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Newtown school shooting story already being changed by the media to eliminate eyewitness reports of a second shooter Learn more:

only watch if you like base and have imagination.. WARNING.. IGNORANT PEOPLE STAY AWAY!!
A Glimpse Into Burning Man
If you like this video you sure will enjoy this one:


Whole Foods lying about GMOs. Have you no shame Whole (toxic) Foods!!!

Whole Foods knowingly engages in massive GMO deception, says undercover video by ‘Organic Spies’
Mike Adams | Whole Foods deceives consumers into unknowingly buying GMOs while financially supporting a GMO supply chain that ultimately enriches Monsanto.


World’s Most Prestigious Financial Agency - Called the "Central Banks’ Central Bank" - Warns of Bursting Bubble
Slams Federal Reserve Policy

Iceland’s Hörður Torfason – How to Beat the Banksters


One of THE BEST from Jesse Venture: one facility = 50 MILLION SQUARE FEET, underground cities hidden in mountain caverns and tunnels, ALREADY BUILT in the Ozarks

)'( TENT currently $49, and qualifies for free super saver shipping. I think the lowest price elsewhere is in the 80s. A pretty good deal today on a 5-5 person tent. Might be a good gift for the camper in your life! Pine Ridge 10-by-8 Foot Four-to-Five-Person 2-Room Dome Tent Experience the great outdoors with the Wenzel Pine Ridge. Sleeping four to five it has a tent body of 
thanks for finding this Doug J.C. Miller

The Corporate "Heist" of the United States Government Began With a Memo in 1971
The real threat to American sovereignty comes from transnational corporations who have assembled themselves into transnational institutions like the World Trade Organization, and can now overturn laws passed by federal and state legislatures. But you'll never hear a word of it in our corporate media, which is largely owned by those same transnational corporations.

David Icke EXPOSES Illuminati Music Industry
Watching this, I got hit with an idea.  This clip talks about how singers and entertainers with sometimes little or no talent make it big while others with great amounts of talent get no where.  They are chosen.  Well, maybe the zionists are the illuminati's chosen?  Huh?

doctorplum: Irrefutable Truth. U.S. Military intentionally poisoning us! MORGELLONS EXPOSED

[doctorplum] Rampant INjustice

[doctorplum] Silent Shield

2012 The Real Maya Prophecy 

[doctorplum] 621,000 New Government Parasites Created in the Last Five Months

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Gold Bullion Vault - Periodic Table of Videos


Rural exercise more helpful


REVOKE the FEDERAL GOVT before you have kids


A Federal court ruled that state laws against forced medication can be preempted by the Feds. This overturned a New York mothers lawsuit after her daughter was forcibly given the H1N1 flu shot without her consent. 

This ruling has frightening implications since the United States has been under a declared health emergency since 2009. Obama declared the emergency during the height of the H1N1 hysteria and set no expiration date for it. 




US, NATO, GCC-backed Terrorists Preparing Chemical Attack?

Report: Over 10,000 US-NATO Troops Mass Ahead of Syria Invasion; Patriot Missiles Deployed in Turkey
For the third time in as many decades the United States is massing soldiers and military assets on the border of a middle eastern country.
The USS Eisenhower, an American aircraft carrier that holds eight fighter bomber squadrons and 8,000 men, arrived at the Syrian coast yesterday in the midst of a heavy storm, indicating US preparation for a potential ground intervention.

Russia Arms Syria With Ballistic Missiles

7.7% unemployment inaccurately depicts real jobless rate

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TSA's Grip on Internal Travel is Tightening
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is tightening its grip on domestic travel. I don't mean the random, unpredictable security checks at bus, subway and train stations which already exist. I mean a coordinated and systematic police control of internal travel within America. Groundwork is being laid.

How to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water

Breaking: Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research
ttp:// Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine

#awesome #wind #animation #map #meteorology

#awesome #surface #pressure #animation #map #meteorology

Anonymous - #Operation Vatican
Anonymous Webchat: Greetings World. The Peoples Liberation Front and Anonymous are joining forces yet again to defend whistle-blowers an...

