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    RF Radiation from AirPods 
In this video we will show that the AirPods emit RF radiation from the minute they are pulled out of the case. The transmission is constant and will not chan... 
Air pods emit radiation into your brain constantly 
RF Radiation from AirPods explained 12.7
Is the Canadian government really encouraging kids to be trans?
And planning to snatch kids from parents who donít refer to their children using their preferred pronoun?
Could things have really gotten that crazy? 

     California 3rd World State
California Has Become America's First Third World State 

     CA POO SF Marina SafeWay
People in California now Pooping in Grocery Stores 

     David Icke 12.7
Malmo gang task force to spread to other cities as criminals become more ruthless, says Swedish police chief

     David Icke 12.7
Apple, Google, Tesla, Microsoft and Dell are accused of exploiting child labor in the Democratic Republic of Congo by African families whose kids have been 'maimed or killed' mining cobalt to be used in lithium batteries 12.18
Fellas riot in Chicago and Philly. No one notices.
Fellas riot at large Chicago Christmas party. Fellas riot in Philly.  Fellas target more Jews in New York. And No One Is Surprised. It is the new normal and all police chiefs can do is mutter they cannot solve crime until we stop the causes of crime. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty. 12.17
Liberal white girl learns about racial quotas the hard way. 
In New York City, a young white girl is finding out the hard way what racial quotas mean when she discovers black students get a leg up on college admissions. 
What about hard work, she asks? The school replies with a protest against one white girl and her Eureka moment.

add BLACK PEPPER to make Turmeric 2000 % more Bio Available

Pottenger's Cats and How Diet Affects Future Generations 
Raw Meat and Raw Milk Excellent for Cats. Cooked Meat Poor. Pastureized milk poor. Sugar BAD. 
2nd Gen Cooked meat cat 1600 grams. vs 2nd Gen Raw Meat Cat @ 2000 grams healthy weight. 
Pronounced exhaustion pronounced 3rd Gen Cooked meat cats. 
3rd Gen Cooked meat cats unable to reproduce.
Graphic deterioration down cooked meat generations.

Public Safety - Coyotes in California 



Is the gold price forming a base? How 2020 may shock you

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