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Ed Asner Launches Lawyers' Committee Fund Raising Drive 
Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry

Read about the Lawyers' Committee FBI Lawsuit & Grand Jury Petition here Actor Ed Asner, Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry Board of Director announced on behalf of the Lawyers Committee the initiation of a Fund Drive to raise $100,000.00 for 9/11 criminal investigations, and future litigation. The Lawyers Committee has previously filed a 54 page Grand Jury Petition with 60 Exhibits conclusive of controlled demolition with the United States Attorney in the Southern District in Manhattan. In the past six months the Lawyers Committee filed two major law suites in Federal Courts in New York City and Washington, D.C. to compel the United States Attorney General and the FBI to do their legally mandated duty regarding the crimes of 9/11. The Lawyers Committee is committed to further investigations in New York City but would like now to also expand their investigations and to start to connect the dots. A first class investigation is needed to gather evidence to create Grand Jury Petitions concerning the 9/11 crimes committed regarding Shanksville, the Pentagon and Government Obstruction and Misconduct. With your support the Lawyers Committee can accomplish this goal.

     Luke Z Rudkowski 
Elite Blackmail Operation - New EPSTEIN Evidence Emerges! And The French Police Did What?! 

     We Are Change
Luke Rudkowski and Jeff Berwick walk and talk about the impact of the Epstein Island video, the resulting meme storm, mainstream media silence, a global network of child traffickers, the coroners report, Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell, Hilary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein, media complicity and more! 
The Fallout and Importance of the Epstein Scandal with Luke Rudkowski

     We Are Change 12.8
80 FBI agents are searching for the missing Saudi students linked to Friday's terrorist attack in Florida. Here's what you're not being told: 
Saudi Students Get Away and on the Loose! Bombshell Revelation 

     We Are Change 12.8
Fox News recorded higher ratings than MSNBC and CNN combined.
CNN Ratings Drop to 3-Year Low Amid Constant Impeachment Coverage

     David Icke 
Scientists Shocked That “Gender Bending” Chemicals In Our Food 44 Times Higher Than Thought

     David Icke 
French parliament decides anti-Zionism is antisemitism
New bill would allow farmers to sue Monsanto if GMO crops invade their property 
     What to do about coyotes 
Hazing and securing food sources are more effective solutions to coyote problems than killing

     dutchsinse for EarthQuake ForeCast

Fracking Up: Texas rocked by 16 earthquakes in 3 weeks 
More Earthquakes since Fracking started in 2008 than in previous 4 decades! 

Youtube and FB etc. = Censorship. 
Have not heard a word from Dutchsinse in WEEKS! 
Heil NWO!


Report: A Drug Being Used to Stop Puberty in Transgender Children Has Killed Over 6000

     Matt Christiansen 
On Sacha Baron Cohen’s ADL Award | My Hate Speech Actually Exposes Hate Speech

The Death of Europe, with Douglas Murray

     Jordan B Peterson 
Identity politics and the Marxist lie of white privilege

     Dr Jordan B Peterson 12.7
Here's the preview of Lecture 6 (“Men & Women: Personality Differences”) from my new course "Discovering Personality". If you want to learn more, the full course is now available for pre-order with a 35% discount, until Friday, December 6:

     Vaccine Injuries
Almost Quarter BILLION Dollars Paid Out for Vaccine Injuries by U.S. Government in 2019

Half of millennials and 75% of Gen Zers have left their job for mental health reasons 

A recent study by Mind Share Partners, Qualtrics and SAP reveals that half of millennials and 75% of Gen Zers have left a job for mental health reasons.

In addition, the American Psychological Association found the percentage of people dealing with suicidal thoughts increased 47% from 2008 to 2017.

Companies like Cisco, which claims that 7% of its U.S. workforce is accessing some form of mental health and substance abuse treatment, is confronting the issue head-on, with several programs available to its 75,000 employees and 11,000 managers.
Todd Wasserman

     whoolisblog 12.9
Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye Live 12/7/2019 

     whoolisblog 12.9
Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt - 12/8/2019 

     whoolisblog 12.9
Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye Live - PRIME TIME 12/5/2019 

     whoolisblog 12.9
Blackbird9's Breakfast Club with Frederick C. Blackburn 12/4/2019 12.9
Craziest newspaper column EVER.

Ceiling cat is watching you Mastrubate 

RECALL Go Raw Frozen Beef Cat Food

250 cats rescued from China Cat SlaughterHouse after discovery by man looking for his lost Cat.

Cat Food Recall 2019: Another Pet Food Recall You Need To Know About
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