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1010 No Pressure
For anyone that missed this. Apparently a well funded team of people working for a climate change charity decided that creating a promotional video portraying the execution of 'climate deniers', as they would most likely label them, would be a good idea. Presumably because if you find the video disturbing, you don't care enough about climate change, and are indulging feeble minded sensibilities. Herd logic at its finest. The video was pulled shortly after its release. Thanks to the internet though, we can still watch it, at least for now.
Wikipedia entry: "10:10 is a charity that enables people to take practical action on climate change, and combines these local actions to inspire a more ambitious approach to the issue at every level of society."

     5g awareness  
The Truth About Extinction Rebellion 
Who runs Extinction Rebellion?     What is the fourth industrial revolution? 
What are their goals?     What is a climate emergency? 
What is sustainable development?     How is 5G connected with all of the above?

Google rolling out “Orwellian nightmare” tech that uses spy cameras to watch you in your own home

Google Rolls Out “Orwellian Nightmare” Technology To Spy On You In YOUR HOME
Google’s new Nest Hub Max is a smart display unit that comes equipped with a 6.5-megapixel facial recognition camera that identifies you and monitors all your actions – inside your own home. And the Orwellian icing on the cake is that it is not equipped with a physical shutter to forcibly prevent it from monitoring what’s happening in your home.

Portland Officials Attempt To Block 5G Network Installation Over Health Risks

10/05/2019 -- Global Earthquake Activity -- M5.0+ across Pacific to USA West Coast

     Luke Z Rudkowski Sat Oct 5
What YouTube Is Doing Is Underhanded And People Are Catching On!
About This Website 
What YouTube Is Doing Is Bad, Underhanded And People Are Catching On! 

     Defund biased NPR!
How Public Is NPR's Funding? 

Will Republicans Fight to Defund 'Public Broadcasting'?

     New Manhattan Project 
NASA admits to spraying Lithium on unsuspecting population 

           WHOOLI'S BLOG  
Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye Live 10/5/2019 

     911 Whodunnit? 
Richard Gage and Ted Walter Recap an Historic 9/11 Anniversary

NY Fire Commissioners Completely Dismantle 9/11 Official Story, Pentagon Video & Israel Bombs Gaza

     colin flaherty
The Unforgivable Charles M. Blow finds a new reason to hate people.
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