Think nothing could top QE-Infinity? Say hello to QE4-Ever.

IRS is NOT a gov institution. income tax is NOT a LAW! there is no law. what they do is illegal... yet they will threaten and jail you.

The Survival Podcast
Helping You Live the Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don't
Episode-1039- Steven Harris on Battery Back Up Systems Part 1 of 2 - 2012-12-12 12:32:08-05
Special Note – Steve put all of the info in these two shows and more into over 5 Hours of professionally produced HD Video that walks you though every single thing about batteries and back up systems you could even … 

911 WTC7 fell at 5:20 pm. BBC pre-reported the fall. Who gave them the script?

Union Thugs Assault Journalist

Pundits & politicians R making Budget and "Fiscal Cliff" sound complicated. The problem is quite simple, really: …
Now, go tell a friend, and tell your reps that you are not stupid.
U.S. Officials Guilty of War Crimes for Using 9/11 as a False Justification for the Iraq War
U.S. Officials Guilty of War Crimes for Using 9/11 As a False Justification for the Iraq War From The 4th Media in Beijing at

What's going on with the Prop 37 Vote count?

“Food Democracy Now is weighing in on Prop 37 vote fraud, having discovered that the California Secretary of State, in charge of all elections in CA, has stopped posting updates on the ongoing vote count.

From November 6 all the way to up to December 4, these updates were posted daily on the Secretary of State's website. Then...blackout. No more updates.

Maybe it has something to do with this: On December 4, YES ON 37 votes climbed over the six-million mark: 6,004,628. Food Democracy Now reported it. Suddenly, the YES ON 37 votes reversed!

That's right. They went back to the previously reported number: 5,986,652.

This is apparently a new wrinkle in vote counting. You can not only add votes, you can go backwards. You can lose 18,000 votes with the flick of a wrist or the blink of a digital operation.

Now you see 18,000 Yes votes, now you don't.”

Read More:

Write a letter to the California Security of State: vbn

Most Censored 9-11 WTC Video on Youtube
Proof that WTC 911 Plane Videos Were Faked By Media

Most Censored 9-11 WTC Video on Youtube.

Youtube really does not want you to see this video about 9-11 faked media videos.

This is the second time I upload this video.

This has to be the most censored video on youtbube about 9-11 WTC Faked Media videos.

I had to change the title of it when I re uploaded it because youtube wont let me reupload it.

WOW..this is amazing. A black screen.

Youtube really does not want you to see or hear my commentary on this video.

This was the name of the my first video "More proof fake wtc 911 plane videos"

As annoying as it is to watch. I recommend you watch the whole short video.

You will be able to see and hear enough to understand what youtube is censoring.
Here is the link for it.

Basically I am pointing out that there were many different official versions of the WTC second plane shown to the world by corporate media.

So show the plane flying straight in.
Some show it fly over the smoke.
Some show it fly under the smoke.

Some show different backgrounds on, but have the same foregrond.

This original video below really proves that the videos were faked.

Be sure to watch the part where the aluminum plane front comes completely through the building undamaged. That is impossible.

Please go here to learn everything about 9-11

This link is to the original video that I did this video about.
"9/11 UA flight 175 - " Something is not right !!! "

Stay tuned I will find another video site to upload my video to and I will come back here to post the link to it.

Here is another video I did you will find very interesting.
"Fake 911 WTC plane videos"

Go to this link for full article with photos and more videos.

Here is the link to my full play list of 9-11 videos on youtube.

kill the whites
This is why we are headed for a race war both here in the U.S. and in Europe.
"We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity, and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them.",  
........Goldwin Smith, Judaic Professor of Modern History at Oxford University

 "The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may 
find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than 
from committed white supremacist.Keep bashing the dead white males, and 
the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as 
the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed."
..........Noel Ignatiev, Harvard professor
Here's video worth seeing more than once:!  Who knew???? Did you?  Jews call for end of white civilization
And this is the best Orwellian example of double speak I have seen in five years.  "Kill the whites" we fight for love and peace.

