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     HEIL GOOGLE! - RedPill78
Red Pill News - Whistleblower Zach Vorhies Revealed Part 1 

38:48 Red Pill News - Whistleblower Zach Vorhies Revealed Part 2 RedPill78

When Asbestos is Found in Tween Makeup, It’s Time Congress Acts 
     InPower Movement
Bathgate testifies that he has run tests that show that both the smart electric meter and the smart meter with radio turned off are wildly inacurate but the traditional analog meter is accurate and gives repeatable results...
Bathgate testimony before House Energy Committee 02/13/18
Electrical engineer Bill Bathgate testifies before Michigan House Energy…
Feeding the big data and artificial intelligence ‘information-appetite’ 
“The data that is needed to drive the Internet of Things, the complete connectivity of everything, is largely dependent upon "smart" meters, as described in this article. As we guessed, there is far more to the "smart" grid than has been sold to the government and public. It is and will be used to gather very detailed data not required for billing -- and is, therefore, illegal under the current laws, Electric Tariff... See more

     Luke Z Rudkowski    Wed Sep 4
NEW VIDEO: Anonymous Protester Reveals Shocking Forecast For Hong Kong Movement
Is the U.S. Government the Enemy of the People?
America's Lost Liberties, Post-9/11
By John W. Whitehead, Sept. 3, 2019

Justin Maloney with the hottest post of the year. 

University Study Concludes: Fire Did Not Bring Down Building 7 on 9/11

Fire Did Not Cause 3rd Tower’s Collapse on 9/11, New Study Finds
By Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

How Did Jet Fuel Melt Steel Beams? - FFWN audiocog
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