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Firefighters living next to cell towers suffer severe neurological damage. Emission levels were only .1% – .2% of FCC “safe” exposure limits 

Real life examples of these symptoms are best briefly characterized by:
Firefighters got lost on 911 calls in the town they grew up on several occasions.
◾In one instance, four firefighters sat in the rig in a stupor with the alarm sounding in the background, unable to remember how to start the engine.
◾A medic with 20 years of experience who had never made a mistake forgot basic CPR in the midst of resuscitating a coronary victim.

4G/5G Expansion into Neighborhoods: Three Stories That Tell You All You Need to Know . . . 

Another 5G prediction I made now checked off.........

Money talks. This is the headline that should read on all financial channels, "FCC and the Telecoms get to decide which homeowners get bank-account biopsies in the coming years." Instead, we get chirps and silence.

Sebastopol may end up securing itself for prime real-estate ten years from now, as they are far more unified and have been taking action. Imagine what happens when other cities and towns follow suit?

When real estate prices in California collapse the fabric of society will begin to crumble right behind it out there. MARK MY WORDS. I also believe this is going to occur before the next presidential election.

     5g - Arthur Firstenberg
Cellular Hell 5g - Arthur Firstenberg

Presentation by Arthur Firstenberg author of THE INVISIBLE RAINBOW 

Faraday Cages are a must, but what about the 5g? These companies will blame the people who uses them. I should just smash all my electronics. How dumb is this world where the billion dollar corporations are able to stand there and blame their consumers as if the Board of Directors / CEO have no responsibility. I'm glad they "think" they all have washed their hands of it because there will be hell to pay when the Earth says fuck you goodbye. Your fate is not the same as mine you greedy abominations. If it was up to me I would tear down every single cell tower from here to timbuktu, and crash every single satellite and shove all that metal up your asses who like robots follow programs.

     Luke Z Rudkowski
New Video: 5g Technology Explained By Max Igan. The Future Is Nigh!

4G masts are also harmful. People have kind of accepted them as given but thousands of studies show they cause biological harm

     Fluoride Action Network 

A power outage in Sandy, Utah caused extremely high levels of fluoridation chemicals to enter the drinking water supply, which caused high levels of copper and lead in the system as well from the corrosiveness of the additive.

This made numberous residents ill, including a 3-month old baby. The local media is also reporting that the city failed to quickly notify the state or residents of the dangerous contamination. 

Sandy delayed notifying state, public of contaminated water 

Brand New Video With David Icke On The Rise Of AOC #HappeningNow #AOC #Ocasio

The First Rule of AIPAC Is: You Do Not Talk about AIPAC
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