Russian Prime Minister claims extraterrestrials live among us

Civil War Erupts in Europe
Heartbreaking scenes from Spain as cops rampage through the streets beating everyone in sight, dragging people from their cars and invading private homes:

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Climate Change, Pole Shifts, Solar Maximum, Earthquakes... Some may see these as separate events yet it becomes increasingly obvious that they are all one major event that occurs throughout the lifetime of Earth. Have some links to learn a bit more about the Pole Shift.

Pole Shift Archive 

There are two dangers presented in this video: 1) The Electromagnetic Event; and 2) The Mega Solar Flare & CME 

The Earth's magnetic field "flips" (or reverses polarity) every few thousand years. This is called a geomagnetic reversal NASA predicts total blackout on 23-25 Dec 2012 during alignment of Universe.ireport.cnn.comUS scientists predict Universe change, total blackout of planet for 3 days from Dec 23 2012. 

Cannabis to be legalized in Ireland
The Department of Health is bringing in legislation to legalise the use of medicinal marijuana in Ireland. The push for the legislation is a result of various applications from drug companies wishing to sell cannabis based medicines in Ireland. A spokesperson from the Department of Health has stress...Did you foods have more antioxidants than light-colored foods because of their higher pigment content? Those plant pigments, or anthocyanins, may lower your risk for health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. 
Get the list of 10 black super foods you can try today:

If you see the words "LOW FAT" you should recognize that as "CHEMICAL SHIT STORM"

Obama administration most secretive in U.S. history; 'transparency' was campaign hype
US Intel Report Predicts US Decline as Global Resource Wars Rise

Americans to feds: Keep your hands off our pot - U.S. News

Book release >The Whistleblower's Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing What's Right and Protecting Yourself 
The National Whistleblower Center
 it is from some people that really know the subject rather well 
(: and that is an understatement :). In fact, I recommend there book

Hendershot Generator: reportedly was THE SECRET allowing
Charles Lindbergh to cross the Atlantic in The Spirit of St. Louis!!

Nazis, UFOs, and Antarctica...  A rare Russian film finally translated into English about
a strange post WW II tale with a lot of verifiable evidence.   Video:

Forbes: Expensive Celebrity Homes for Sale

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Brzezinski: US must stop following Israel “like a stupid mule”
htt te a growing backlash against Israel’s ever-more-shameless, ever-more poorly concealed domination of the USA. The post-9/11 era has witnessed a rash of unbelievably arrogant Israeli actions, including:
	•	Benjamin Netanyahu’s reaction to 9/11. (He triumphantly chortled that 9/11 was “very good,” then hastily added that he meant it was very good for Israel.)
	•	Ariel Sharon’s reaction to 9/11: “We Jews control America, and the Americans know it.”
	•	Allegedly retired Mossad chief spook Mike Harari’s huge victory party in Bangkok, Thailand celebrating the success of the 9/11 operation.
	•	The team of “dancing Israelis,” later outed as Mossad spies by The Forward, who were arrested for wildly celebrating the success of the 9/11 operation.
	•	The use of organized crime assets like then-NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik to cover up the 9/11 story of the century: The arrest of Israelis with vans full of explosives trying to blow up New York’s bridges and tunnels on the morning of 9/11.
	•	The actions of newly-retired Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak in the immediate aftermath of 9/11: Barak, Christopher Bollyn’s top 9/11 suspect, had come to the US for mysterious reasons after stepping down as PM in March 2001, and immediately after 9/11 all but ordered the US to declare a “war on terror” and invade Afghanistan and other countries – making him the first public figure to describe the “war on terror” response to 9/11.
	•	The Israel lobby’s demolition of the Congressional career of 9/11-truth-seeker Rep. Cynthia McKinney.
	•	The Israel lobby’s persecution of American Muslims including Sami al-Arian, who was imprisoned and tortured for the “terrorist” crime of supporting the Palestinians’ right to defend themselves.
	•	The Israel lobby’s persecution of Christian peacemaker Mark Siljander, who was sent to prison on trumped-up charges for the crime of telling other Christians the truth about Islam, and thereby undermining the Israelis’ islamophobic “war on terror” narrative.
	•	The Israel lobby’s increasing use of its organized crime assets to dominate American politics through blackmail, fraud, drug trafficking, money laundering, assassination, and other crimes.
	•	Israel’s assassination threats against President Obama, notably the one delivered by unregistered Israeli agent Andrew Adler.
	•	Israel’s blatant intervention in US elections, including its use of organized crime in vote-fraud efforts – which may finally have failed in 2012 when Netanyahu imploded at the UN, and his hand-picked puppet Mitt Romney imploded in the final election results.
	•	Israel’s ongoing attempts to drag the US into wars-for-Israel that damage US interests – including wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan and elsewhere, as well as Israel’s proposed attack on Iran.
	•	And finally, of course, Israel’s ever-more-arrogant refusal to do what the US and every other country on earth insists it must do: Return to its pre-1967 borders and make peace with its neighbors.
Is the “stupid American mule” described by Brzezinski finally waking up?
Entire article at:
“My family in Israel has bomb shelters. They are, actually, safe. In Gaza, there is no such thing as “safe.” Please, ask your friends to join me in asking President Obama to make aid to Israel contingent on not using it to target civilians.”

