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     Tony Gosling of w/ JasonBermas of
Bilderberg 2019 - security tightened for launch of Israel/Iran Armageddon WWIII?
Bilderberg meeting is a big mystery this year- we are still not sure where it will be so that means protesters and press will be less likely to be able to cover it Although we can't be certain, this suggests they may be planning something big this year- like a major war - Tony also goes in to the potential religious conflict being cooked up this year in the Middle East between Zionist Israel - which follows a twisted version of Judaism - with the Revolutionary Islamic State of Iran.

     Brain Damaging 
Prominent Toxicologist Exposes Fluoride as Brain Damaging

     The Fight for the Right to Drive
The Human Driving Association hopes to pass a constitutional amendment for the age of autonomous vehicles. 

     Facebook Is acting criminally. 
Facebook faces Rico Racketeering charges for acting as publisher / not just a public forum 
Luke Z Rudkowski
Why CNN Really LOVES The Facebook Bans Luke Z Rudkowski
FYI you can't even post the link to this social media platform on FB
NEW VIDEO: The Social Media Network Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Want You To Know About

     Luke Z Rudkowski
NEW VIDEO: San Francisco Wants To Ban Facial Recognition! And We Should Let Them!

I think this is worse than planned obsolescence
Luke Z Rudkowski
Amazon Caught DESTROYING

NEW VIDEO: Facebook Co-Founder: It's Time To Break Up The Monopoly!

      Mike Adams Health Ranger
President Trump must SEIZE and shut down the techno-fascists

‘Click-Gap’ Is Facebook’s Latest Tool to Favor Establishment Media 

You play in traffic, you get hit by a car.
You get bitten by a rattlesnake, you get poisoned.
You inject yourselves with diseases, you get diseases.

     Stefan Molyneux
 Join me tonight for a wild “Ask Me Anything” on the world’s biggest Discord politics channel!‬
‪(My favorite shows atm)‬
‪6pm EST - you can join in a browser :)‬

    #AI #MATRIx #SKYNET #TermInator #1984 #BraveNewWorld #GeorgeOrwell

If we don’t explore the future… We’ll never get there.” - Terrence McKenna (or Ken Keysey?)  To that end: Watch Black MIrror on NETFLIX If you like ScI-FI

#Survivalist ? then watch #MetalHead on #BlackMirror full of #ProTips

Like Dating Apps? then watch Kill the DJ on #BlackMirror

ThoughtCrime? GOVT searching your memory? then watch Crocodile #BlackMirror

Mom overprotective of Daughter? see ArcAngel on #BlackMirror

ULTIMATE S/M experience: watch Black Museum on #BlackMirror

Play Test Video game trap.

Shut up and Dance re: porn BlackMail. Sierra Juniperro ALT video Game Universe. Men against Fire re: Alien Bug Hunt on Earth.  

hated in the Nation re: ADI Autonomous Drone Insect Bees seek and destroy Human Targets. 

Be Right Back: Ai uses deceased Man Ash’s social media posts to recreate his presence after he dies so his now pregnant lover can chat w him. Next level: physical body.

White Bear CRAZY attacker stalks confused victims while cellphone zombies record mob events

     Cookie in your head
White Christmas: A: Dating coach helps his student live during xmas party meet B: man impregnates lover, they quarrel. she blocks him
Blocked from contact in the future. blocked on more than just Social Media. Blocked in person. 

The National Anthem. Prncess held hostage. PM must F a Pig to free her

Fifteen Million Merrits. Athlete contestant on GameShow aka similar to America’s got Talent yet futuristic crazy rat race impersonal TeleScreen World
NOSEDIVE Full segment from which the Teaser below is cut:

What if in the future people need to rate people in order to survive? Watch till the end!

Now please remember NetflIx Is clouded as other socIal medIa platforms on the George #solos #Agenda21 #NWO BandWagon for #SocialControl so you wIll see them on the #WhiteGeoncIde Train w/ Race Mixing on nearly every story etc.... sorry had to say it. had heard about this before.... and now having watched for several hours of being impressed by the scifi stuff....

The entire history of you. W/ Grain implant you can enhance and rewind your memory storage, … Husband then doubts his wife…

If you like Twilight Zone you will LOVE #BlackMirror
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