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Breaking News!! Class Action Lawsuit v Facebook Just Launched 

Freeman Legal Services Website 

International Common Law Court of Record Website

     The Blue Light Diet 

Truvia sweetener a powerful pesticide; scientists shocked as fruit flies die in less than a week from eating GMO-derived erythritol

Smart Meters in court: Health & privacy facts explained
Download documentation for this talk:… 

The EMF CallScientists and NGOs Call for Truly Protective Limits for Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz) 

How to oppose 5G “small cell”

"Cell Phones, Cell Towers & Wireless Safety" (UC Berkeley) 

Is A Cell Tower Causing Cancer In School Children?

Fourth Ripon student has cancer. Parents demand removal of cell tower from school 

     HEIL FB!
Facebook Bans Zero Hedge 

Censorship hitting Left, Right, and Non-Aligned media: Now Zero Hedge gets the ban-hammer from Facebook  

     SF / LA / South Sacto Colin Flaherty
Lesson unlearned: Black on Asian violence is still A Thing. Still a secret. Still dangerous. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty 
80% of Robberies in SF are Black People attacking Asian People
70% - 80% of Violence on BART is BLACK violence
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