Israel's Olmert says country facing 'unprecedented isolation'

Israel isolated

BooK : Power of Israel in the United States. By James Petras, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Binghamton University, NY

Zionists Power and Israel's War with Iran

From the previous email "Today the situation in the Middle East is so dire, Petras reports a large majority of Europeans and a growing number of Americans believe Israel is the greatest of all threats to world peace and stability."

Zionism - Losing their allegiance
Mutinous United States Air Force Planning to Assist Israel in Iran Strike?
Recent intelligence sources have revealed that at least one and perhaps as many as three KC 135 Stratotankers have left the United States traversing the Pacific Ocean, for use in refueling Israeli attack aircraft on missions against Iran.
Sources indicate that at least one of these aircraft, said to belong to a command of the Arizona Air National Guard stationed at Sky Harbor IAP/ANGB near Phoenix, may be the source of the missing aircraft.
That would indicate, were this the case, that the 197th Air Refueling Command Squadron was involved.
We have direct witness confirmation of one of these aircraft involved in behavior “outside any possible mission parameters.”
There have been serious concerns as to good order and discipline since it was discovered that the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs had been used as a recruiting ground for extremist sects.
In a series of reports by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation headed by Mikey Weinstein, a litany of serious violations including indoctrination in extremist beliefs has become commonplace in the Air Force.
A further indication of a possible threat was referred to by President Barack Obama when, on November 21, 2012, while returning from his Far East trip, a memorandum was issued warning of “Insider Threats” against the “US Government and the nation.”
The memorandum advised close monitoring of military and civilian branches of the government for threats citing both “vast espionage” and use of “violence.”
2012-12-10 21:30:21

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F-35: A Short History Of The Costliest Fighter EVER
It costs more than the annual GDP of Australia - And the U.S. is broke. Makes perfect sense.
The U.S. will ultimately spend $1 trillion for these fighter planes.  Where's the outrage over Washington's culture of waste?  We used to be content to outspend Australia on aircraft.  Now we literally spend Australia on aircraft.

On tonight's Nightly News: Special guests from 
Tune in 7pmCT

For those who are addicted to soda, bettah think about what you're doing... 
it's one of the most poisonous things you can put in your body. most Amurrcans drink it daily. and it's a HUGE contributor to weight gain. get over it

Tell Congress to Dump Monsanto's Riders! Banking - the Greatest Scam on Earth
The Greatest Scam on Earth - The Money Scam! The Money Scam is hidden right out in the open, yet buried in complication and confusion. A retired banker descr...  The Corbett Report | Osama Bin Laden Pronounced Dead…For the Ninth

Civil War in Europe erupts Democratic Socialists vs. America First Populists

Unplug Nuclear Power   -   fb group
fb page

Court says sending texts using a seized iPhone doesn't violate privacy rights.

