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     Legit Sources 2019
Please LMK URLs that should be added. thanks. Hard to catch all. ya know... need help. thanks. 
I have been an activist for 35 years. This then is where i would focus my attention: condensed: 
See several versions Legit Sources 2019:

Liberty Quotes - 

      Luke Z Rudkowski

     James Corbett

     Stefan Molyneux 
Stefan Molyneux

     Truthstream Media

     Max Igan

     Zachary Vorhies RE: GOOGLE / AI Censorship

     RFK JR
Children’s Health Defense

     WHOOLI'S BLOG re: JPS / NWO / Global Domination
Super Easy Podcasts to hear weekdays 

     Adam Green re: JPS / NWO / Global Domination 
Know More News

     Christopher Bollyn for 911 TRUTH / 911 INSIDE JOB
     Colin Flaherty re: the fellas Super Easy Podcasts to hear weekdays
When Recording Mass Riots and Gang Violence please remember to steady your cam and Hold your Phone Horizontal #BlackFriday
     Black Pigeon Speaks @navyhato
     Sargon of Akkad

For REAL news 24/7:

      Red Ice TV

     dutchsinse for EarthQuake ForeCast

     vegan sidekick

     Sources and Map
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