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    Freeman Fly
Freemasons and the Nazi Party - Joe Atwill 

#amtv #EconomicCollapse2019 #GovernmentShutdown

Telltale Signs of Recession
The Underground Resistance Network 


     WRC Paris Sun Feb 10
What They Aren't Telling You About Paris! Week 13
     WRC Paris 
Is This The Craziest Gilets Jaunes Yellow Vest Protest Yet?

Live: Yellow Vest protesters face off with police near Eiffel Tower. Filmed by Ford Fischer 

Trump Just Can't Seem To Pull Out In Time

     Colin Flaherty
Murder in Nashville: Five fellas and lovely ladies kill one white musician. 

Tons of black on white murder. Is it our imagination? Watch these recent stories and let me know.

Black on white hostility and murder. Mainstream as apple pie and Yale U. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty  

White kids need the talk. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty

Fellas create some argy bargy at Fruitvale station. And reporters turn the robbers and killers into victims. 

New podcast easy to find here:

Everywhere except iTunes. (guess why.)

His Name is Kyle Yorlets: White Male Nashville Musician Murdered by Five Black Juveniles (Youngest is 12)
     smacko9 Feb 11
China’s total systemic debt has soared from $7 trillion in 2008 to $40 trillion in 2018 
2019: The Three Trends That Matter

Why Conservatives Can’t Win

---The Political Cesspool With James Edwards 2019.02.09
Download Hour 2 - Guest: Mark Weber – Mark Weber, Director of the Institute of Historical Review, helps us grade President Trump’s State of the Union Address.

The Z Blog Power Hour Episode 79: Beautiful Losers

     smacko9 Feb 9
Trump, Chabad, Epstein, & Black Cube EXPOSED by NEWSWEEK Journalist
Newsweek Reporter Calls Reporting on Israel and Jewish Organizations a 'Third Rail'
The term 'third rail' refers to the deadly electrified rail on urban trains,
implying that Israel-related issues are untouchable for American media
Nina Burleigh
Nina's Twitter

     smacko9 Feb 6
Is the US Meddling in Venezuela? Max Blumenthal Asks US Congress Members.
‪'I won't be remembered as a traitor': Maduro to RT (EXCLUSIVE)‬
‪Italy vetoes EU recognition of Guaido as Venezuela’s interim leader - M5S source‬
The Yankee Plot to Overthrow Nicolás Maduro and Steal Venezuela’s Oil
‪Final Preparations For Overthrow: USAF Spotted in Columbia, Armored Vehicles Moving Along Border‬

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