the United Nations' International Narcotics Control Board feels comfortable telling federal officials they should move to challenge measures in Colorado and Washington that decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana for adults 21 and over.

Saving the Redwoods, Saving Ourselves

Mammograms revealed to be a medical hoax; millions of women falsely diagnosed with cancer
It's all about getting new and more patients!  Then selling them "drug" therapies & treatments.
NaturalNews Insider Alert ( ) email newsletter
Dear NaturalNews readers,
Shocking new science reveals that mammograms are a medical hoax.
Rather than saving lives through so-called "early detection," mammograms have been found to create a false diagnosis where 93% of women receive no medical benefit whatsoever.
Most of them are harmed, in fact, by unnecessary chemotherapy, radiotherapy and radical surgical procedures that were never necessary in the first place.
Read my urgent report to learn more:
Fight back against the food giants who opposed Proposition 37! Here's the full list of companies to boycott over GMO labeling:

Flying this holiday season? Airplanes have been found to be "full of filth" including human feces in the seat pockets!
Shocking new science: The whooping cough vaccine causes the emergency of far worse strains of whooping cough:

Sea trial leaves Shell's Arctic oil-spill gear "crushed like a beer
Shell Oil experienced a spectacular failure of oil spill equipment
it had been designing use in the Arctic. It forced them to postpone
drilling until next summer. While Shell and its federal regulators
remained tight-lipped about the failure, a freedom-of-information
request revealed what happened.
Puget Sound KUOW Public Radio, Washington
Disturbing evidence is emerging that HAARP has been weaponized. Noted Brazilian physicist, Dr. Fran De Aquino, recently asserted the fully functional HAARP network is not only modifying weather and geophysical events, it may also be warping space and gravity—even time! Now applications of Nikola Tesla’s legendary “Death Ray” weapon may have been activated.
HAARP’s high frequency radiowaves that can be intensified, modulated and directed to almost any place on Earth, are built upon some of the most advanced

The 4 most important facts you should know about the dairy industry and animal milk...

1. Dairy cows are enslaved, raped and constantly impregnated, tortured, and then, when they can no longer produce milk, they are sold to the meat industry for beef production (most cows killed by the beef industry are dairy cows).

2. Their babies are stolen from them. If they are males, they are usually starved, tortured and killed for veal production, and if they are females, they will have the same fate as their mothers.

3. Humans ONLY need HUMAN MILK, when they are BABIES, therefore humans drinking the mammary secretions of a cow (or any other animal species) is unnatural and illogical.

4. Animal milk is the number one cause of osteoporosis and breast cancer.

Please, ditch animal milks and all other dairy products! You can try vegetarian milks instead, such as almond milk and coconut milk! There are also lots of other vege milks: hazelnut milk, walnut milk, cashew milk (nut milks); quinoa milk, hemp milk, sesame seed milk, sunflower seed milk (seed milks); rice milk, oat milk, barley milk, spelt milk, rye milk, einkorn wheat milk (grain milks); lupin milk, pea milk, peanut milk, soy milk (legume milks).


Kenya bans GM foods.
Big blow to biotechnology research as Kenya bans GM foods.
Research institutions, Universities and consumers are biggest losers in
a new directive by the Government to ban trade and importation of
genetically modified foods, experts say.
Nairobi East African Standard, Kenya. 3 December 2012.

Fossil fuel subsidies five times greater than climate finance

Serbian Ambassador to NATO Commits Suicide at Brussels Airport
Is "jumped" a code word for "was pushed" .... if you can't be bribed, kill !!!!!!
Branislav Milinkovic had files against the Dutch Commander of the NATO.. "
Serbian Ambassador to NATO Commits Suicide at Brussels Airport
"I met with him [Milinkovic] yesterday afternoon, I didn't notice anything strange, he seemed in a perfectly good mood," an anonymous source told Italian publication La Stampa. "I knew him well, this doesn't make any sense, it's totally inexplicable."
No it's not inexplicable when you know that hand held HAARP mind control weapons are used on people all the time to make them kill themselves or do some other mission.
US Military used it all the time since at least 2007 in all the war zones to control the minds of the enemy and the civilians as well.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.