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Comparing iPhone vs. Samsung's emission of biologically harmful radiation -- by Reza Ganjavi

     David Icke 12.19
Facebook says it can locate users who opt out of tracking

     David Icke 12.19
Amazon, Apple and Google join forces to make their smart home products 'speak to each other' with new joint software

     David Icke 12.20
Don’t fall for bogus claims of ‘Islamophobia’ - Jewish Chronicle

     whoolisblog 12.19
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 12/16/2019 12.20
Did we finally find a pot of gold at the end of a the rainbow? A Jewish leader calling out the fellas for their violence and terrorism? 12.19
How to screw up a simple story about Black on Jewish Violence.

Mark Taylor – Dems Voting for Death of Own Party 
"It's a joke and we are the punch line."
--Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning 

ZioTrump Pimp Flop 

Trying to Avoid Pain, 
Americans Have Only Delayed the Inevitable, 
and Allowed the Cancer to Spread 
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