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     Truthstream Media  
The Privacyless, Freedomless Smart City of 2030 the Elite Are Engineering

IMO this is why schools have to take control of cell phone use and restrict them. It is also a very good reason for teachers not to depend on them in class and for the Province to stop promoting the use of digital technology in public education. Kids don't need us to tell them how to use them, they need us to take them away. How many addicts do you have in your house?

Colin Sprake

Wireless Warfare Exposed. Includes ways to protect your family.

#Stop5G Max Igan & TheCrowhouse
My presentation from AV9 in May 2018.

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Great news! Virginia has become the 5th state to reject 'smart' meters — joining CT, MA, NM, and KY — on the basis of no benefit to consumers.
Virginia rejects majority of Dominion's $6B grid modernization plan, smart meter rollout

New Super-Fast Wifi Using Deadly 5G 
The Common Sense Show  

#SmalCells on existing power or telephone poles: Nevada City California OKs ordinance regulating telecommunications

     CHINA #Stop5G
China is just a Giant Rothschild/Rockefeller Social Experiment!
Big Brother: China Edition!
In this video, we'll take a look at China's recent surveillance state. I'm also trying out an external video editor for this project, so let me know what…
#Stop5G ... Research

#Stop5G Related? Hell Yes! Robo Future  Alexa Has A Head! Look Like A Demon 2019…
5G going UP: To ALL youtubers You may want to watch this
Yea these went UP really fast and they were installed by unmarked utility trucks with guys there were A.…

This Dr. Oz episode with Erin Brockovich condemning water fluoridation is a rare example of the truth getting out on TV. Now, we need to make sure it doesn’t get suppressed.

Environmental Scientist Declan Waugh presentation at Otago 2018 Prof Connett joins Dr Vivian Howard and Declan Waugh to present the dangers of water fluoridation.…

Help us to get this to the Hispanic community in your area. These people may not know that their water is "drugged".. Thank you!

The HighWire with Del Bigtree  
Did you see this radio show host 'lose his mind' over BillNye and #Vaccines? #HighWire

I hope he stays safe and this makes it to the Supreme court. Informed consent must be protected for everyone!
HIstorical Lawsuit !!! revised ~ CA Medical Dr. Sues CA Medical Board over Mandatory Vaccine Law
Dr. Ron Kennedy Contact and Donations : mail to:…
Ex-World Bank economist Peter Koenig the West is on the brink of collapse

A Recession Survival Guide 

Chasing Issues Riddle me this  

France in flames: 84,000 Yellow Vest protesters take to the streets across six cities as they attack a bank and riot beside Napoleon's tomb in Paris on the TENTH weekend of demonstrations

Why The Media Market Crashed And How It's Going To Get Worse 

     colin flaherty
New Podcast. Black caucus fires a victim of rape: More from the crazy story of who black women protect black rapists.  

if we are talking about Dr. King #MLKDay
you should know "Dr. William Pepper, former attorney for the King family and friend of Martin Luther King, won a trial in 1997 finding the US government guilty of King's assassination."
The U.S Government Took Out MLK  

9/11 Still the Biggest Issue

With the Stone arrest, the FBI has shown it is still the Obama/Hillary Gestapo & CNN the liberal Ministry of Propaganda.It seems the FBI,just like the Nazi SA in the 1930's,does its best work at 6AM raiding the homes of innocents and political enemies and CNN like the Goebbel's cameras were available on cue to later tell the masses their version of the entire incident. However, Mueller is just like Goering, having no real evidence but a manufactured mandate to go after their enemies list. As for CNN, they haven't been this diligent on reporting  the "justifiable" arrest of people and covering supposed deliberate criminal acts since the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda covered the Reichstag Fire...

Excerpt: Get ready, folks, because the government -- helped
along by Congress (which adopted legislation
allowing police to collect and test DNA
immediately following arrests), President Trump
(who signed the Rapid DNA Act into law), the
courts (which have ruled that police can routinely
take DNA samples from people who are arrested but
not yet convicted of a crime), and local police
agencies (which are chomping at the bit to acquire
this new crime-fighting gadget) -- is embarking on
a diabolical campaign to create a nation of
suspects predicated on a massive national DNA database.

Uncle Sam Wants Your DNA:

The FBI's Diabolical Plan to Create a Nation of Suspects
By John W. Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute
January 24, 2019

UnEducated Kamala Harris says; "NUKULER" 2:05pm PST. I can not vote for anybody without science. 
UnEducated GW BUsh says; "NUKULER" 
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