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3/19/2019 -- Major Discovery -- Earthquakes progress across regions + Magnitudes are related
Video explanation here:

     We Are Change 
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New Viral Challenge Proves We DO NOT Need Government

The Suicide of Europe

The Kalergi Plan - White Genocide? 

Jordan Peterson Destroys Islam in 15 Seconds
The United States of America Slowly Submits: Muslim Population in USA Increases 3400% from 1951 to 2009 

HIDING THE EVIDENCE: New Zealand Gladio-Style Black Op
"The on-site video, shot with a helmet cam, of the NZ 'shooting' is the most fake thing you could imagine. No wonder YouTube and other platforms are desperate to scrub the video from their sites. Its sadly laughable. A high school video class of teenagers could have done a better job of it."
~ website comment (excerpt).

By Scott Bennett, Ph.D. (ABD)
Former U.S. Army Psychological Operations Officer and State Department Counterterrorism Contractor
March 18, 2019

 video fake drill

Christopher Bollyn & Rudy Dent at Rudy's House - 9/11 - Intense & Heated Discussion

Christopher Bollyn at Rudy Dent's Home Garden Party
with a lengthy and heated 9/11 conversation,
finishing with a Q & A session.

Rat Poison Bromethalin is poisoning the parrots of Telegraph Hill

     Brittany Kersten  
I find it moronic when people call gun legislation “common sense reforms”.
It was Thomas Payne’s “Common Sense” that laid the foundations of the American Revolution, which the second amendment rests upon.
“Common Sense” might be the most literal reason we have gun rights in this country, so let’s not take it out of context, Orwellians.

“The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that had two enemies: the anti-war left and black people. We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting people to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, break up their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.” --John Ehrlichman

     Andrea Daley 15 March at 09:44 · FB
Like clockwork. Here we go again.
Jewish Power makes white Christians invade and destroy Muslim nations. Jewish-controlled US also used terrorists to tear Libya, Iraq, and Syria apart. Those ‘moderate rebels’ and ‘freedom fighters’ were reconstituted Alqaeda. US entered the Middle East in the name of War on Terror to destroy Alqaeda… only to ally with Alqaeda against Assad and Iran.
But Jewish Power’s perfidy didn’t end there. Not only did Jews incite hatred against ‘Muzzies’ with Hollywood movies and TV shows — where most Muslims are terrorists — , thus inspiring white Christians to join the military to blow up the Muslim World(in wars for Israel), it then shed crocodile tears for Muslim refugees displaced by the war and pressured the West to take them in(along with ISIS elements). Thus, whites invaded Muslim nations over there AND Muslims invaded white nations over here. Meanwhile, Jews sit back and laugh at dumb goy fighting dumb goy.
When will people ever learn? When will whites and Muslims come to an understanding that their conflict has been engineered by Globalist Zioinsts?
But dummy whites just can’t resist all those action movies and TV shows were Muzzies are Evil Villains who need to be blown up. As whites must suppress their anxieties about blacks, diversity, and Jews, they vent their spleen on the ‘muzzies’, and this is useful to Jewish power since Zionist supremacism needs whites to invade and smash Muslim nations.
As for Muslims, they can’t stop their idiocy either. Instead of putting sectarian conflicts aside, they fight Sunni vs Shia and clan vs clan, and Jewish power exploits this and exploits Muslims vs Muslims. And in the name of ‘human rights’, the Jewish-controlled US intervenes in the Middle East in the name of ‘saving’ or ‘protecting’ one bunch of Muslims against another. Why did US destroy Libya? Something about protecting innocents from Gaddafi. Why is US still in Syria? Something about protecting Kurds. I wonder why US doesn’t occupy West Bank to protect Palestinians from Zionists.
Also, another reason why Muslims, the main victims of Jewish supremacism, cannot see eye-to-eye with whites is the temptation of immigration. Even as Jews smash the Muslim world, they offer free tickets to Muslims to come and resettle in the West. So, even as Muslims loathe Jewish power, they collaborate with it just to come to the West for better material lives.
So, Jews will go on using white dummies to destroy Muslim nations and using Muslim dummies as ‘immigrants’ to protect from ‘Islamophic white Christians’… even though Jewish Hollywood is the main purveyor of anti-Muslim hatred.

‪His name was Aaron Kosminski. Read about it on Wikipedia:‬

Essentially, there were witnesses, but they wouldn't testify because Jews don't snitch on other Jews and all of the victims were goys.
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