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PG&E Shutdown Day One: Shots Fired, Curfew Enacted, Police Out In Force! 
Day One of PG&E's power cuts, and already shots are allegedly fired at PG&E trucks, eggings, and police are bolstering numbers as cities enact CURFEWS in a bid to "prevent opportunities for crimes." 
Gas stations are not pumping. And PG&E's still broken. Christian shares some footage and analysis. 

Fighting Nazis Then Vs Now 
PG&E to Shut Off Power to 800,000 Customers - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE 

     Black Pigeon Speaks 
Canada: The DUMPSTER FIRE Globalist Experiment Votes 

Experts Say "Experts Say" Headlines are Propaganda - #PropagandaWatch was the 6th result when search for planttrees R.I.P. are 2 search engines James Corbett Recommended many years ago results: = 13th result on when search for planttrees

     Turkish Invasion of Syria - We Are Change 
NEW VIDEO: Erdogan's long-promised Turkish invasion of Syria is about to begin. 
Trump Gives Erdogan Green Light for Turkish Invasion of Syria

     Luke Z Rudkowski 
School is all about indoctrination, question the indoctrination and you get in "trouble" 
EXCLUSIVE: Student Suspended for 5 Days Over 'Taxation is Theft' Hat, 'End the Drug War' Flyer
The Real Reason China is Censoring South Park and the NBA

Automatic license plate readers are making getaway cars extinct

"TIMING MATTERS: A THREAD on the MAJOR points in the timeline of the #Russiagate / #Ukrainegate operation 
by the Clinton operatives working with the DNC and State Department that EVERYONE seems to be missing."

     David Icke 
Fury as Extinction Rebellion ‘deface’ a famous White Horse monument with their hourglass logo just weeks after schoolchildren helped restore it

3 Mayors of Baltimore all CORRUPT all RESIGNED

     whoolisblog Oct 9
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 10/8/2019 

     colin flaherty Oct 9
Tommy Sotomayor? Oh my!  We dont hear enough from him. So lets fix that in this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Harvey Weinstein was a very big Hillary supporter and vice  versa
Sinthetic PreDictation
PR rogue ramming
Greta Thunberg in I Pet Goat II- One of the LUCkey 1's 
Full Video
Greta Thunberg The Fearless Girl Program
Facets of the gem in eye makes "A thousand points of light"">
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