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     Friday Jun 28     BERKELEY, CA  #STOP5G
Our last Green Sunday on 5G wireless cell antennas was informative and well-attended.  Thanks for coming, if you did.  If not, enjoy the video:

Two easy ways you can help:

1.  Attend and publicize the follow-up 5G FREE Forum 7pm-8:30 this Fri June 28 in the Sports Basement community space (formerly Iceland) 
2727 Milvia St Berkeley at Adeline/Shattuck, south Berkeley  
The Green Party of Alameda County endorses this follow-up forum.  So-called "small" cells harm ALL cells, are ugly, and pose privacy and many other probs.  See below.

2. What happens in Berkeley can help similar efforts in Oakland and elsewhere.  Do NOT fwd this request to officials.  Instead, please create a subject line for a new email, copy/paste (or paraphrase) the next two sentences, and send to:,

This email is a request that the Mayor and City Council adopt a strong urgency ordinance restricting 5G (5th Generation close proximity "small" cells) before summer recess, especially now that three 5G antennas have already been approved (one in front of an apartment building and one in front of a rehab center!)  Cable and fiber optic alternatives are faster, more reliable, more secure without privacy probs, cheaper in the long run, far more energy efficient, and - unlike 5G - they don't emit radiation, cause property devaluation, or interfere with weather prediction.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.