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Event Welcome to EMF Health

Big promises, unknown risks: The 5 G mass experiment
5G explained in 2 minutes. Must watch!!
We are glad to kick off our newest publication! Get a first peek into the results of our investigation on the EU-wide 5 G rollout by watching the video below. And register to our newsletter to not miss any of the publications in the following days:
(We are already at the newsstand in Germany, Italy and Portugal this weekend. Links will follow soon)
Landmark 5G Criminal Trial, "It's a Weapon System", MI6 Concerned 


German scientists urge Elon Musk to drop his 5G satellite project

40 Abstracts with Electromagnetic Radiation Research

Environmental Health Trust has updated their resources on Wi-Fi in Schools. Please check out the webpage that now has a Q and A factsheet as well as a checklist for schools.
Wi-Fi in Schools, Health and Safe Technology
Is Wi-Fi a health concern? What best practices exist in regards to mitigating the risk from wireless? Get resources and credible scientific…

Watch Out for This Potent Tumor Promoter, Far More Aggressive Than You Assume
     Rothschild-operated PG&E
The Rothschild-operated PG&E Corp. is preparing to declare bankruptcy after a judge ruled it was responsible for last year’s California wildfires. reports: PG&E declined to provide a statement, saying the company doesn’t comment on rumor or speculation. Read more PG&E to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, CEO resigns How would PG&E bankruptcy impact California fire victims?

The Effect of Aluminum in Vaccines on Humans
     Colin Flaherty
New Podcast: So much denial. So easy to expose. Start with the lie that most mass shooters are white.

Colin Flaherty Black Mob Violence Meets the Human Rights Commission. 

White people do not listen to black people.
Otherwise, they would know they are just not that into us.

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We once (wrongly) treated homosexuality as a mental illness, so why is it now OK to pathologize heterosexual masculinity in a similar manner?
Gillette: The Best an Incel Can Get
Thanks to government and its massive corn subsidies
There was no relationship between obesity and poverty — until high-fructose corn syrup 
Strike The Root
How to stop Facebook, Apple and Google tracking your every move: The tweaks you can make to your phone to stay private 

After years of speculation, #IDF chief admits Israel supplied #Syrian rebels with weapons #Israel
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