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Not sure about that. Had to Disable and Delete from my Laptop as i suspected Coincidence Detector was slowing or crashing my poor Mac. :( Beware.

The Original (((Coincidence Detector)))
(((Coincidence Detector))) Detect (((names))) for a reminder of what total coincidences have occurred in the past, and continue to occur today.

Pac-Man Epstein Cartoon

YouTube Removes 17,000 Channels, 100,000 Videos, 500 Million Comments for “Hate Speech” - James Fetzer

Jim Fetzer to Pay $450K; Sandy Hook & Murder of the First Amendment

Some good friends of mine are smitten by Extinction Rebellion—a sign of its extraordinarily sophisticated 
messaging, whose real purpose certainly is not to save the planet, but to prop up the very system that has
ravaged it, and to do so at the expense of all the rest of us.

Thus Cory Morningstar's critique, from May, is a must-read, by all who would resist, and help others to resist,
the siren call of that fake "climate movement." 

Also relevant is this piece from Harper's back in 2008, foretelling the creation of the "green energy" bubble:

Extinction Rebellion Training, Or How To Control Radical Resistance From the "Obstructive" Left

     Yesss... recall that slime ball 
Petition to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom beating all expectations
The official petition to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom already…

The End Of Fiat In One Chart?
Dutch Central Bank Hints at Economic Restart Based on Gold Standard 

Keiser Report: GOLD: The Trust Anchor for Financial System (E1450) 

     IPCC / Global Warming / Climate Change
#ClimateChange #Environment #ExpertSea Level Expert Nils Axel Morner Debunks Man Made Climate Change

     EIKE - European Climate and Energy Institute 
Prof. Nils-Axel Mörner: Sea Level Rise; Facts and Fictions

Sentenced for 4-Years for Defending Themselves on Camera?!?
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