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Rare public appearance: Mike Adams to be keynote speaker at upcoming GenSix “True Legends” conference in Branson, Missouri, with a final warning for humanity

My presentation will feature never-before published scientific data and analysis that reveals how planet Earth is being terraformed to prepare it for what I call the “post-human era.” I will present a detailed scientific analysis of how Earth’s climate, food supply, genome pool, telecomm infrastructure and environmental chemicals are being weaponized and deployed to eliminate humankind through multiple vectors (infertility, cognitive collapse, food supply collapse, atmospheric poisoning, destruction of food crop genetics, suppression of human knowledge via Google, etc).
The official description of my talk is:
Published scientist and author Mike Adams will unveil stunning new evidence that planet Earth is being terraformed to annihilate the human species and many native lifeforms in order to prepare the planet for “reseeding” by non-Earth entities. Our planet is undergoing deliberate, large-scale alterations to atmospheric chemistry under the cover of the false “climate change” crisis being pushed by the corrupt scientific establishment. Among the changes being pursued are large-scale stratospheric pollution to reduce the intensity of sunlight reaching the Earth, the introduction of genetically engineered invasive plant and animal species into the wild to annihilate native species, the lowering of oxygen concentration in the lower atmosphere to asphyxiate human beings, the collapse of global food webs, the destruction of the food chains upon which humans depend, and the cooling of the planet to increase polar ice while reducing the liquid water volume of the world’s oceans. The goal is to exterminate humankind and prepare the planet as friendly habitat for a non-Earth species whose original planet was farther from the sun and had a colder, thinner atmosphere than that of Earth. The secondary goal is the stripping of Earth’s rare elements, which have numerous scientific, medical and exotic technology applications across any advanced civilization.
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