The BBC Relishes in Distortion of Facts – US Navy Seals Did Not Kill Bin Laden
I have long been suspiciuous of the raid to kill Osama. Early on, I remember a report that he would have to come out of hiding to get dialysis treatments.
The idea that his body was buried at sea with only a limited number of military witnesses boggles the mind. At the very least, you'd expect many pics and vids to support the event. My suspicions only increased with the death of many of the Seal raiders were killed in an ambush.
The big deal of a book written by one of the raiders and differences in the reports within the compound were also red flags.
While I was wondering about where Obama was getting his dialysis treatments, I never entertained the idea that he was already with Allah.
Now we have a report from British media that he died in 2002! This possibility is as good as anything the USG has put out. Unlike my theory, the ambush is not part of the cover up.
Rich Martin
The BBC Relishes in Distortion of Facts – US Navy Seals Did Not Kill Bin Laden

NEW WORLD ORDER NOT AN NEW NOTION: Here is an interesting YouTube version of a French movie from 1946 which got the producers killed, according to the info accompanying it. It is a riveting movie about French Freemasonry and WW II and how it all happened from one Frenchman's perspective. Secret oaths, and a secret society, illustrates the culture of secrecy we see so out of control today. You can watch a teaser version first to see if you really want to spend the time watching the whole thing.    or Full movie: States Don’t Need To Petition To Leave The Union

Agenda 21 for Dummies video link here:

Explained very well. Including implications it will have on humanity. Opinions within the video come in some cases from those that were in on the negotiations. Truly an interesting watch.

Agenda 21 for Dummies video link here:

Here is a full version for those wanting to get more in depth

depopulation is the goal. If you haven't seen this full movie, it's worthwhile and it's happening again - "Evacuation"‎"Conspiracy" was an HBO original movie about the Wannsee conference, in which several Nazi officials met and would eventually plan the Holocaust. In this seq...

Most Offspring Died When Mother Rats Ate GM Soy
By Jeffrey M. Smith Author of Seeds of Deception
Spilling the Beans is a monthly column available at

Plans announced to bring Criminal Charges against Every Corrupt Government Official in America


False Flag operations defined - What is a False Flag operation?
There are many documented examples from history. 
Here's one of the most notorious that started after WW II in Italy.  
(Note: Tonight at 8 PM eastern a special program about Pearl Harbor.   Video:

Pearl Harbor not a surprise?
The "surprise" attack on Pearl Harbor.    The original 9/11...   Video:

Police State laboratory Bloomberg NYC abuses

Food production at 20 times the yield of field crops, 
using a fraction of the space and 92 percent less water.* - 
Named one of TIME Magazine's 50 Best Inventions in 2009, VertiCrop™, allows leafy green vegetables to be grown in controlled environments such as greenhouses and underutilized urban warehouses, dramatically reducing food transportation costs.
*End of partial excerpt from:*

*Valcent Closes Financing for North America's First 
VertiCrop(TM) Installation*
VertiCrop™,a high-density vertical growing system.
 The company that invented VertiCrop™ technology CEO is Stephen Fane.
"Easy Park"  is to erect the first  VertiCrop on the top level 
of a parkade in the downtown  core of Vancouver, Canada.

Corporate Giant Comes Out Against GMOs
It has come to our attention that Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed healthcare organization in the United States, has advised its members against GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in food.
In its Northwest Fall 2012 newsletter, Kaiser suggested membership limit exposure to genetically modified organisms.
“GMOs have been added to our food supply since 1994, but most people don’t know it because the United States does not require labeling of GMOs,” according to the newsletter.
Sounding like a radical organic health proponent, the huge corporate Kaiser continued, “Despite what the biotech industry might say, there is little research on the long-term effects of GMOs on human health.”
Independent studies have shown GMOs to cause organ damage in rats and the inability to reproduce, the Kaiser article said. Kaiser gave tips on how its members can avoid GMOs, including buying organic, looking for the “Non-GMO Project Verified” seal and to download the “ShopNoGMO” app.
Since corporations are required, by definition, to augment their bottom line, we think Kaiser’s efforts to encourage GMO avoidance for the members for whose health costs they must (sometimes!) pay – is telling.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.